Ep 060 – 27th January 2015 : A Dingo Didn’t Steal my Transformer

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We’re running a week behind with shows at the moment, but we’re finishing off the Listener’s Best of 2014, and depending on if Albie the slack bastard who does all the work, has an opening in his schedule, we’ll start to get more “on schedule” again. That said, thank you once again listeners, for your great responses. If you missed out on emailing us this year, please don’t hesitate to send your list in for next year’s! We love hearing from you listeners!! Without further ado, enjoy this kickarse new episode, complete with who-chose-what in the chapter images!!! -Albie

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00:02:25.020 Kyle Barker
00:14:43.210 Chris Fabinsky
00:26:44.190 Eric Henry
00:42:23.050 Andy Bentley
00:50:20.150 Peter (AntiAngelAlias)
01:04:51.220 Greg Schueller
01:12:22.040 Vincent Sanchez
01:27:38.060 Jeffery Pegues
01:36:40.140 Matthew Wong
01:52:25.040 John Olsen
02:00:42.000 Jason Olson
02:03:42.060 Sam Murdoch
02:04:37.190 Andrew George
02:06:43.080 Aiden/LeoFlare
02:07:48.100 King/Updatedude
02:09:47.110 Kenneth Yu
02:11:18.200 Erik Crosby
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And here are the emails with YOUR responses!

Kyle Barker
Best action figure – Masterpiece Bumblebee.
I dont usually collect MP scale but I have really wanted a Spike in exosuit for years so I picked one up. When I was transforming the Bee I realised I hadn’t had that much fun playing with a transformer for years. His scale is just right so now he stands next to Optimus on my classics shelf.

Best mecha/vehicle – Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1.
This is the toy i wanted 20 years ago, but better late than never. It was not overly complex to build and looks great. The Ghostbusters it comes with all look great as well but you can’t beat a set that includes a Lego Bill Murray.

Best toy line – Transformers.
They got most of my dollars this year so they must be doing something right. I skipped most to the AOE stuff aside from evasion mode Optimus. I am a sucker for the Takara stuff. Optimus Primal & Rattrap completed my Maximal shelf and on the Generations front that Jetfire was sweet. Now that we have all (well) gotten over the Age of Extinction hopefully the stores will start stocking the Combiner Wars products soon.

Best toy (not from 2014) – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1988)
For my birthday this year I got given back a whole case of my original TMNT toys I gave to my cousin over fifteen years ago. I was so happy it was like seeing old friends again. They now have a spot on my 80’s shelf. I’m heavily bias but there is no school like the old school.

Most Surprising Toyline – Marvel Legends.
I have stuck with this line through the good and bad but this year we got some great figures from it. The Cap 2 Black Widow, Hydra and AIM soldiers, and even the SDCC Thanos Imperative figure set I paid way too much for didn’t disappoint. That comic version of Starlord looks great on my shelf. Next years offerings look even better.

Most disappointing toy- NECA Aliens
It’s hard to say as I don’t buy things I don’t like, but as much as I like my NECA Aliens figures I find that the ankle joints on the marines are very weak and the figures keep on tipping over. Generally speaking though the overwhelming surge of mediocre AOE figures clogging up shelf space disappointed me greatly.

Most Disappointing Toyline – Star Wars 6″ Black series.
The line started promisingly but weak sculpts and paint on some figures (eg Obi-Wan & Anakin) plus repeat figure releases over different waves have lost the magic for me. The biker scout on speeder was a standout of the year, but overall they had more misses than hits. From what I have heard about the Jedi Luke, Yoda and Vader coming out soon people say they are getting worse.

Most anticipated 2015 – Toyworld’s Dinobots line.
The TW-D01 Roar was my first real 3rd party transformer and now I want the rest of these guys on my shelf. Such shiny gold chrome.

Chris Fabinsky
Best Action Figure – Storage Shell Donatello
I debated on this really longer than I should have, but my best action figure probably has to be my Storage Shell Donatello from the most recent line. I love the figure for the nostalgic aspect of the internal weapon storage, AND for the awesome sculpt.

Best Mecha/Vehicle – the Lego Movie’s Benny’s Spaceship
This is a tricky one…a lot of great stuff this year, but…I have to put my best Vehicle as….the Lego Movie’s Benny’s Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship!!!. I’m a member of a Lego User Group in the north VA area, and I love having such a creative evolution of Classic Space lego, with all the design cues I love. Plus? Big Friggin’ SPACEFIGHTER.

