Ep 037 – 19th of August 2014 – With a Gun that Shoots Oreos

The Repacked Podcast is a NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
This week, the great Igadevil takes on the hosting role as Craig, Albie and Lacrox fall prey to the maniacal, caloriecentric, nefarious machinations of the Freshness himself. Join us, listeners as we embark on yet another exciting episode of THE REPACKED PODCAST

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Chapter List:
00:00:00.00 Intro – With a Gun that Shoots Oreos
00:07:29.140 Acquisitions – Lacrox
00:17:11.080 Acquisitions – Igadevil
00:27:04.120 Acquisitions – Albie
00:40:44.050 Acquisitions – Craig
00:58:59.060 Intermission
01:00:25.180 Listener Questions 1 – From Kyle Barker
01:09:36.020 Listener Questions 2 – From Ivanhobe
01:16:00.030 News – Craig
01:33:02.140 News – Lacrox
01:45:11.010 News – Albie
02:00:28.140 News – Igadevil
02:07:16.200 Ending and Outro
02:09:17.090 Outtakes


Nikki (Lacrox) –
Transformers Generations Deluxe Crosscut
Transformers United Wipeout
Transformers Cybertron Lugnutz
Transformers ROTF Ransack
Transformers ROTF Slap Dash

Paul (Igadevil) –
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryugen Budou Arms
LC-03 Lio Convoy (Commander Collection)

Albie –
Movie Advanced Dino
Radius Shockmount (1)
Radius Shockmount (2)
Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative Medusa
Marvel Lengends Infinite Captain America WW2 version
Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider
Marvel Legends Infinite Iron Man

Craig (TheScreamMan) –
Marvel Legends Infinite Black Widow
Marvel Legends Infinite Nova
Bandai Tornado Packs for VF-25F
Bandai YF-30 Chronos

Hi Repackers, I have caved in/ bent over, and bought that SDCC Thanos set I mentioned in my last question to you on Ebay. It cost me about $200 shipped. It got me a good question to ask you.

1- What is the most you have paid for a toy, that you knew was too much but got anyway?

2- Albie. If you end up getting that new Marvel Legends 3 pack announced at SDCC, will you sell me the Radioactive Man? I am the opposite of you and have no interest in the other two in the pack. Craig should vouch that I am legit (I hope).

3- What is the deal with all the love you guys have for Hot Rod/ Rodimus Prime? After all he was a turbo revvin’ young punk that got his commanding officer killed and took his job. Sorry it’s been 30 years since that movie came out and that still annoys me.
Until next time may all your exclusives be bargains.

Good Journey, Kyle.

Hello there, Repackticons.

Today I come to you, not with a question, but with an offering of peace and by “peace” I mean a clarification to some doubts you had in recent episodes about the mysterious resurgence of the ‘Max Steel’ toy franchise.

In episodes 31 and 32 you all seemed to be a bit baffled at news of Mattel continuing the Max Steel Toyline and the surprising release of a trailer for a Max Steel Live action movie, particularly because the Max Steel toy line doesn’t really sell in the US and seemingly Australia. Well there is a reason for that.

You see, Max Steel is not popular in the US, but the franchise is HUGE in Latin America.

Ever since its appearance in 1997, Max Steel has enjoyed huge success in México, Perú, Brazil and Argentina. I ought to know since I live in México and I actually own several toys from the first waves of the Toy line. Just to give you an idea of how popular Max Steel is over here, there are currently 9 Max Steel CGI movies that have been produced since 2004, and of those Movies only the first one, ‘Endangered Species’, was released on the US while the rest have been exclusive of the Latin American Market. What´s more, the recent ‘reboot’ series created in 2013 actually premiered first in Latin America before airing in the US.

So basically, don’t be surprised if you continue to read news of the Max Steel Toy line even if you don’t see the toys selling, since Mattel primary focus is not the US Market and chances are that the new Max Steel movie won´t be heavily promoted over there, but it will be huge here. Seriously, I cannot overstate how popular the Max Steel brand is over here, if i go to the Toy section of my closest Walmart the Max Steel Toys easily outnumber the Transformers and Avengers Toylines. Combined.

Also, even though this was not a question…

BONUS CRACK QUESTION BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT: In the hypothetical case that your were put in the witness protection program after witnessing a Tank murdering the parents of a wealthy 9 year old kid and you had to change your name to hide your identity, which name of a Toy, Toy line, character or franchise would you use as your last name? (Example: Paul Rider or Nik AgeOfExtinction)

Honestly laughing at Albie´s puns, Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary Fanboy.

PS: Kill Lacrox is still the greatest nickname ever.

Craig (TheScreamMan) –
Hasbro Confirms 3D Printed Transformers…and other stuff
NECA 12” 1985 Godzilla
Funko Pop TMNT Turtle Van (with exclusive Pizza Mikey)
TFCC G.I. Joe/Transformers Crossover (Paul and Lacrox predict the Future!)

Nikki (Lacrox) –
Kelsey Grammer explains a deleted scene and Michael Bay directing method
Topeam 3rd Party Transformable SD Jazz
Jakks Pacific 20” DC Figures…48” TMNT!
Threezero 1/12 Matrix and ⅙ TMNT
Hot Toys ⅙ Arkham City Batman

Albie –
Mega Bloks Assassins Creed
Takara Generations Go-Shooter TargetMaster
Takara Generations Go-Shooter
Dr Wu AoE Hound
BossFight Studios At NJCC
GCreations Sludge Prototype
Milk Magazine AoE Exclusive Optimus Prime
Oreo AoE Transformers Giveaway (Bumblebee & Scorn)
Oreo AoE Transformers Giveaway Crosshairs

Paul (Igadevil) –
Corporate Sellout Action Figures Clog Up Shelves, Fuck the Man PS Down With the Machine


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