Ep 040 – 9th September 2014 – Starship Repacked

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Captain James T. KirkCraig and the crew of the Starship EnterpriseRepacked explore the GalaxyInternet and defend the United Federation of PlanetsToy Collectors.


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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Voyages of the Starship Repacked
00:07:16.020 Melbourne Weather
00:08:17.020 Acquisitions – Craig
00:13:28.200 Acquisitions – Albie
00:22:08.170 Intermission
00:24:15.130 Listener Questions – Ivanhobe
00:31:03.160 News – Craig
00:46:00.020 News – Lacrox
00:55:01.050 News – Albie
01:26:43.230 Ending and Outro
01:27:43.150 An Apology from Craig


Craig (TheScreamMan)
SHF Kamen Rider Gaim
DC Signature Series Ice

Perfect Effect Guardian
Toyworld Orionvil
MechIdeas Gauntlet & Piston

Hello there, Repackers of the Galaxy.

Here´s a question i thought up while chatting with some fellow toy

Have you ever thought about what is going to happen to your Toy
collection once you are not there to maintain it? Like, suppose that you
suddenly suffer from an aneurism after listening to one of albie´s puns
and you die or end up in a coma, who is going to inherit all of your
Toys? Are you going to give them to your descendants? Do you have some
sort of contingency plan? Or are you going to spend the last few years
of your life searching the world for someone worthy of inheriting your

I know its a bit of a dark question, but you must have thought about it.
Besides your are grown ups, you can handle it.

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: If your parents suddenly revealed to you that you
are in fact adopted, which one of your Toys would you like it to be your
real father*?

*Note: Fortress Maximus is excluded from this question because that
would be just silly.

Coming up with bizarre questions because he is the original and no one
steals his shtick, Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary Fanboy.

PS: What sound does Godzilla make?


Craig (TheScreamMan)
Hot Toys 1/6th Delorean
Alan Flyng Star Wars Petition
Fujimi 1/12th Kamen Rider Black Battle Hopper Model Kit
Kamen Rider Driver TK01 Speed Type
Hot Toys Terminator

Nikki (Lacrox)
Transformers Generations Gears (with Eclipse)
threezero 1/6th Game of Thrones Ned Stark
Funko Pop Batman Arkham Asylum
PlayArts Kai Kingdom Hearts 2 Roxas and Sora

Lego #1
Mastermind Creations Terminus Hexatron Continuum ver.
Unique Toys Abominus (Ordin)
Singapore Toy & Game & Comic Convention 3rd Party Pictures
MMC Exclusive reformated Azalea
Maketoys Ripper (SG Strafe)
Ark Studio Add On Kits for Generations Legends Optimus Prime & Nemesis Prime
Marvel Legends Unreleased Rogue
Shapeways kit: Whirl
Shapeways Link
TFW2005 thread

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