Ep 058 – 13th January 2015 : Getting to know you PART 2 (Ant–Man)

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Welcome to the second episode of 2015 where we continue our fun lil’ Getting to know you shenanigans! Make sure you also stick around for the outtakes, folks! 🙂

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00:00:00.000 Ep 58: Getting to know you (part 2) – Ant–Man
00:07:07.190 Acquisitions – Albie
00:20:48.010 Acquisitions – Paul (Igadevil)
00:25:26.100 Acquisitions – Craig
00:43:32.120 Intermission
00:44:43.230 Listener Question from Nike
00:47:30.190 Getting To Know You – Listener Responses
01:24:12.230 News – Albie
01:38:59.160 News – Craig
01:43:53.090 Ending and Outro
01:46:49.080 Outtakes

Combiner Wars Wave 1
Mentioned: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Silverbolt_%28G1%29

Paul (Igadevil)
TK06 Mashin Chaser

Craig (TheScreamMan)
SHF Rose Attacker
SHF Gouraiger
SHF Tackle
Marvel Legends Archangel

From: Nike
Dear Repacticons,
It is I your Glorious Leader. I apologise for being away for so long, but my Sith training here on Korriban must take precedent. In between my studies I’ve been watching Max Steel and I have no idea why Latin America likes this show. It’s OK, but it’s pretty dull and the designs and story are pretty basic. Max Steel perplexes me, but I will continue to watch it.
Anyway, speaking of heroes like Max Steel, I’ve seen the cast list for Suicide Squad and heard that Mark hamill is playing Trickster in the Flash series; So who wins in a fight? Jered Leto Jker, or Mark Hamill Trickster?

GETTING TO KNOW YOU Listener Responses
1) age
2) collecting background
3) what you do
4) favourite toys
5) family situation
6) why you do what you do
7) hobbies outside of toys

Patrick Balasa
1.) 19

2.) Collects mostly Star Wars figures, SH Figuarts, Anime Figmas (mostly Fate Stay Night, Madoka Magica) and Gundam Model Kits and some Robot Damashii.

3.) I’m a college student who occasionally does part time jobs when I need the money.

4.) SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Blade and a DC Universe Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

5.) They’re cool with me collecting figures as long as It doesn’t interfere with my other priorities in life such as school and work.

6.) Its fun.

7.) I do some swimming, martial arts and creative writing.

Vince Sanchez (TypeV3)

Just responding to the ‘Getting to Know You’ section for the show:

1) age


2) collecting background

Collected Beast Wars and Marvel/DC action figures as a kid. Then ditched the scene entirely during high school because I wanted to be cool (and girls). Watched the 2007 Transformers movie and that got me back into buying TF toys. After that, it was all downhill from there. Currently, I collected a bit of everything but most of my money goes to Bandai Tamashii Nations.

3) what you do

College Student. I major in Accounting. I work as an assistant in the college’s accounting office.

4) favourite toys

Super Robot Chogokin Gurren Lagann
Transformers Masterpiece MP-10
Arcadia/Yamato 1/60 VF-1S

5) family situation

Marital Status: Complicated. No kids.

Currently living at home with my mom. Sister lives in Japan (Best proxy a brother could have!).

6) why you do what you do

Depends on the toys. For some, like transformers, it’s about engineering; breaking down/understanding how it works. Others, like figma and figuarts, it’s about having a physical representation of something I’m very fond of and being able to display it. Also, I do that youtube review thing.

7) hobbies outside of toys

Working out. Formula 1 (Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes fan!).

The most expensive hobby of them all: Girls

Eugene (Toysmostwanted)
Hi Repacked,

Looking forward to the special section. I hope my answers aren’t too long. I didn’t know what format to put them in and how much back story is appropriate. Feel free to trim down if needed. I hope I make it on time.


Where are you in the world? (Just added this)
I’m in Marikina City, Philippines

Collecting Background
It started in 2008 with Transformers Animated. I was a fan of the show but I hadn’t bought any of the toys yet. I got my first toys when they went on clearance; I got Voyager Shockwave and Deluxe Oil Slick. For some reason back then, I honestly didn’t know that Transformers toys actually transformed so when I got the toys, I was so amazed and I just kept buying more to see how they worked. Great fiction and good engineering is what got me hooked. When Animated was ending, I branched to other Transformers lines: “movie 1”, Revenge of the Fallen, Universe and Classics. Currently, the focus of my Transformers collection is “Classics,” I’ll buy anything that will fit in my idea of “neo-G1.” like United, Generations, Legends, etc. Animated is still my favorite so I’ll buy anything Animated if anything new comes out (wishful thinking). I’ve stopped collecting live action movie toys; I still have my “movie 1” and Revenge of the Fallen collection and I love them but I never got into Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction. I also went completionist on Power Core Combiners for some reason that I don’t fully understand.

