Ep 049 – 11th November 2014: Fortress MEXOPLEXIMUS!

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Holy Smoke, Docta Jones! Here’s Episode 49 of the Repacked Podcast!

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00:00:00.000 Intro – Fortress Mexopleximus
00:05:42.040 Acquisitions – Albie
00:09:26.050 Acquisitions – Igadevil (Paul)
00:17:45.210 Acquisitions – TheScreamMan (Craig)
00:28:35.040 Intermission
00:30:18.190 Listener Questions – Kyle
00:47:13.070 Listener Questions – Jason
00:51:03.090 News – Lacrox
01:03:26.180 News – Albie
01:26:47.220 News – Craig
01:46:37.050 Ending and Outro
01:48:16.220 Outtakes

Fansproject Core Subscription: Steel Core Trailer

Paul (Igadevil)
SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Kurokage Matsubokkuri Arms
SHFiguarts Hakaider

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Sh Figuarts Blue Ranger
SH Figuarts Yellow Ranger
Sh Figuarts Agito Shining Form

Hey Repackers, I have journeyed through the desolate wasteland of Toys R Us and climbed the cursed mountain of Ebay shipping, as i’ve got some questions I need your sage wisdom and knowledge in answering?
1- I am looking at getting some new Transformers and can’t decide whether to buy Hasbro or if it is worth it to spend a bit more and go Takara Tomy. Normally I’ll always go Japanese first but when it comes to buying Whirl? I guess it comes down to “Can you polish a turd?” Please help me decide which one to buy.
2- What toys lines being made right now do you believe are not worth the plastic they are made of? I think those Marvel Universe Titan Hero 12″ craptacular pieces of shit were just thrown together by Hasbro interns and I pity any kid that receives them.
3- Now I got another sweet ,sweet crack question for those of you who partake in such pleasures (Stu you stay clean and strong). Gents, have a toke on this.
You can now crossbreed your favorite figures together to produce the ultimate toy with the best attributes of each figure mixed into one glorious piece. Which two toys in your collections do you choose to mix? (Mixed species are allowed Craig).
Until the next time I need answers, I shall leave the hallowed halls of Repack-halla and return to the lands of my ancestors. Until then may your collections increase, your bodies stay strong, and your puns greatly improve (jokes Albie you da man).
From your faithful listener Kyle.
Have you ever been the victim of theft?
I feel like I should say Shocker Toys doesn’t count…but if it makes for a good story then by all means.
Jason Olson

Nikki (Lacrox)
Transformers Robots in Disguise Figures Revealed
Transformers Designer Desk Video Combiner Wars
Transformers the Movie soundtrack being re-released on Vinyl
NECA 7” Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger and Romeo Blue
NECA Life Size Foam Rocket Raccoon
NECA Aliens Bishop

Lego Ideas Winners 2014; Birds & Big Bang Theory
Transformers AoE AD-32 Stinger
NECA Predator Series 13
LEGO Jurassic Park
Play with this Too Gold Miner and Flarestrike
Mentioned Splashdown the Blue SharkChestDude:
Batman Forever Cowl Replica
Reprolabels: Celebrating 15 years

S.H. Figuarts Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Official Images, Announced RotJ Luke
Hot Toys ⅙ Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane
DC Collectibles July 2015 Harley Quinn, Jon Stewart, Joker, Poison Ivy
ThreeZero Titanfall 1/12 Scale Pilot Preview
ZICA Toys 4” Eagle Force Returns
Marvel Legends Infinite Avengers
Mezco Mortal Kombat License Details
Figma Sakura (Full Details)

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