Best Toyline – All of 2014 LEGO
I’ll probably be slapped verbally for this, but I’m going to claim All of 2014 LEGO as my best Toy Line. The amazing licences, the wide variety of builds and creative ideas….Just a perfect year for LEGO.

Best Toy NOT from 2014 – Masterpiece Soundwave
I got my hands on a Masterpiece Soundwave this year. Nuff Said.

Toy of the Year – Lego Lonely Mountain
A toy in 2014 that I got that is my top toy for the year? well, honestly…..it’s a Lego Set…..the lego Lonely Mountain, with a lot of redundant parts of some place called Erebor and OH RIGHT GIANT LEGO SMAUUUUUG. 😀

Most Surprising Toy/Line – Star Wars Black series
Honestly? Star Wars Black series. I have a few now finally, and I love the quality. Can’t wait to see where the line goes in the future.

Most Disappointing Toy – Transformers Generations Rat-Trap
*sigh* Transformers Generations Rat-trap. He is a fiddly panely mess in rat mode, and barely stands even with effort in Robot mode…..by my auntie Arcee, he’s a mess.

Most Disappointing Line – GI Joe
Honestly, and I know it’ll hurt you guys for me to say this…..GI Joe. I last bought a Joe in 2013…..and nothing AT ALL got me interested this time…..maybe after its breather things will be better. I can hope.

Most Anticipated 2015: Transformers Combiner Wars.
All those naughty early preview reviews…..man it looks fun!

Eric Henry
Best Action Figure – Diamond Select’s Super-Articulated Creature from the Black Lagoon

Universal Monsters Select – Creature From The Black Lagoon

The Gillman is one of my favorite movie monsters of all time. That being said I wasn’t expecting much when I got this figure but I have to say, it’s easily the best Gillman ever done in this scale. It’s a very accurate figure, and covered with a glossy layer of paint that makes him look ‘wet’, The articulation isn’t half bad either, and for under 20 bucks..you can’t do better. If you’re a Gillman fan you have to own this figure.

Best Mech – N/A

Best Toy Line – X-Plus.
For kaiju and Ultraman/Seven fans, there is no better line. Essentially, these are all pre-assembled and pre-painted model kits. For a 25cm figure expect to drop nearly 100 dollars before shipping and for a 30cm you’re going to pay nearly 200 dollars. For that money, you get the best of the best though…perfect renditions of our favorite kaiju and Ultra heroes.
Best Toy (Not from 2014) – Kamen Rider S.I.C Vol 46: The First with Cyclone
– And Diamond’s reissue of the X Plus Godzilla 1989 30cm figure.
Ok, Kamen Rider The First isn’t the best movie ever. The Next might actually be one of the worst. Still, the designs looked pretty good and my collection had a gap in it…I didn’t have a Kamen Rider with a bike. Moreso, I wanted THE Kamen Rider, Rider 1, with his bike and I wanted a figure with a lot of shelf presence that would make people who had never heard of Kamen Rider before take note of the cool bug guy on the shelf. Luckily, this figure delivered in spades. Surprisingly, it’s become my favorite Rider figure. Both the bike and the figure are stylized version of their movie counterparts and I like that. I actually prefer these figures to the “real” versions.
Not my review:
S.I.C Vol.46 Masked Rider I & Cyclone Review
And Diamond’s reissue of the X Plus Godzilla 1989 30cm figure.
Literally just got this in the mail yesterday and it’s become my definitive Godzilla. The Hesei era Godzilla films hold a special place in my heart because they were the “new” Godzilla films when I was growing up and this figure kind of sums up all those feelings into a 30cm hunk of vinyl.

Full Review: X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1989 Vinyl Figure

Best Toy-2014 – 30cm Gamera 1967
I own a lot of Showa Gamera figures. I kind of reluctantly pre-ordered the 30cm 1967 version thinking “what can they possibly improve upon?” Well, I was wrong. Pictures don’t do this guy justice. This figure surprised a lot of us in the X Plus community. Amazing.

Most Surprising Toy – 30cm Gamera 1967
See above.

Most Disappointing Toy – S.H. Figuarts Hakaida
Paul’s going to kill me but…the Figuarts Hakaida. It all comes down to the brain dome on this figure. I don’t like the way it attaches (it falls off way too easily and it’s an eyesore). For as much money this release was, I want the best version of a character in this scale and the Figuarts Hakaida is probably my least favorite version of the character that I currently own (granted I only own 3 total). Kikaida is my favorite toku tv series of all time, I wanted to like this figure more than I did…I like this figure, but I don’t love it.

