Repacked Special: BEST OF 2014

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
It’s the time of year folks. Here’s our BEST OF 2014 show!
Special thanks to Peter who put together the best-of graphic for us!

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Chapter List:
00:00:00.000 Best Of 2014
00:04:23.210 Best Action Figure 2014
00:14:15.210 Best Mecha/Vehicle
00:23:55.180 Best Toyline
00:39:50.200 Best Toy (Not from 2014)
00:49:54.000 Toy of the Year (2014 only)
01:04:05.100 Most Surprising Toy/Line
01:19:22.220 Most Disappointing Toy & Line
01:39:31.140 Most Anticipated 2015
01:45:40.180 Ending and Outro
01:48:03.170 Outtakes

Summary Images:
Best Action Figure 2014
Best Mecha/Vehicle
Best Toyline
Best Toy (Not from 2014)
Toy of the Year (2014 only)
Most Surprising Toy/Line
Most Disappointing Toy & Line
Most Anticipated 2015

Best Action figure: Marvel Legends Marvel Now Captain America (Hon Mention: SHF Kabuto, Chalice, Figma Iron Man)
Best Mecha/Vehicle: Generations Jetfire (Hon Mention:Gen Chromia, Gen Brainstorm)
Best Toyline: Transformers Generations (Hon Mention: Marvel Legends, SHF, Banda Macross DX)
Best Toy (Not from 2014): GI Joe Cobra Moray
Toy of the Year: Arcadia YF-19
Most Surprising Toy/Line: Bandai DX YF-30
Most Disappointing toy: Figma Guyver
Most Disappointing Line: Figma
Most anticipated 2015: Funko Legacy Rocketeer

Best Action figure: Figma Ryuko Matoi
Best Mecha/Vehicle: Transformers Generations Roadbuster
Best Toyline: Hasbro Transformers Generations
Best Toy (Not from 2014): Tokyo Toy Show Nemesis Prime (2012)
Best Toy (2014 only): MMC Feral Rex (even though I didn’t finish him)
Most Surprising Toy/Line: Jakks Pacfic Godzilla
Most Disappointing toy: Transformers Generations Tankor
Most Disappointing Line: Kyoryugers, all those motherfucking toys have broken or are in the process of breaking and we aren’t getting all the Figuarts.
Most anticipated 2015: Generations Trypticon

Best Action figure: Figma Full spec iron man
Best Mecha/Vehicle: SH Figuarts Tony’s Couch
More Pics:
REAL ANSWER: Perfect Effect Warden (hon men: infinitor & Grant)
Best Toyline:
Marvel legends Infinite
Box Set
Infinite X-men
Thanos Imperative
Cap Waves
Best Toy (Not from 2014):
ML Emma Frost
Best Toy (From 2014):
Feral Frickin Rex
Honorable mention:
Azalea Asterix Mode
Most Surprising Toy/Line:
Combiner Wars Optimus Prime (toy line: combiner wars)
Most Disappointing toy: Figuarts hibiki
Most Disappointing Line:
Figma Avengers
Most anticipated 2015:
Play With This Too!!!!!
Honorable mention: Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors

Best Action figure: S.I.C. Kamen Rider 1 (New)
(Honorable Mentions: SHF KR Femme, SHF Hakaider, SHF KR Gaim)
Best Mecha/Vehicle: S.H.Figuarts New Cyclone
(Honorable Mentions: SHF Side Machine, TK Tridoron)
Best Toyline: S.H.Figuarts
(Honorable Mention: SIC)
Best Toy (Not from 2014): Faith Leader
Toy of the Year: DX Lock Seed Kamen Rider Taisen Set

NOTE: Should’ve been
Most Surprising Toy/Line: High Grade Series Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider
Most Disappointing Toy (with a caveat): S.H.Figuarts “Akarenger”
Most Disappointing Line: None!
Most anticipated 2015: S.H.Figuarts Drive series

Best Action figure: Super 7 Alien ReAction Figure – Big Chap
Best Mecha/Vehicle: Hotwheels The Jetsons Capsule Car
Best Toyline: Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Ninja Movie 2014 11Inch Deluxes (Hon Mention: Hasbro Super Hero Mashers)
Best Toy (Not from 2014): Joal Catapiller 12G Leveler/Grader (1980’s)
Toy of the Year: Transformers Masterpiece MP-21 Bumble Figure(Hon Mention: Aurora Princess Luna Plush)
Most Surprising Toy/Line: Jakks World of Nintendo
Most Disappointing toy: Jakks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Colossal 48″ Figure
Most Disappointing Line: Funko ReAction Line
Most anticipated 2015: Transformers Combiner Wars

Best Action figure:
Azone La Sahra
PureNeemo, SAHRA’S à la mode
Best Mecha/Vehicle:
Best Toyline:
Monster High Freaky Fusion Line:
Best Toy (Not from 2014):
Minifee Juri 08 by Fairyland
Blank Head
W/Face Up
Toy of the Year:
Custom Plush of a my little pony : Sweet Midnight by Nazegoreng
More Pics
Smaug Plush
Most Surprising Toy/Line:
Shopkins by Moose:
Most Disappointing toy:
Lati yellow Coco the death version
Most Disappointing Line:
Tamagotchi 4U (in comparison to the previous release)
Tamagotchi P (this is the good, previous release)
Most anticipated 2015:
Funko Ponies

Best Action figure: MOTUC Madame Razz
Best Mecha/Vehicle: MOTUC Battle Ram
Best Toyline: motuc
Best Toy (Not from 2014): Metroplex
Toy of the Year (2014 only): Hot Toys Man of Steel Superman
Most Surprising Toy/Line: ReAction
Most Disappointing Toy: Daenerys Targaren
Most Disappointing Line: Jem
Most anticipated 2015: Vitruvian Hacks

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