I only collect official Transformers and I don’t plan to get into unofficial 3rd party.

I also got into collecting other toys each of which with a long story of their own but I’ll save that for another day; I’ll just list them for now: Monster High, My Little Pony, Kamen Rider, S.H. Figuarts and Nerf.

What you do?
I’m a call center professional, which is a positively scripted way of saying I work at a call center. I’m a team lead in customer and tech support for a printer and copier company based in the US. I also run a small toy store on the side. We mostly sell online and at conventions. I plan to eventually retire from the call center industry and focus on the toy store. I enjoy my job and the company I work for buy toys is really what I most enjoy, both collecting and selling.

Favourite Toys
All my Transformers Animated toys

Family Situation
I live with my parents and two of my three siblings in our family home; we’ve lived under the same home since I could remember. I’m the eldest son. My brother after me had long since moved out and started his own family. I plan to be the cool uncle to his sons when they’re old enough to play with Transformers. My sister after him is the other toy collector in the family although not as bad as me; she’s also into Kamen Rider, Toku, Anime and Cosplay. She managed to convince me to cosplay as Ramirez from Kyoryuger this summer. My youngest brother is into K-POP; can’t relate to it. Our parents don’t mind our hobbies buy I’m sure they prefer that we spend our hard earned cash elsewhere.

Why you do what you do
Simple answer: relieves stress and makes me happy

Hobbies outside of toys
Cooking – I love experimenting in the kitchen. My favorite thing to do is incorporating new flavors to old recipes: Spicy Pineapple Chicken Stew, Chocolate Coconut Pancakes, Tiramisu Graham Cake, etc.


1) Age: Somewhere between 24 and 27, i really don´t keep count. Hey, when was the last time you actually used your age?

2) Collecting background: Ever since i was a child i always liked to collect sets of things, like stamp albums and the such, and while i really couldn’t afford to collect toys proactively, i still tried to gather things that were akin to my interest (e.g. i still own a bunch of Batman Figures from the 90’s and have plenty of the original Max Steel Toys). Once i officially became an adult i kept thinking that Toys were cool and eventually got pulled into the adult Toy Collector world primarily because of the appereance of the Figuarts line, which are basically everything i always wanted on a toy (i.e. absurd levels of detail and crazy amounts of articulation).

3) What you do: I do Nunchakus, though i am also a Java/Web programmer, but mostly nunchakus.

4) Favourite toys: I collect mostly Figuarts, and from those my favorites are S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 (mostly for sentimental/manly reasons), S.H. Figuarts Shiny Luminous (one of the best female figuarts to date. Yes, even better than the Sailor Moon ones) and Ultra-Act Evil Tiga (that thing is just beautiful).

Oh, and there´s also the Soul of Popynica PX-02 Cyclone, which is probably the single greatest Toy Version of the Cyclone. I dare you to dissagree.

5) Family situation: I am an universal singularity, though i do have a couple of sisters, my dad and a bunch of cousins.

6) Why you do what you do: I became a programmer because i am pretty damn good at logical thinking and once i tried programming i discovered i was awesome at it. I do nunchakus because as a kid i always though they were awesome and once i tried them out i turned out to be really good at it. I collect toys because toys are cool and i have a decent ammount of disposable income paired with very little self control.

I also do BONUS CRACKED QUESTIONS because someone has to, goddamn it.

7) Hobbies outside of toys: I have plenty of hobbies, but chief among them are writing things, Tokusatsu and video games. I also watch anime sometimes, but only good stuff like Space Adventure Cobra and Jojo. Oh, and for the record, i don´t like to brag about it but i am also one of the world´s leading experts in Mortal Kombat lore. Just kidding, i actually love to brag about that.

Charlie Niemeyer
Hey guys! Hope you all had a happy holiday season! On to the questions:
1. 34
2. I collect the Sentai Figuarts (all the Reds, plus the full MMPR team), the various versions of Optimus Prime (except for 3rd party and movie versions), and some DC Direct figures (very rarely though).
3. I am a customer service rep in a call center.
4. My current favorite toys are the Sentai Figuarts.
5. I am married and we have 1 child (5 months)
6. Not sure I understand this question. I work to provide for my family, and I collect what I collect because I like them.
7. Other hobbies: comics (superheroes, Transformers, etc), anime (preferably with giant robots), cartoons (superheroes), toku (Power Rangers, Sentai, Kamen Rider), podcasting (semi-retired due to fatherhood)

Sent from my iPhone

Sorry. I was so set on answering the questions that I forgot to close the email. Anyway, enjoy your 2015!