Most Disappointing Line – Mezco’s Universal Monsters line

Mezco Toyz – Universal Monsters: The Mummy

Fantastic figures but a shoddy release schedule kind of killed this line for me. Also, the fact that they seemingly stopped this line after only three figures was very disappointing.

Most anticipated 2015 – the Monsterarts Gamera
The Monsterarts Gamera. The 96 version of Gamera is my favorite of the Gamera suits so I’m beyond excited for this release. Even though I’m largely retired from Gamera collecting (after 2014 at least) this figure is enough to draw me back in. I’m actually buying two of these…one to display in flying mode and one to pose normally.

Andy Bentley
Best Action figure – Function X-04 – Sigma L

Best Mecha/Vehicle – MakeToys Quantron

Best Toyline – Hot Toys Marvel Sixth Scale Figures

Best Toy (Not from 2014) – Platinum Edition Year Of The Snake OmegaSupreme with MakeToys Armageddon Upgrade Kit

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Hot Toys: 1/6 Scale Movie Masterpiece Batman Armory with Bruce, Alfred & Batman Collectible Figures

Most Surprising Toy/Line – Hasbro Marvel Legends

Most Disappointing Toy – Daca Toy Chronos

Most Disappointing Line – Star Wars Black 6″

Most anticipated 2015 – DC Collectibles – Batman: The Animated Series

Peter (AntiAngelAlias)
Best Action figure – S.H. Figuarts Broly
– first time seeing figuarts makes very articulate huge muscular figure and they passed with flying colors!
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam with LED Kit.
This is what happen when Bandai of Japan pushes the PG line to the limited by fully lighting the entire Gundam kit like a Christmas tree and cleverly allowing it to transform into Destroy Mode
Best Toyline – Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece
– 2014 release are WheelJack, Bumble Bee and Ultra Magnus. They are hitting every balls out of the park!
Best Toy (Not from 2014) – S.H. Monster Arts Kiryu Heavy Arms/High Mobility Version
– Even though this is almost a repaint of the first Kiryu MFS-3 Type 3 with added additional mold details, the Heavy Arm is by far the most amazing looking out of the two. This version really captured Mechagodzilla aesthetic
Toy of the Year (2014 only) -Super Robot Chogokin – Mazinkaiser Alloy Z Color Version.
This is a re-release version and it is the one to buy if you like chrome and shiny metal robot
Most Surprising Toy/Line -Megabloks Call of Duty line
– first time we get to see a very well articulated mini figures done right and the vehicles homage World War vehicles. I never play any of the COD games but this is my answer to war vehicle brick sets, I highly recommend the Heavy Tank for anyone who want to jump in
Most Disappointing Toy -NECA 7″ Pacific Rim Action Figure
-still need better articulation and better QC with paints/plastic in all their figures
Most Disappointing Line – Hasbro Age of Extinction
– This line definitely really not for me
Most anticipated 2015 – S.H. Figuarts Ranma ½ Figures
– Never have fans ever got a super posable action figure of Ranma ½ in history

Greg Schueller
Best Action figure – Hasbro Marvel Legends movie Captain America
(swappable hands! alternate head!)

Best Mecha/Vehicle – Mech Ideas Gauntlet (not Ironfist)

Best Toyline – Transformers Generations
Ended up buying more Transformers this year than anything else. Swerve, Cosmos, Brainstorm, Roadbuster, Windblade, Chromia, Jetfire, etc

Best Toy (Not from 2014) – DCUC Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Hasbro Transformers Generations Brainstorm

Most Surprising Toy/Line – Guardians of the Galaxy ships.
The figures were pretty decent for what they were, but the spaceships were really fun.

Most Disappointing Toy – Hasbro Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon.
Wish they had left out the Hadron Enforcer and given him better articulation/alternate head.

Most Disappointing Line – GI Joe 50th anniversary line.
Inconsistent paint work/odd character selection put a damper on what could have been a fun celebration.
Most anticipated 2015 – Maketoys Rearend (Not Tailgate)

Vincent Sanchez
Best Action figure – Figma Mikasa Ackerman
One of the first releases to utilize the figma 2.0 body, 3D Maneuver Gear was well implemented and you could even hang her from shelves! Also, my favourite figma release this year too!

