Ep 046 – 21st October 2014 – wow this episode took a dark turn..

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A very special Halloweeny Episode right here on the Repacked Podcast! Sit back and enjoy the hilarity 😀

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00:00:00.000 Intro – wow this episode took a dark turn..
00:07:31.150 Acquisitions – Lacrox
00:14:11.070 Acquisitions – Craig
00:26:18.050 Acquisitions – Albie
00:40:06.060 Acquisitions – Igadevil
00:46:03.190 A Very Special Halloween Intermission
00:49:05.190 Listener Questions 1 – Eugene
00:55:12.210 Listener Questions 2 – Ivanhobe
01:06:00.220 News – Craig
01:25:37.100 News – Lacrox
01:38:33.110 News – Albie
01:53:52.130 News – Igadevil
02:17:43.010 Ending and Outro
02:19:14.160 Outtakes

Nikki (Lacrox)
Transformers Generations Skids
Marvel Infinites Deaths Head

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Generations Crosscut
Generations Rattrap
Generations Gears
Sh Figuarts Hibiki (Albie got this too!)

Revoltech Mikey & Revoltech Donnie
MP HweelJack
TFSS2.0 Chromedome. Shut. Up.
Maketoys… It’s a Ripper of a toy

Paul (Igadevil)
DX Tridoron

Hi Repacked,

I decided to box up my Transformers Prime collection to free up some shelf space and make way for my growing “classics” and Masterpiece collection. In the process, I broke Prime RID’s forehead spike. I tried to glue it back with super glue but it wouldn’t adhere. The glue just pooled up into a gooey mess, didn’t dry and melted the plastic. I’ve had this problem before when my Animated Rodimus’ hand split and the same thing happened when I tried to glue it back together.

Super glue was my previous go to adhesive when something broke or crack but twice now, it didn’t work and made the problem worse.
Has this happened to you?
How can you tell when super glue will work or not on a toy?
What other fixes would you recommend for this?

I’m gonna hunt for a replacement Prime RID Arcee now. *sigh*

Thanks for the show.

Hello there, Repack Garrison.

The other day i was pondering about my Ultra- Act Figures (as i am sure
we all do sometimes) and i noticed that it is actually very hard to pose
some of them into the Cross shot or L-shot pose, which is odd because A)
They are Ultramen and B)There are actual pictures on the back of the
Package that show them doing said poses. Upon closer inspection i
noticed that most of these pictures were tricked since they were taken
at an angle to create the illusion of a Cross shot, which brings me to
my following question: have you ever had a toy that you assume has a
certain feature, either because it makes sense for the figure or because
you can see it on the package, only for it to turn out that you were
deceived by this capitalist engine known as the toy collecting world?

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: Which toy from your collection is the more likely
to survive a nuclear holocaust and subsequently inherit the earth? Rider
1 and Rider 2 are excluded from this question because of course they
would survive a nuclear holocaust.

Pondering about toys and the human condition far more than he should,
Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary Fanboy.

Craig (TheScreamMan)
SH Figuarts Cardcaptor Sakura
Figma Cardcaptor Sakura
DST announces 7” Ghostbusters and more
Figma Thinker Figure
Chogokin Monster Hunter Liolaeos
Is Hasbro Bringing back Visionaries?
New Hasbro President John Fascotti
Hot Toys Days of Future Past Wolverine
Boss Fight Studios Previews More Figures
Play Arts-Kai Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Master Chief

Nikki (Lacrox)
Transformers Year of the Goat Optimus Prime
Transformers Year of the Goat Soundwave
Hasbro Third Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call
MLP Feature Length Film
Resident Evil Live Action Movies getting Live Action TV Series
3A Spartan Recruit and Spartan Gabriel Thorne
ThreeZero teases Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Crysis and some mech?

Botron War (WARBOTRON) 3rd Party Vortex (Whirlwind)
Scott ‘Toy Guru’ Neitlich Leaves Mattel
Windblade development design sketches
TakTom: super exclusive kickass badass weapons supreme
Amazon JP Craig and Nikk’s favourite movie exclusive pack in Hound with badass camp paint scheme
(Did I talk about this?) AD31 ultimate super amazing best version leader ultimate grand leader Prime
Doh. Planet X Sludge is a slog
Cloak of DX09 is just a mirage

Paul (Igadevil)
Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII Tifa, Cloud, Barrett, Red XIII
Funko Pop Jungle Book and Robin Hood
Funko Pop MLP Trixie, Discord, Princess Celestia and Spitfire
Deagostini My 3D Printer
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive teased
66 Action Kamen Rider Wave 5

3 thoughts on “Ep 046 – 21st October 2014 – wow this episode took a dark turn..

  1. Great episode guys. I got Maketoys Ripper and like Albie, mine didn’t come with instructions either.

    And I have a small correction. The Warbotron third party Bruticus isn’t actually masterpiece scaled. They are closer to being voyagers with each figure being slightly shorter than Generations Springer.

    Thanks and keep up the great work, guys!

    1. Thanks Andrew! I always felt that the Warbotron boys looked like they were trying to fit into the MP combiner aesthetic, but if they are actually consciously trying to be a larger classics, then hey! I’ll eat my words! We just recorded last night, so I’ll mention this on the show next week! 🙂

      Also, what’s up with that no-instructions stuff? Reckon they’ll do more of these or do you think it’ll be stand-alone? (My wallet hopes it’s a stand alone release…)

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