Sent from my iPhone

Jeffrey Pegues
1) 40
2) Whatever intrigues me and is affordable
3) processing checks.
4) G1 Jetfire, figuarts
5) Single.
6) I like the characters and the stories I make up.
7) Reading comics, watching wrestling, reading all types of books.

Michael D
Hi Albie and the rest of the Repacked-PC,

I’m Michael (aka Meads in Youtube) 28 years of age.
Started collecting on 2010 with SD Gundam kits.
Eventually found a stable job working as a building maintenance and operation engineer which works well funding the hobby.
Currently still living with my parents and sister and I help pay the bills. I’m a big fan of Japanese figures and kits, especially Figma, SH MonsterArts, Sentinel and Gundam kits.
I like trying out new figure/kit lines which end up having a huge collection.
I enjoy making youtube reviews as it helps viewers with their purchasing choice as well as learn from the info they share back with me. Also, YT channel has become my hobby journal that I can look back in the future granted it still there…

Cheers! Keep up the podcast! It’s a pleasure to listen to you while building kits.


Sam Murdoch
Hey guys, Sam Murdoch here
1) 33
2) After giving up playing with toys, I’ve always collected a few sports figures along the way and one Christmas during college I returned a board game to Kay Bee toys and used the return to buy Star Wars phantom menace figures that were on clearance and that’s where it all started and I became obsessed with Star Wars toys
3) I work in a lumber yard and drive a forklift (I have a bachelors degree in Zoology if anyone out there wants to hire me)
4) My fave toys as a kid were MOTU and GI Joe. My fave toys today are MOTUC, Mattel’s WWE, TF’s generations and MP, Neca, Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black
5) I have two older brothers along with my parents who all still live in the same city as I do and I currently live in an apartment with my girlfriend
6) I guess I’ve anyways collected something in my life, so there’s that but I love toys themselves and I love collecting out of nostalgia and having toys of stuff I watch currently
7) I play ice and roller hockey (I grew up playing ice all my life), I like listening to and going to metal and hardcore concerts, watching sports and wrestling (live or TV), and going to the movies

Hi Folks,

My name is Andrew (@AdmiralTurtle on Twitter) I’ve been following you guys since the Fwooshcast days (in particular the interview with Shane from Comic Geek Speak).
Questions: 1. Age- Recently turned 28
2. Collecting background- I’ve been collecting toys since the original Playmates TMNT figures and have been going strong ever since. I later moved on to Comic based figures from the 90s Spider-man and X-men line to today with Marvel Legends, Transformers starting with yardsale G1 figures to Beast Wars and now Generations, and thanks to the Fwooshcast Kamen Riders and other Japanese figures have been my focus within the past few years.
3. What u do- I’m a Compensation Specialist at the University of Maryland, Baltimore in the Human Resources Department.
4. Fave toys- NECA TMNT Leonardo, D-Arts Rockman X, Marvel Legends Series 1 Captain America
5. Family situation- I’m from the US and live in Maryland near Washington DC with my girlfriend.
6. Why u do what u do- I love having physical representations of characters and having them in 3D on my desk and shelf.
7. Other hobbies- I run a monthly DnD game with a group of friends, I play video games (Admrl_Turtle on PS4), and I collect comic books. I also like to sculpt and create custom action figures.

John Olesen
Age – 28

Collecting background – collecting all my life. Started as a kid in the 90s with Power Rangers, Star Wars, and Batman TAS

What you do – store manager for the 247th ranked Sprint Dealer in the nation. Doesn’t sound impressive until you realize it’s out of almost 3000 stores. Also an aspiring filmmaker.

Favorite toys – the Batman TAS Batmobile and original Dragon Dagger from MMPR. My grandfather waited in line for hours outside of a KB Toys to nab these for me. The TAS Batmobile is still the best Batmobile ever, and who didn’t think the Green Ranger was a bad ass?

Family situation – my wife Karen. our oldest daughter Madison who is 6 AMD getting into collecting My Little Pony. Our son Grayson (yes. He’s named after Dick Grayson. He even answers to Robin) who is 5 and absolutely loves action figures. Our youngest Josalynn who is one month old! Also my sister and brother in law live with us. She k its and he also collects action figures and comics.

Why do you do what you do – my grandfather died in 1997. He was a big influence on my collecting. When he died I stopped collecting. I stopped watching power rangers, I stopped reading comics. Years later I stumbled across a box of old batman and Star Wars toys my grandmother had kept in our basement. One thing led to another, and I started rebuking a lot of stuff I had as a kid.

Hobbies outside of collecting – I’m a published writer. I’m working on a comic book and film script. I spend my mornings reading comics before work. I also dabble in music, as a bass player and vocalist.