Best Mecha/Vehicle – Perfect Grade 1/60 Unicorn Gundam + LED Unit
First, all-new Perfect Grade Gundam in 4 years. Huge. Can transform between Unicorn and Destroy modes. LED attachment puts all Christmas trees to shame.

Best Toyline – High Grade Build Fighters TRY (Gundam Build Fighters TRY)
The original premise behind the 2013 High Grade Build Fighters toyline was to take older model kits, add in some new parts, throw on a fresh coat of paint and re-sell them as new kits.Those ended up pretty good. For 2014, the High Grade Build Fighters TRY toyline is now comprised of completely original model kits using the latest technology and they are the BEST HG kits out there at the moment. They average around ¥1500 each, making them super cheap. The line has yet to disappoint and is only getting better. If you’ve never been into gunpla, this is the place to start.

Best Toy (Not from 2014) – Robot Damashii ARX-7 Arbalest Lambda Driver ver.
One of the most articulated toys out there. Includes numerous accessories and effects parts and was relatively cheap. Also, I have a soft spot for Full Metal Panic!

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar
It’s the King of Braves in huge, diecast form and can preform a perfect transformation. Do I really need to explain any more?

Most Surprising Toy/Line – Mastermind Creations Azalea the Avenger
Heard nothing but trash on this toy but I have a thing for robot girls so I bought it anyways. Could not be any happier. Robot mode is basically on par with a standard SH Figuarts toy yet it’s also a transformer! Love the Cybertronian Alt mode as it reminds me of something that would fit in an F-ZERO game. Transformation isn’t for the weak but that’s how I like my transformers.

Most Disappointing Toy – Figma Avengers (Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America)
First of all, these are good toys. But their price and minimal accessory inclusion just kills any enjoyment. Also, where’s the HULK?! Bandai will now be getting my money with their Age of Ultron SHFiguarts.

Most Disappointing Line – DC Direct Batman the Animated Series
This was the toyline I was most excited for. Bought Batman and Catwoman and they’re… okay at best. Biggest issue are the hard, brittle joints. I’ve seen so many broken ankles. Also, I don’t know why I thought these were going to be able to pose well – because they can’t. But hey, they include a display stand and look really good in package.

Most anticipated 2015 – QMX 1/6 Malcolm Reynolds.
This is could be the best toy in the ‘verse.

Jeffery Pegues
Best Action figure – Gothitropolis Raven by Four Horsemen Studios

Best Mecha/Vehicle – Windblade

Best Toyline – Gothitropolis Raven by Four Horsemen Studios

Best Toy (Not from 2014) – A g1 Jetfire

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Gothitropolis Raven by Four Horsemen Studios

Most Surprising Toy/Line – Guyver Figma.

Most Disappointing Toy –

Most Disappointing Line –

Most anticipated 2015 – Kamen Rider Drive

Matthew Wong
Best Action figure – SHF Kikaider
– without the hype of the new Kabuto or Hibiki releases, but simple and iconic, which is just what is needed for the classic characters from my childhood
SHF Hibiki coming a close second.
SPECIAL MENTION – the Camera Guys – seriously, probably the most fun and expressive action figures I’ve had for a while. The feud with Paul keeps it fresh!

Best Mecha/Vehicle – Danboard Ma.K version from Sentinel.
I’m not a big Mech guy, and I guess Danboard from the Yotsubato! manga only barely qualifies – a schoolgirl’s art project, making a robot costume out of cardboard boxes. The character’s become super popular beyond it’s original context, and this version is one of the best ones I’ve seen. A cardboard robot with rocket boosters and a bazooka, what more do I have to say?

Best Toyline – Gashpon Shocker Troops
– non articulated figures, but I’ve had hours of fun with these!

Best Toy (Not from 2014) – Mighty Morphin’ Legacy Morpher

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Figma Iron Man.
After the disappointment of Thor and (to a lesser extent) Cap, this one blew me away!

Most Surprising Toy/Line – FIgma Iron Man
…surprised it was so good, after Thor and Cap…

Most Disappointing Toy – FIgma Thor.
Just didn’t work for me at all

Most Disappointing Line – I have to say Ultra Acts – again.
Not because of the characters (which I love) or the designs, but the QC on these are appalling. Loose joints, scratched paint, again and again. Getting better with some of the renewals but still much room for improvement.
The new scale SHF Sentai figures nearly qualify for this…purely because of the scale.

