Ep 063 – 17th February 2015: TOYFAIR 2015!

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
It’s Toyfair time! Fast tracked to YOU, here is our 2015 Toyfair Megasode!!!
3 and a bit hours of fun and lolz and thoughts on the SUPER exciting Toyfair we had this year. Have fun, folks! (Also, that’s a new episode everyday since Sunday! 😀 ENJOY!)

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Ep 63: TOYFAIR 2015!!
00:01:46.070 News – Sam
00:16:20.180 News – Stu
00:50:12.170 News – Kyle
01:41:50.050 News – Albie
02:18:52.160 News – Craig
03:03:43.060 Ending and Outro
03:06:29.230 Outtakes

Sam (Artistix)
Mattel MOTUC

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics at Toy Fair 2015

Mattel WWE

Stu (Octane)
Google Viewmaster

More Mega Bloks Pics from Toy Fair 2015

Funko Reaction/Legacy

Funko ReAction and Legacy Figures at Toy Fair 2015

Funko Everything else

Funko Pop! Vinyls, Fabrikations, Mystery Minis and Hikari and More at Toy Fair 2015

Funko Vinyl Sugar

Funko Vinyl Sugar at Toy Fair 2015

15 WTF things of Toyfair

Neca News

NECA Aliens and Predators at Toy Fair 2015

Flash Gordon

Toy Fair 2015 – Bif Bang Pow’s 3.75″ Flash Gordon Figures #TFNY

Jumbo DC Superpowers

Toy Fair 2015: Gentle Giant Jumbo Sizes The DC Universe

DC COllectable Animated

DC Collectibles Animated Series Batman at Toy Fair 2015

Jurassic park

Jurassic World Toys by Hasbro at Toy Fair 2015

Mentioned: BCS-01 Lonewolf
Mentioned: Minimus Ambus in chest


Power Rangers

Toy Fair 2015 – Legacy Power Rangers – Movie Figures, Black and Gold Legacy Megazord

Playmates TMNT

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Toy Fair 2015

Monster High
LEGO Scooby

LEGO Scooby Doo at Toy Fair 2015

Lego DC

LEGO DC Super Heroes at Toy Fair 2015

Lego Marvel

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at Toy Fair 2015

DC Collectables TV

DC Collectibles DC TV Series at Toy Fair 2015

DC Collectables DC Icons

DC Collectibles DC Icons Series at Toy Fair 2015

DC Arkham stuff

DC Collectibles Batman Arkham Series Figures at Toy Fair 2015

Heroes of the storm

NECA Heroes of the Storm and Little Big Planet at Toy Fair 2015

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Marvel 3 pack

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Target Exclusive 3-Pack Promo Images

Marvel Spider-man

Hasbro: Spider-Man Legends Infinite Series 2 Promo Images

ML Amazon 4 pack

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Avengers Movie Amazon Exclusive 4-Pack

ML Ant Man

Hasbro: Ant-Man Legends Infinite Promo Images

ML Avengers

Hasbro: Avengers Legends Infinite Series 3 Promo Images


Hasbro: Spider-Man Legends Infinite Chameleon Promo Images

Playarts Kai Marvel

Square Enix Play Arts Variant Marvel at Toy Fair 2015

Playarts Kai DC

Square Enix Play Arts Variant DC Comics at Toy Fair 2015

Playarts Kai Final Fantasy

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy and Metal Gear at Toy Fair 2015

Bluefin – Various

Bluefin Booth – Movie Realization, SH Monsterarts, SH Figuarts, FiguartsZero at Toy Fair 2015

More Bluefin

Bluefin Booth – Beast Kingdom, Pullip, Hero Cross at Toy Fair 2015

Hasbro Star Wars

Hasbro Star Wars at Toy Fair 2015

McFarlane Video Games

McFarlane Video Game, WWE and Other at Toy Fair 2015

McFarlane Walking Dead

McFarlane Video Game, WWE and Other at Toy Fair 2015

McFarlane Walking Dead at Toy Fair 2015

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