SDCC 2014 Mini Ep #2

Welcome back for Mini Episode #2 of our San Diego Comic Con 2014 coverage here on the Repacked Podcast!!!

Nikki and Albie sit down for some Marvel and Transformer chat when they are interrupted by a mystery interloper!!!! Stay tuned for more SDCC 2014 coverage from the funny folk here on The Repacked Podcast as we continue our knee-jerk-reaction episodes!

Show Notes:
Marvel Legends 3 Pack: Radioactive Man, Captain America, Miss Marvel
Hot Toys Optimus Prime (Starscream and Megatron Versions)
Marvel Legends Avengers: Captain Marvel, Machine Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Sentry and Odin Build-A-Figure
Transformers Generations Aerialbots and Superion
Transformers Generations Stunticons and Menasor
Transformers Combiner Post Panel Discussion
Hasbro Breakfast event

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