Most anticipated 2015 – SHF Star Wars

John Olsen
Best action figure – Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett (Prototype)
– I love this guy. His joints are looser than my regular Fett, but not too loose. I didn’t have to heat or cool him out of the box-he just worked. The sculpt is beautiful. I don’t like how his weapons aren’t fully painted-but the all black weapons against the white armor just looks so bad ass. He and my regular Boba Fett have teamed up and turned into the Boondocks Saints…(as seen in the enclosed picture)
Best Mecha / Vehicle – Power Rangers 20: Legacy Dragon Zord.
This thing is a beast. I don’t buy a lot of vehicles or Mecha, in fact the only 2 I did buy were this and the Gokai Oh from Super Megaforce-or whatever shitty name they gave it in Power Rangers. This blows it out of the water.
Best Toy Line – Funko Pop.
It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and they’re so cute. Thanks to LootCrate and Nerd Block adding them to their boxes-I have developed an addiction to these guys. That addiction has spread to my kids. My daughter obsesses over her My Little Pony ones, and my Son loves the Batman ones he’s gotten.
Best Toy (non 2014) – Graphitti Designs 98 Premiere Series “Matt Wagners Grendel” figure.
I didn’t buy a lot of toys this year. But my favorite toy not from 2014 that I bought was the Graphitti Designs 98 Premiere Series “Matt Wagners Grendel” figure. I feel in love with the character, and picked this up for around $12 mint on card-and it’s fantastic. From a small design group in the late 90s-it’s fantastic! Articulation is great, the sculpt is amazing, and everything about this 8″ murderous vigilante.
Toy of the year – DC Collectibles Batman Animated, “New Batman Adventures” Batman.
My earliest memory is seeing Batman 89-and the first show I loved was Batman TAS. So getting a fantastic sculpt of a fantastic design of a character who took me through grammar school was a treat. Yeah, I broke one of the hands-but you guys fixed it for me, and now my Dark Knight Is ready to drop his Hammers of Justice onto Gotham!
Most surprising – Power Rangers 20: Legacy Dragon Dagger. HOLY SHIT. This was AMAZING. The thing is huge, and is a beast to wield. You really feel like you can summon the Dragon Zord and stomp out those pesky Power Rangers for Empress Rita (because let’s face it, Evil Tommy was cooler than Good Tommy)
Most disappointing toy – Marvel Legends Agent Venom.
Let me say this first. The figure IS awesome. Mine however? Not so much. His right leg is pretty much stuck in one position, and his accessories do not like to fit into place. I was so excited about this figure-to the point where I let my impatience best me and I paid a premium as opposed to getting it at my local Walgreens (all 800 of them…seriously.) im sure it’s just QC issues and I just got a bad one-but it disappointed me so much, because I love Agent Venom.

Most disappointing line – Power Rangers Super Megaforce by Bandai of America
– I grew up with PR, so it felt like this line was designed specifically for people like me. The toys were…meh at best. The aforementioned Legacy line not really counting. My area was plauged by horrible distribution. We didn’t even get any Legendary Rangers until a couple of weeks ago. Also TRU had everything way over priced. 20-25$ for a 5″ figure with no accessories and basic paint? Nope. Sorry.

Most anticipated for 2015 – the third and fourth waves of Batman Animated. Once I saw the original design Batman-I knew I had to get the entire line.

Jason Olson
Best Action Figure: Modulok (MOTUC)

Best Mecha/Vehicle: Battle Ram (MOTUC)

Best Toyline: Marvel Legends; Infinite Captain America

Best Toy (not from 2014): The Shadow Mirage SX-100 vehicle.
So good I’ve got two.

Toy of the Year: NECA 7 inch 89 movie Batman (movie colors).

Most surprising Toy/Line: Power Rangers Legacy.
Titanus, Dragonzord, and the Dragon Dagger were so good. Now Bandai just needs to make a better Megazord.

Most Disappointing toy: DC Collectables Earth 2 Superman.
He’s to thin and his face just looks…weird (the vaguely translucent flesh color plastic DCC uses doesn’t help) I couldn’t bring myself to actually buy this…thing.

Most disappointing Line: Mattel DC Superpowers line.
Way overpriced repaints with some seriously sketchy QC. I do however still really like Riddler from this line.

Most anticipated 2015: MOTUC.
With 2015 being it’s last official year and with Scott no longer being there to run things it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out. Please subscribe.

