Ep 071 – 14th April 2015: A Handjob From Dolph Lundgren Would Probably Be Fatal

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
This week we had a very special guest in Greg, one of the founders of What’s On Joe Mind! As a nod and wink and high five to Greg, I made sure that the entire Joe-Con section has images that specifically relate back to the toys we were talking about 🙂 Just remember not to look at chapter images when driving, guys! This is it! Our JOECON coverage episode plus just this past week, Kyle came down and visited Sami and I (Albie) during Supanova Melbourne! We had a ball! 😀 Listen on and tell your friends about us!

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Ep 71: A Handjob From Dolph Lundgren Would Probably Be Fatal
00:19:07.050 Acquisitions – Greg
00:24:53.050 Acquisitions – Albie
00:29:23.230 Acquisitions – Albie & Craig
00:48:01.180 Acquisitions – Kyle
00:55:03.170 Acquisitions – Sam (Artistix)
00:59:16.110 Intermission
01:00:14.210 Listener Question – Christian: “A handjob from Dolph Lundgren would probably be fatal” (And Igadevil joins us!)
01:07:58.050 News – JOECON – 2packs
01:22:54.030 News – JOECON – 3 packs
01:33:37.110 News – JOECON – Vehicle Packs (regular release)
01:43:21.050 News – JOECON – SDCC Sets
01:50:23.020 News – JOECON – Club Panel
02:05:30.050 News – JOECON – Transformers x GI Joe Crossover
02:10:36.020 News – Craig
02:26:09.080 News – Sam (Artistix)
02:29:50.220 News – Kyle
02:39:12.200 News – Albie
02:47:22.090 Ending and Outro
02:50:45.170 Outtakes

GI Joe Sigma 6 Dragonhawk
FSS Topside

World of Nintendo Metroid

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Marvel Legends Thanos wave

Kyle Barker (Chewbarker)
Transformers Generations Legends Class Gears and Eclipse
NECA Alien Queen


From: Christian
Subject: A Handjob From Dolph Lundgren Would Probably Be Fatal
Hi guys; long time listener, first time caller 🙂
Kyle and Albie and Sammy recently babysat me through SupaNova in Melbourne and we had a great time.
While poking through the stalls we saw a few Rocky and Rambo figures, all in the now-universal NECA scale. This reminded me that Kyle has been recently taking different movie characters and modding them into Colonial Marines for his awesome ALIENS squad builder.

* Kyle can you talk us through how you’ve been taking movie stars and enlisting them for the USCM?
* What other movie characters would you like to convert, or at least see getting gutted on LV-426?
* How cool is the scale-accurate Alien Queen, that nearly got you shot and arrested at airport customs when she went through the x-ray?

– I’d like to shout-out to Albie and Sammy for being wonderful hosts to us and showing us the wonder of Flemington Kebabs and cobblestone streets.

Love the show guys; thanks for the laughs

– Christian

Craig (TheScreamMan)
-New GI joes!!!
– Collectors Club
– Case images
– Boss Fight Vitruvian HACKS pix from Joecon
Hot Toys Age of Ultron War Machine
Star Wars Rancor Box set
Figma news
Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear Gatchaman
Macross VF-2SS by Evolution Toys
bigger pics

October Toys Skeleton Warriors

Mezco Kotal Kahn teaser
Mezco Kitana teaser

Kyle Barker
ThinkGeek April Fools Joke 2015
Gillette and Stark Industries Join Together for a First of Its Kind Collaboration
Neca Alien Isolation preview
First Official Look at NECA Terminator Genisys Figures

Club Sub Tarantulas
TfCC Nova Prime
TfCC Packrat (Botcon)
TFCC Battletrap reveal
Unite Warriors Grand Scourge

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