Sent from my iPad

Jason Olson
1. 33

2. I’ve been buying toys (or having them bought for me) since I was little and I’ve never really stopped. I started with Masters of the Universe (I’ve never stopped buying MOTU) and Superpowers then Ghostbusters, Turtles and NA He-man. Most of the 90’s (when I had money to buy my own stuff) consisted of mostly of the Kenner/Hasbro DC lines: Total Justice, Man of Steel, Legends of Batman, various movie lines. I got into Transformers a bit in the early/mid 2000s, RID through Cybertron mostly, I’ve also collected DCUC from start to finish, but my main focus over the last 15 ish years has been Masters of the Universe in it’s various incarnations.

3. I work two jobs, both retail. Full time at Hobby Lobby and part time at Kohl’s

4. Masters of the Universe

5. My parents are older, both my mom and step dad are in their seventies. I’ve got two much older sisters (we’re talking 20 years older) I’ve got 3 nieces and 3 nephews. My oldest nephew is my age, it was fun explaining that in school.

6. I was never interested in sports or cars growing up. Some of my earliest childhood memories revolve around toys. I distinctly remember getting my first MOTU figure, Battle Armor He-man. I also remember getting the Superpowers Batmoblie and using the box to make a bridge for it to cross in the living room. I dunno, I just really like toys.

7. I read (too many) comics.

Gabe (@the_gaboteur on Twitter)
Hey Repacticons (yes I know it has been used before 😛 )

This is Gabe, and here are my answer for you

1: 32

2: I grew up in Asia where my parents bought me a bunch of
Transformers, Gobots, Machine Robos. That’s probably where my love for
transforming robot toys came from. After losing my toys from moving
to the US, I picked up collecting again in college when TF RiD
(CarRobot) came out, and has been collection since. My collection
mainly consist of TF from G1 to Masterpieces, some GunPla, a few
Megazord here and there, and selecive figma’s. Oh and also a mountain
of Craig’s favorite toyline (you know that one 😉 ).

3: I work for an online shoe retailer, basically I push digital paper.
Not terribly interesting.

4: Probably still God Ginrai from Masterforce

5: Single, ready to mingle

6: I think it’s probably 50% nostalgia, and 50% love for toy
engineering and design. It also helps that I think toys are cool.

7: When I’m not buying and playing with toys, I’m usually playing game
on PC, Console games and board games with my buddies, and play guitar.
I do like to read the occasional book.

There you go guys! Hopeful it’s not too long. Enjoy your show a lot,
so keep up the great work!


Gabe (@the_gaboteur on Twitter)

Kyle Barker
Hey Repacked collective, congrats on the one year anniversary. Before I listened to the show I was blissfully unaware of Japanese toys, Third party Transformers, and Kamen Rider so I thank you for opening my eyes to that but not so much my wallet. Now to business. I’m just putting in my two cents about me for the show.
1- I’m 33 years old.
2- I’ve been collecting since I was a kid. As a true child of the 80’s I started with Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, Bravestarr, Centurions, and of course Transformers (and I still have most of them). Now as an adult collector with big boys money I still try to get those classic toy gems I missed as a kid. Now i’m collecting Transformers, Marvel Legends, Doctor Who, and the occasional Star Wars figure and recently started to pick up the cooler looking Kamen Rider figures (thanks to you guys). I haven’t seen much of the shows, I just love the look of those characters.
3- I am a humble storeman for a tool distribution company run by tools.
4- My favorite toys are my original He-Man on Battlecat, the Marvel Legends baf Galactus, my 4th Doctor figure (for his giant Tom Baker smile), my classic g1 Optimus Prime, and finally my most recent favorite is my custom Dutch in colonial marine armor (pics attached).
5- I live with my partner and our 3 month old son.
6- I do what I do because I just love it (or it’s OCD but that’s for the doctors to decide). The feeling of hunting the stores whether online or in actual shops still gives me a thrill, and when a package arrives on the door step I still get excited to open it. Its something I hope I can share with my son someday.
7- Outside of toys I help run Sydney Skyforce. It’s a Sydney based Star Wars fan club that meets 4 times a year. We are all pumped up for episode 7 (only 12 months to go), I also collect movies and comics too.
Well that enough about me, so until I need your wisdom again keep that free funny coming until episode 200.
Good journey, Kyle.
Ps- Craig did all the Riders survive the move after unpacking?
PPS- Albie what did you think of Spaceballs?

Generations Devastator listed in case breakdowns
Takara United Superion with unfortunately placed gun
Badcube’s MP Warpath
FansToys MP Perceptor
FansToys MP Reflector
Takara G2 Bee & Legends Megs
Mega steel Megs
D-throne Tech Drone
Mentioned – Bloodbath Character Sheet
Mentioned – Bomb-Burst’s toy
Iron Factory’s Maiden

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Ant Man Legends
Marvel Select Ant Man
Mentioned: Sculpted by Gentle Giant

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