Sam Murdoch
Best Action Figure: MOTUC Light Hope

First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Light Hope

Best Mecha/Vehicle: MOTUC Battle Ram (comes with Man at Arms)

Best Toyline: MOTUC
(some examples: Two-Bad, Modulok, Unnamed One, Loo-Kee & Kowl, Flogg, NA Skeletor, Light Hope, NA She-ra, Gwildor, Mermista)

Best Toy not from 2014: Year of the snake Omega Supreme
(I’m guessing this is an old toy that from another year that I bought in 2014)

Toy of the year 2014: Hasbro Generations Jetfire

Most Surprising: MOTUC Galactic Protector (or New Adventures) She-ra

Most Disappointing Toy:12″ vintage He-man
It’s still a cool toy but the 12″ vintage He-man head sculpt is pretty bad http://nerdgasms.net/review-giant-he-man/

Most Disappointing Line: Mattel’s DCUC Super Powers
Because I wish they did a few more figures with this card back like Joker and Green Lantern

Most Anticipated 2015: TF’s Combiner Wars

Andrew George
Best Action figure – Marvel Legends Nova.
One of my favorite comic characters makes one of my favorite ML figures.

Best Mecha/Vehicle -Super Robot Chogokin Genesic GaoGaiGar.
What should be a design that can’t work in 3D form Bandai brought to life a figure that can mimic almost all of the crazy poses featured in the show.

Best Toyline – S.H. Figuarts
– Bandai has killed it this year with the release of the Sailor Scouts, Batman, Mario & Luigi, Son Goku, Mega Man Zero, Lucario and of course a slew of great Kamen Rider releases such as Gaim, ZO, and Hibiki to name a few. Bandai makes sure I always have at least one Figuart on preorder at any given time.

Best Toy (Not from 2014)
– Hybrid Metal Figuration Donald Duck- One of my favorite characters of all time got the collector action figure treatment and I must say it is a fantastic toy.

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Gothitropolis Black Raven (Decimus Hrabban)
– This Kickstarter backed figure line has been on display at various events for the past few years and looked impressive at every showing. Once the figure finally released I’m pleased to say it not only meets but exceeds expectations. Great articulation, amazing sculpting, swap out feet, head, and wings, and masterful paint work make this my figure of the year.

Most Surprising Toy/Line – Play Arts Kai Red XIII (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)
– This figure really wowed me. I never collected Play Arts Kai figures in the past but the superb paint, extremely expressive articulation (especially in the figure’s jaw), poseable eye and very detailed sculpt makes this figure is a very pleasant surprise.

Most Disappointing Toy – Fansproject Columpio & Drepan.
The figure is a floppy mess with poorly designed feet in robot mode, hands that can rarely hold his weapons for an extended period of time, and the target master partner seems like an afterthought with a poorly implemented handle that sticks off its back. At least the dino mode is nice.

Most Disappointing Line – Funko Legacy Magic the Gathering
– From promotion images to actual final product it is hard to think of a toy line that took quite so sharp a negative turn.

Most anticipated 2015 – S.H. Monsterarts Gamera
– Gamera is really neat, he is filled with turtle meat. We all love you GA-MER-RA! Honorable mention goes to Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo.

Best Action figure – Figma Kill la Kill Ryuko Matoi

Best Mecha/Vehicle – Transformers Generations Jetfire

Best Toyline – Transformers Masterpiece

Best Toy (Not from 2014)- Transformers Masterpiece 11 Starscream

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Transformers Masterpiece 22 Ultra Magnus.
(Did get it early January but if that doesn’t count then Transformers Masterpiece 03 Grimlock)

Most Surprising Toy/Line – The Marvel Legends Captain America The Winter Solider line
– It’s been years since I brought my last Marvel Legends figure and this line managed to get me back in.

Most Disappointing Toy – I didn’t really have a figure that I picked up that I was disappointed with.

Most Disappointing Line – The Loyal Subjects Transformers Series 2
– The added changes didn’t help and caused the joints getting stuck and in some cases breaking.

Most anticipated 2015 – Transformers Generations
especially the combiners.

General Caveat for my choices. I do like stuff like Figuarts and Figma and so forth, but Transformers tend to win for me due to the sheer volume of their product. They have lots of misses but also lots of hits, and it’s the accumulation of those hits that get me.

