Ep 038 – 26th of August 2014 – King Shemozzle has nipples

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(Image from here! THANKS!)
Oh the shemozzle that this episode turned out to be!!! What could possibly have happened to throw the gang so far off course? Listen close, dear listeners as we take you on a journey through the most puntacular bat-venture you could ever prepare yourself for, here on… The REPACKED PODCAST!

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Chapter List:
00:00:00.00 Intro – With a Gun that Shoots Oreos
00:07:32.190 Acquisitions – Igadevil
00:12:23.220 Acquisitions – Craig
00:21:33.120 Acquisitions – Albie
00:36:28.00 Acquisitions – Artistix
00:44:33.180 Intermission
00:46:05.190 Listener Questions – Sam & Matthew Wong
00:52:54.090 Listener Questions 2 – King
00:57:35.040 News – Craig
01:21:50.230 News – Artistix
01:28:38.180 News – Lacrox
01:34:23.180 News – Albie
01:50:17.060 News – Igadevil
02:10:12.110 Ending and Outro
02:12:10.010 Outtakes

Paul (Igadevil)
SHF Sailor Saturn

Craig (TheScreamMan)
GI Joe Moray
-Original version:
SHF AutoVajin
SHF Shin

LoL Bootleg lego
Marvel Legends Dr Doom
Marvel Legends Mystique
Marvel Legends Hope Summers
Amazing Spider-man
Superior Spider-man

Sam (Artistix)
MOTUC Flutterina, Madame Razz, Broom, New Adventure Skeletor
TMNT Nicktoon Battle Shell Turtles
TMNT Movie April, Raphael, Shredder
MU Valkyrie
Batman 66 Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin
Star Wars Vintage collection ROTJ Luke, Toryn Farr, General Rieeken


From Facebook:
Samuel Murdoch
Aug 23rd, 4:10am
So is mp ultra Magnus a parts former?
From Facebook:
Matthew Wong
Aug 20th, 5:00pm
Guys these figures are awesome…proper photos later!

That Rider 1 pose is actually from the ad…and I have to say this figure pulls off a better Rider 1 pose than the Rider 1 SHFs themselves…

From King:
Dear Repacked,
Let’s say that due to breakthroughs in quantum physics, it’s now possible to animated specially treated plastics within a field of particles, and create powerful AI through quantum mumbo-jumbo.
Basically, let’s say the technology in Gundam Build Fighters, Angelic Layer, LBX etc are now a reality. We can have toys that move and perform complex actions within a field or arena.
Which company should get the patent for this technology and which intellectual property should they invest this technology in. Due to patents/costs, this animated toyline will be the only game in town for about 5 years.
So would you like to have 5 years of Macross, so you can recreate that one scene from the old cartoon? A “real” Rider War? Gundams where you build your own competitors? Or perhaps an original intellectual property?

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Play Arts Kai Arkham Origins Joker and Robin
DCUC 6” Unleashed Doomsday
Voltron 30th Anniversary 24” Vinyl Figure
Voltron 30th Anniversary SD Figure
NECA Enforcer Predator
Unannounced Star Wars Black series 6: Figures
Hobby Magazine news (Various)
More Hobby Magazine

Sam (Artistix)
Mattel Extends Club Subscription deadline (please subscribe)
MOTUC 2015 teasers – Queen Angella & Multi Bot
Horsemens plea
Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor + Doctor/Clara packaging
Funko Magic The Gathering
Comparison pic of Nissa Revane

Nikki (Lacrox)
Transformers Cloud Energon Ironhide and Hellwarp
S.H. Figuarts Android 16
Diamond Select Toys doing Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare figures
Power Rangers Dino Charge Figures

Takara Movie Advanced AD29 Slog and AD30 SkyDrift
Platinum Edition Optimus & Sideswipe
Unofficial Megatron and Motormaster First Prototype
Transformers Kabaya Samurai Team, LA-13 Nemesis Prime AD-30 Drift
Revol Mini War Machine
PE Warden Extra Weapons Edition… you f*ckers
Fansproject Cubrar and Tekour (Slag)
Fansproject SixKnight & Quickswitch

Paul (Igadevil)
S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider ZO & Sun Vulcan’s Vul-Eagle
S.H. Figuarts White Crow
SH Figuarts ZERO Sailor Mars
S.H. Monster Arts Mecha King Ghidorah (CRAIGZILLA HERE)
SH Figuarts Baron Lemon Energy
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