Halo Mega Bloks Series 8 Mystery Packs Found and CODES!

Could this be an exclusive news story?
The BRAND NEW Halo Mega Bloks Series 8 Mystery Packs have been found in Melbourne, Victoria! (Yes, down under in Australia!!!)

Albie here, and earlier today as I was shopping with Sami, we ran across the Series 8 figures in a local Coles Supermarket!

Here’s the list of figures in the assortment, followed by images of each figure (with code in view):
UNSC Spartan Operator Olive/Green (Common) – A08103MM
Promethean Crawler (Common) – A09103MM
UNSC Spartan Mark VI Purple (Common) – A16103MM
Covenant Storm Elite Red (Common) – A10103MM
UNSC Spartan HAZOP Orange (Common) – A07103MM
Promethean Watcher (Rare) – A14103MM
UNSC Spartan Air Assault Gold (Rare) – A15103MM
UNSC Spartan Soldier (Ultra Rare) – A11103MM