Best Action figure – Re-Ment Pose Skeleton
A really nicely posable skeleton. This figure is the equivalent of Hasbro Transformers Thrilling Thirty Titan Metroplex, in that I bought a whole lot of other figures & accessories for this little skelly.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction Evolution 2-Pack (Classics) Optimus Prime
The original Voyager Classics Prime is my all time favorite toy to this day. 9-ish years later and it still holds up in my eyes, and I dare say it’s still the definitive Voyager G1 Prime. Maybe Combiner Wars Voyager Prime will knock him off that spot, but I can’t comment on that yet.
Best Toyline – Hasbro’s Transformers
Hard not to be Transformers when you take factors like complexity, value for money, availability, variety, durability etc into account. There are some misses but also plenty of hits. The caveat here is I’m including every Transformers line because barring Masterpieces and Rescue Bots, it’s sometimes hard to tell where one Transformers subline ends and another begins.
Best Toy (Not from 2014) – Re-Ment Pose Skeleton
Toy of the Year (2014 only) – Re-Ment Pose Skeleton
Most Surprising Toy/Line – Re-Ment Pose Skeleton
Most Disappointing toy – DC Collectibles Catwoman vs Doomsday Catwoman
Her arm broke right out of the box… then her other arm broke. Now I’m afraid of playing with the otherwise awesome Doomsday because I’m afraid he’ll also break in due time. Oh, and she can’t stand… at all.
Most Disappointing Line – DC Collectibles
I refer to the 3.75″ line. It might not have come out in 2014 (I don’t think?), but it disappointed me all the same.
Most anticipated 2015 – Hasbro Transformers Combiner Wars
Does Combiner Wars technically count? Well, Transformers in general is something I look forward to, but Combiner Wars is the current subline I’m looking forward to most.

Kenneth Yu
Best Action Figure – NECA’s 24″ Head-to-Tail Godzilla.
A true beast. He’s massive, he’s really good-looking, he’s got generous articulation, he’s got that awesome roar effect, and HE SCALES WITH THE PACIFIC RIM JAEGERS. Even better because he cost a fraction of what most mega-toys in this scale would cost from some other company.

Best Mecha/Vehicle – Hong Kong Battle / “Version 2” Gipsy Danger, from NECA’s Pacific Rim.
It’s a hell of an overhaul to one of my favourite mechs, with good articulation (that gets even better if you’re willing to do a small amount of cutting), a really solid sculpt, and THE FREAKIN BOAT-SWORD, GUYS!

Best Toyline – A tossup, between NECA’s Pacific Rim / Godzilla line, and DC Collectibles’ Action Figure offerings.
The main thing that I love about these two is that they show a dedication to improvement. They do it in different ways, but they’re all about kicking status-quo in the butt.

With NECA, it’s like watching your Naruto-esque friend realise his full martial arts potential. Last year, he was pretty good, but he still threw the occasional slow punch, like the 2013 Gipsy Danger- not horrible, but way below standard. So you complain, you call him out on it, and he listens. This year? Your buddy’s throwing out jumping spin-kicks and punch combos like he just put on a Rider Belt. New Gipsy Danger! New Knifehead! Awesome, fully articulated Godzilla! All the articulation, sculpting and paint apps you want– and at largely the same price!

DCC, on the other hand, is like one of the superhero stories they make toys of. The old guard’s dead– Mattel’s DCUC has given up. Just when you expect to run out of DC product, Collectibles swoops in with high-detail, high-articulation offerings like the Arkham Origins and Greg Capullo lines. They also filled gaps in collectors’ teams that Mattel never bothered to– here’s Red Hood, Jim Gordon, Solomon Grundy and Mr. Freeze. Here’s some B:TAS! The fact that they’ve delivered so much new stuff is impressive enough; the fact that they’re stepping into Mattel’s shoes with product that is definitively better is just astounding.

Best Toy (Not from 2014) – Voyager FoC Grimlock.
I gotta thank Albie for mentioning this one– he talked about upgrading his Grimlock with a bunch of upgrade parts, and I dusted off my ol’ Grimmy, and jumped onto eBay. The stock figure is mostly okay, but he really, REALLY shines once you slap the ZF-001, King KickButt and Iron Factory sets on him! (Technically, my vote here goes to the set of ZF-001, King Kickbutt, and the base Grimlock, if that’s allowable. I think the IF sets came out just this year.)

