Ep 056 – 30th December 2014 : Auntie Em

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Happy New Year, Listeners! It’s 2015 and here is the final episode recorded in 2014. Join us as we bid farewell to 2014 and usher in the ever exciting new year!
Finally, we have a special request of YOU, listeners.
Next week, we’ll be doing a special ‘Getting to know you’ section of the podcast where we, your hosts, will go around answering some questions about ourselves. What better way to kick off our first recording for the new year? As such, we’re inviting YOU, dear listener, to respond with your own answers for the very same questions we’ll be answering. They are:
1) age
2) collecting background
3) what you do
4) favourite toys
5) family situation
6) why you do what you do
7) hobbies outside of toys

As always, please email us at repackedpodcast@octanetoys.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/repackedpodcast (@repackedpodcast)
Facebook: http://facebook.com/repackedpodcast

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00:00:00.000 Intro: Ep 56 – Auntie Em
00:07:21.080 Acquisitions – Albie
00:27:14.220 Acquisitions – Paul (Igadevil)
00:40:02.200 Acquisitions – Craig
00:47:30.130 Acquisitions – Stu (Octane)
00:53:20.010 Acquisitions – Sam (Artistix)
01:06:44.050 Acquisitions – Sami (Midori_Keiko)
01:12:44.070 Intermission
01:14:03.230 Listener Questions – Peter (AntiAngelAlias)
01:17:12.180 Listener Questions – King
01:28:06.130 News – Stu (Octane)
01:32:27.100 News – Albie
01:36:04.070 News – Paul (Igadevil)
01:44:22.110 News – Sam
01:46:25.090 News – Craig
02:00:32.040 Ending and Outro
02:03:07.100 Outtakes
02:06:35.000 Special Request: Questions for YOU, Listener!

MP Bumblebee Review
Legends RatTrap & Optimus Primal
Legends Whirl
Thrasher Armour Batman

Paul (Igadevil)
SHF Kamen Rider ZO
SHF Vul-Eagle
Social Clash

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Figma Canaan
Mentioned: Synesthesia
Figuarts Hurricanger Blue and Yellow

Stu (Octane)
Ajani Goldmane

Sam (Artistix)

Sami (Midori_Keiko)
Disney Infinity 2.0

From AntiAngelAlias (Peter)
Great 50th show gang!

Question for the show: Have you even had a toy that you sold a few years ago and when you look back now it is worth at least 5 times more then you sold for?
Dear Repacked,

How would you revive G.I. Joe? A 6-inch “Black” series or stick with 1/18th? Realistic or cartoony?
Personally, I’m told that G.I. Joe’s U.S. military theme has a hard time gaining traction outside the U.S., so I’d suggest less focus on super realistic soldiers and having more outlandish themes, like more zombies and err, while we’re at it, crossovers with Kamen Rider, so I can have my successor to Motion Revive.


Stu (Octane)
NECA Announcements
More NECA Xmas Reveals

MMC 3rd party Mirage
Jakks Pacific: METROIDS!

Paul (Igadevil)
Kamen Rider Drive January Releases
Tamashii Showroom Updates
SH Figuarts Yoshi
Revoltech R2-D2

Sam (Artistix)
Integrity Jem – Techrat
Integrity Jem – Techrat (Image 2)
Integrity Jem – Lin-Z Pierce
Mentioned: http://jem.wikia.com/wiki/Lin-Z

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Playarts Kai Darth Vader
Bandai VF-19 Advance Price, Release, Accessories
Sh Figuarts Chibi Moon Detals
Figma kirito GGO version details update
Mentioned: Lightsaberness

Hot Toys Darth Vader

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