Ep 068 – 24th March 2015: Synchronised Singing

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Get ready for:
1) Epic attempts at synchronised singing
2) Epic failures at synchronised singing (outtakes)

Enjoy, kids.

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Ep 68: Synchronised Singing
00:12:08.170 Acquisitions – Albie
00:25:31.180 Acquisitions – Craig
00:50:50.030 Intermission
00:52:14.190 Listener Question 1 – Ivanhobe
01:06:50.000 Listener Question 2 – HY-DOJA
01:10:45.190 News – Stu
01:15:32.090 News – Albie
01:30:28.200 News – Craig
01:56:20.110 Ending and Outro
01:57:40.100 Outtakes

Masterpiece Star Saber

Craig (TheScreamMan)
ML Avengers wave 1
Ml Satana

Hello there, international men (and lady) of Repacking.

Here´s a question that is sure to drive some of you to despair: when it comes to collecting toys from any particular toy-line, collecting a set of things is usually a priority for a lot people (e.g. you just don´t buy a single Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), but due to a combination of high demand, low availability and the passing of the ages we are not always able to find all the pieces we need to complete our collection.

So, looking at all the Toys you own, what is the one Toy missing from your collection that you need to complete a full set and subsequently prevents you from finding true happiness? For the sake of entertaining your audience, you can mention more than one Toy (do it for us).

And because i know you were waiting for it…

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: If Toys were edible, which one do you think would be the most delicious one from your collection? You can add any condiments/accessories to improve the flavor if you wish.

Almost certainly not chewing his cellphone as he writes this, Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary

HI REPACKED, HY-DOJA here, longtime listener second time
emailer. as i’ve said before i am a 3,75 collector. mostly i buy hasbro brands, unfortunately these brands are dwindling down to happy
meal toys of late. This trend has forced me to look elsewhere for my
plastic crack. currently the only Hasbro toys i’m buying are MLP FIM minis. I figured if all hasbro is going to make is unarticulated toys then ponies are the only thing worth my money. (I know craig Marvel Legends are great but i was all in on Marvel universe and have no
desire to collect the line that killed MU.) I wanted to bring up
the HIYA TOYS Alien figures. they are in the 3,75 scale. The sculpts are really good and the articulation is rather nice. so far they have four different aliens, and now they’ve teased a power loader and colonial marines. I wanted to bring these up and see what you guys think. Hi Lacrox, Hi sammy, Hi albi, Hi paul(ultra prime),
Hi stew, and Hi kyle, TOYS AHOY and keep on repack’n. HY-DOJA

PS. shout out to Moose toys. Shopkins are awesome.

Skylander Easter
Nintendo Cell Games

Phil Reed interview w/Rik
Transformers Adventures new images!
FP Volar
FP SixKnight & G1 Chromedome
FP Sonicbomber?
PE Combiner Wars Menasor Add on set
Maketoys Hellfire

Craig (TheScreamMan)
SHF X’s Cruiser
SHF Trideron
Official Tamashii page for Tridoron:
SHF Drive Dead Heat
SHF Heart
SHF Avengers/Luke Skywalker
Bandai DX VF-27 grace/mass Production
Magazine scans

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