Ep 070 – 7th April 2015: Doin’ the Stu (Spongebob – he’s such a whore)

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Ep 70: Doin’ the Stu (Spongebob – he’s such a whore)
00:09:08.120 Acquisitions – Albie
00:20:09.010 Acquisitions – Kyle
00:25:25.160 Intermission
00:26:53.060 Listener Questions 1 – A message from Sith Training Land
00:35:53.100 Listener Questions 2 – Gianni Returns
00:56:04.020 News – Stu
01:06:35.110 News – Albie
01:31:19.230 News – Craig
01:47:31.090 News – Kyle
01:55:47.180 Ending and Outro
01:57:42.200 Outtakes

Bandai Stormtrooper kit
Black Series Speeder Bike & Biker Scout

Kyle Barker (Chewbarker)
Black Series Anakin Skywalker

Nikki’s letter
Dear Repacked,
With it being Year of the Combiner and all, if the Repacticons were a combiner what would your alt modes be? For example, I think Craig with his love of aircraft would transform into a fighter jet and a leg with a barely functioning ankle.


Hello Craig, this is Gianni (I assume you’re the one reading this since you’re the one who responded to my first email). I will start off by apologizing for sending this to the questions email address but I am unaware of where else I would send it, so i’ll put a question below this for the show but this part is just for you to read in response to what you guys talked about on the recent episode. I want to say thanks for talking so highly of my jammed question. Also I laughed a whole bunch at the “Gianni Meter” joke. In addition I wanted to address the semi confusion of my statement about the Transformers movies. Sorry that was my fault I didn’t word the question right. I know that you guys don’t draw actual hate from the movies I was trying to use the stereotype to convey what I was trying to get across by “joking” with it. Also i’m not going to lie, I may have squeed a little when you mentioned the possibility of talking to me on the show. Now I don’t know if you were just spit-balling ideas or actually serious but I would be totally cool talking to you guys on the show and answering the questions you guys had for me (never thought I would say that) if you actually want to set it up. Or if you want me to I can just send the answers in another email. So i’ll end this saying I am thankful and happy you got some enjoyment from my question. I’m not going to lie, I was a little glassy eyed by the time I finished listening to the episode. P.S. I like Ducktales.

Now for the part for the show. My question:
I think it is safe to say we all
give Hasbro a good amount of our money. However there is good reason for that.
The Marvel Legends line has been consistently putting out good figures and the
Transformers Generations Line is exploring the territory of combiners and
providing us with a great selection of characters from the brand’s history.
However Hasbro seems to have one glaring flaw across its’ lines. The Quality
Control. For me it has been hard to find Marvel Legends figures with better
than average paint applications. So much so that I don’t trust buying the
figures online and only buy them in the store after inspection. The past year
also saw many QC issues in the Transformers line. Whether it be exploding
Rattraps, Brainstorms with broken Headmaster gimmicks, or the loose Windblades
with red heels, Hasbro is not the most reliant company. And its a shame too as
in my opinion they produce the best toys in the mainline market. So my question
is do you think the QC issues are just being ignored by Hasbro or do you think
its a case like with Playmates where the factories screw them over and they
just go with it. I would hope Hasbro listens to the community and attempts to
improve the QC much like how DC Collectibles has been doing.

Mail Stu at: PO Bo 1323 helotes tx 78023

Stu (Octane)
Spongebob Minimates
MKX Plush
Hikari SW Celebration
Pops Vikings
POP! Sesame Street
Play-Doh! The Movie……….

Speederbike kit!?
Mentioned: Bandai astromechs
Kickstarter: Marauder Gun Runners 1:12 guns!!
CW cyclonus / Galvatronus images
Generations Megs add on
Craig’s favourite topic: MP scaled Perceptor
MMC loves my money: Overlord

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Marvel Legends Avengers 5 Pack
SH Figuarts official details and pics for:

Kyle Barker (Chewbarker)
Sideshow Jason Voorhees
IDW comics to do Star Trek/ Green Lantern Crossover
Figures Toy Company to do Mego Playset Reissues
Star Wars Celebration VII Exclusive Items from Gentle Giant

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