Ep 054 – 16th December 2014: The rainbow shit on her legs (Merry Christmas)

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
T’was a cold, wintrous night in a continent where the majority of the Repacked Podcast crew live… so welcome valued listeners, to this very Merry Christmas episode of the Repacked Podcast.
We’ll still be recording next week (though that episode is scheduled to be out the week AFTER Christmas, so I made sure the intro to this episode was particularly merry! We hope this episode finds you all happy this holiday season, that you all get lots of presents (may many of them be toys) but more importantly, we hope you all stay safe and well this holiday season with your families and loved ones.

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00:00:00.000 Intro: The rainbow shit on her legs! (Merry Christmas)
00:09:15.090 Acquisitions – Albie
00:16:57.230 Acquisitions – Paul (Igadevil)
00:25:27.220 Acquisitions – Craig
00:36:59.000 Acquisitions – Sami
00:44:06.060 Acquisitions – Stu
00:54:12.070 Intermission
00:57:18.100 Listener Questions Ivanhobe
01:08:05.190 News – Stu
01:27:31.120 News – Albie
01:48:22.170 News – Paul (Igadevil)
02:02:18.030 News – Craig
02:10:45.200 Ending and Outro
02:13:18.020 Outtakes

AoE Drift Voyager
AoE Slog
AoE Snarl
AoE Lockdown

Paul (Igadevil)
SHF Kamen Rider Den-O Wing Form
SHF Side Machine

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Bandai Macross DX YF-29 Ozma Super Parts
Bandai Macross DX YF-29 Isamu Super Parts
Transformers Generations Brainstorm
Takara Cloud Rodimus
Figma Rin Tohsaka
SH Figuarts Batman

Sami (Midori_Keiko)
Itty Bitty
funko octavia vinyl variant
Princess sterling and fluttershy

Stu (Octane)
Oz Care Package

Hello there Repacked… gentlemen?

Back in episode 46 you answered one of my questions regarding the posability, or lack of there off, of some Ultra-Act Figures. As requested by Craig, here are the pictures that show the issue i mean and that will presumably serve as proof that i am a real boy.

Picture 1: Ultraman Nexus Junis doing an L-Shot pose.

This one looks just fine.
Picture 2: Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue doing the cross-shot pose.

This one also looks fine… from that angle.
Picture 3: Same figure, same pose but this time looking at it from a different angle (front).

As you can see, the right arm is not completely straight and the left arm barely reaches the right wrist. For the record, in a cross-shot the arms are supposed intersect at the wrists, but in this case the left hand´s fingers can barely reach the other arm and even then i am forcing it as much as i can; any more and the chest piece would scratch the paint of the left bicep.

And as Igadevil mentioned, there is a similar issue with Figuarts V3.

Picture 4: V3 in one of his iconic poses.

That sound you hear while looking at this picture is the V3 theme song.

Picture 5: Same figure, same pose, same theme song, different angle.

From this angle you can see that the left hand doesn´t really reach the right elbow. This is as close as i can get the arms together, and what´s worst, if you look at the following picture…

…you will see that i actually had to twist the elbow joint to an uncomfortable degree just the get the arm in that pose, and even then i couldn´t get it completely horizontal.

They are great figures, but small details like these can be annoying.

Now for an actual, small question:

I have an acquaintance that lives in Australia who recently started importing toys and an assortment of bandai merchandise inspite of the cries of her wallet, but she has some issues when dealing with web exclusives and pre-orders. Since a majority of you live in what i pressume are Madmax-style Australian communes, can you give give some tips for dealing with imported toys from Japan to Australia? Especially when dealing with pre-orders and the much feared Tamashi Webshop Exclusives.

And because this e-mail isn´t long enough….

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: If you could transform any toy from your collection into an actual, functioning car that you could use for your daily commute/terrorize your fellow citizens, which one would it be? For the sake of keeping things interesting, let´s exclude from this question any toy that is already a car or whose name rhymes with Lexicon, Brave Beaver, Master Animus or Bumblebee.

Only needing Drive, Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary Fanboy.

Stu (Octane)
Amazing Heroes Kickstarter 1.5
Top toy Searches on Yahoo
Funko Teasers!
Walgreens gets Funko Exclusives!
NECA teases Aliens Ripley & In-scale Eggs!
Alien Figures we not Getting

LEGO Age of Ultron images
Next wave of DC Collectables Animated Figures revealed!
MegaSteel Buster (Blaster)
Generations Combiner Wars are out in UK!
Fans Toys Scoria V2! (More Toy-oriented)
Fans Toys Sever (Snarl)
Generations Combiner Wars rumour: Sunstreaker, Ironhide, Prowl & Mirage?
Hi Andy Bentley! DX9’s Mirage PHANTOM edition
DX9’s Medilance (Ratchet) & Plague (Scourge)
AoE Temenos Sword Giveaway

Paul (Igadevil)
Update on Figuarts Vader & Movie Realisation Stormtrooper
Kamen Rider Blade Broken Mask Version
TKPB01 Kamen Rider Proto Drive
Kamen Rider Drive DX Lupin Gunner

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Hot Toys Iron Man Mk VLIII
Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Mark XXV Striker Armour
Hot Toys Indy more info
ChibiMoon is coming!
Figma Guyver (simply that he is coming out on time)

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