Ep 033 – 22nd of July 2014 – Craigzilla

The Repacked Podcast is a NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Some days you just get the feeling the guy who invited you to join the show is going to hate your guts. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Episode 33 of The Repacked Podcast: Craigzilla.

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Nikki (Lacrox) – 00:10:57.040
Mech iDeas/Renderform War Gauntlet Custom Edition
Transformers Tokyo Toy Show Nemesis Prime
Transformers Deluxe Class RotF Sideswipe
Transformers Deluxe Class RotF Sideways

Paul (Igadevil) – 00:18:54.190
S.H.Figuarts Roborider
S.H.Figuarts Sailor Jupiter
Mentioned: Flame Effect Parts

Craig (TheScreamMan) – 00:27:35.110
True heroes Trike

Hey guys Sam (SoulFlyJedi) here, the new TF mashers are now at TRU here in the states, and I think they look kinda cool and I’m def getting Soundwave when he comes out (he must be in the 2nd wave). What do you guys think of them? Is anyone going to buy any?


Hello there, those who Repack,

When looking at the current Toy Market, what are the features that, in your opinion, define what an Adult Collector oriented Toy should be*? Like, what standards do you think a Toy should uphold in order to separate itself from it’s child-oriented brethren and justify its absurd Price point? I know that Toys are something that should be enjoyed by everyone**, but i would like to know where do you draw the line for a Toy to be worthy of the “Adult” label.

*Note: This Question is specifically aimed at the Western toy market since I would rather keep this question PG-13 and Japanese Toys are a whole other issue.

**Note: With the exception of the communists.

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: If you were to lose one of your hands in a freaky Movie-watching accident and your doctors just happen to have to technology/be drunk enough to surgically graft a Toy onto your arm in order to save your life (it was a really, really bad movie), which Toy would you choose for the procedure?

Doing his best to confuse you so he can steal your wallets, Ivanhobe,
The Extraordinary Fanboy.
Dear Repacked,
Here’s a lil’ something to do.
Take your collection; now form an Avenger-ish team. 5 to 7 members. Actual Avengers are okay. Remember, you’re not making THE Avengers, but YOUR Avengers:
Here’s mine:
Guile (field commander)
Scarlet (the chick)
Piccolo (Namekian green powerhouse)
Agent Trakker (tech)
Hellboy (magic-ish tank)
Kamen Rider 1 (brain (biochemist with an IQ of 600) AND brawn)

Oh, if possible, try to avoid having too many thematically similar characters. So, no 7 Kamen Riders or 7 Ultraman or 7 Precures. At least, mix it up with gimmicks.

Craig (TheScreamMan) – 00:49:42.080
How Hasbro Decides Which Toys will become Movies
Figma Ghost in the Shell SAC Motoko Kusanagi
DC Collectables Solicitations additions –
Throttlebots Combined Mode Revealed
Pop Culture Shock 12” Street Fighter

Paul (Igadevil) – 01:06:03.030
Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms
Figuarts Blue and Black Beet
ULTRA-ACT Ultraman 80
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Energy Arms & Mach Jabber
Tsuburaya Productions Complete Recreation Tokusatsu Diorama
Underground Walgreens Doctor Who Exclusives

Nikki (Lacrox) – 01:34:58.020
In-Hand Generations Jetfire
Transformers Expo 2014 Exclusives
AoE Rollbar Japan Toys R Us Exclusive
Hot Toys ⅙ Arkham City Batman Tease
Figma Solid Snake
SDCC 6” Big Hero 6 Baymax

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