Ep 041 – 16th September 2014 – RED WINTER

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
In Soviet Russia, DRAGON TRAIN YOU! That’s right kids. All this and more, right here on the REPACKED PODCAST!
(also, this week – stick around after the show finishes (around an hour and 15 minutes in) for some behind the scenes action. Ever wondered how we prepare for our amazing intros where we do fantastic impersonations of characters?.. Me too…

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Red Winter
00:03:40.190 Acquisitions – Igadevil
00:05:07.180 Listener Questions
00:10:47.050 Intermission
00:13:47.190 News – Stu/Octane
00:25:56.120 Albie makes an Appearance (and his Acquisitions)
00:38:34.070 Repacked Youtube Reviews – Marvel Legends Infinite Ms. Marvel Now Available!!!
00:40:32.170 News – Craig
00:49:11.210 News – Lacrox
00:53:34.140 See you next week Stu!
00:54:39.220 News – Albie
01:10:59.150 News – Igadevil
01:14:11.000 Ending and Outro
01:15:47.220 Outtakes and Special Feature: What does show-prep sound like..?

Paul (Igadevil)
SHF Rose Attacker

Albie (LCZ128)
Fansproject Columpio and Drepan

PM to Craig from Chris:
Hey Craig, I got a question for you and the guys. Given that Windblade seems to have been well received as a character, do you think that Hasbro will do another ‘Fan Created Bot” character? If so, what would you like to see?


Stu (Octane)
Funko POP! Walking Dead Series 5
Funko POP! Marvel – Thor
Funko POP! Disney Big Hero 6
How to train Dragon 3
Terminator Trilogy
Frozen Short
Kitty Con
Microsoft buys Minecraft

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Star Wars Black 6” Speeder Bike production diary
Transformers Generations Chromia In hand Images
ACI Aragorn
DC Collectibles Solicitations April 2015

Nikki (Lacrox)
NECA Booker DeWitt official images
McFarlane Halo 4 Series 3 Figures

Albie (LCZ128)
Silver Jetfire lucky draw- Malaysia only
How to remove jetfire chrome
Fpcore premium membership
Transformers Masterpiece Star Saber
More Star Saber
X-Transbots Wheelie
MP-08 Knockoff..?!

Paul (Igadevil)
Diamond Select/Universal Classic Movie Monsters

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