Toy of the Year (2014 only) – DC Collectibles Greg Capullo Batman.
I had real issues with its paint and the semi-limited articulation. But I saw this as 2014’s biggest fixer-upper toy. I like the base sculpt and articulation model, so a bit of paint, a bit of drilling, and a cloth cape turned this one into my canon / New 52 Batman. This turned into my Toy of the Year because it scratched a really old articulated-Batman itch, and because I was able to trick it out into something that’s going to headline my collection for years to come.

Most Surprising Toy/Line – Revoltech’s Assemble Borg Nexus.
I don’t think a lot of people are talking about this one, but it’s really impressed me. This is a soft-reboot of the Assemble Borg series, featuring improved proportions, better articulation, and the classic lego-esque customisation that characterised the line. You can make anything from a lightly-armored ninja-type swordsman, to a more SWAT-style tactical superhero, to a big, stomping weapons platform of a cyborg– all of them capable of taking nearly any pose. If you like coming up with anime/toku-esque hero designs of your own, or just have a soft spot for original licenses, go try out the new Assemble Borgs!

Most Disappointing Toy – SH MonsterArts’ Godzilla 2000.
I got burned bad but not because of any flaw in the design. Turns out that mine had a nasty QC issue, where the joint in his knee snapped right out of the box. I ended up having to just pick up a new one, because I love the MireGoji design. Quality Control seems like a general problem this year, though– I keep picking up loose joints, bad paint apps and broken pieces in nearly every toy line I collect, from NECA to DC Collectibles, to Figuarts, to even Hot Toys! I really, really hope this trend doesn’t continue, as it’s bad for my mental health!

Most Disappointing Line – I’m just gonna dump Mattel in here, and be done with it!
I know there are people who were fine with DCUC, but the lack of articulation and sculpting continues to burn, hot and painful in this DC fan’s chest. I want good, proper action figures of The Batman and his universe, and I’m not getting them from Mattel’s lazy lineup. Add to that the fact that DCUC just died, only to be replaced by a bunch of way-behind-industry-standard 3 3/4 figures from Multiverse, and the goofy, cartoonish Total Heroes figures. Maybe if it were 2004, Matty.

I’m throwing in a special worst-runner-up award to Play Arts Kai here, too. Never have I soured so quickly on a line– I actually started out picking up a ton of these, so I could display Adam Jensen, Dante, Cloud, Batman and Snake together– and then I realised that NONE of them scaled with each other. The scale problems have continued into this year, but prices have shot up, and QC has gone down pretty sharply. After 2 or 3 consecutive broken figures, I just gave up outright, and dropped the line.

Most Anticipated 2015 – I’m most excited for the indie stuff.
Vitruvian HACKS looks cool, as do the Marauder figures– but the real standout is Play With This Too. I don’t dig the name, but they’re showing off some really, really interesting product. Original/Homage designs, lots of articulation, customisation options, transforming weapons packs? I’m there. Backing on day ONE, son!

Erik Crosby
Best Action Figure: DC Collectibles Batman TAS Catwoman.

Best Mecha/Vehicle: NECA Ed-209.
I don’t own this yet but it looks amazing!

Best Toyline: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider.
Over the last year or so, this line (and property) has taken all of my time, money and shelf space. Going so far as to rival my first love MOTU.

Best Toy (Not from 2014): I’m gonna give it to Figuarts Green Ranger.
This honor could really go to all of the SHF MMPR figs. The anticipation leading up to their release was insurmountable for me and then having them in hand, super articulated and in my scale, I was elated. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun with an action figure in my life and still find myself looking for reasons to pull them out and play with them.

Toy Of The Year (2014 Only): Figuarts Kamen Rider Baron!
I don’t know exactly what it is but I find something about a Banana clad knight totally… APPEALing. 🙂

Most Surprising Toy/Line: Star Wars Black Darth Vader.
This figure had a lot going against it: #1. Soft goods. #2. Removable Helmet. #3. Walgreens. And despite these three obstacles, this figure overcame them and found it’s way into my collection.

Most Disappointing Toy: Masterpiece Grimlock.
Only because he was impossible to find, thus leaving me disappointed as I left every Toys R Us within driving distance empty handed.

Most Disappointing Line: Playmates All Red Comic TMNT figures
only due to the complete lack of wrist articulation!

Most Anticipated 2015: 3 way tie with MOTUC Lizard Man, Figma Solid Snake and Mezco Mortal Kombat figures!

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