Ep 075 – 12th May 2015: Two-Man-Show

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
So, I worked late today. But I also consumed a bag of concrete to harden up!!! How’s this for a quick turnaround dear listeners? This week, it’s just Kyle and I (Albie), and we’re bringing the news to you! As it was a shorter show this week, I made up for it by doing individualised chapter images for EACH NEWS STORY. 😉 Yep – you over there, I did it just for you. Anyhow, as usual I hope you enjoy the show and find our exploits amusing as we continue bringing you fun and toy news every week, right here on THE REPACKED PODCAST

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Chapter List
00:33:29.080 Intermission
00:34:47.180 News – Road Rage
00:37:54.150 Combiner Wars Starscream
00:39:53.020 Stormbringer Megatron
00:43:15.020 Sideshow Terminator Bust
00:45:30.120 Nonnef Signal Lancer – TreadshotA1 Design
00:47:32.140 Marvel Legends Upcoming Release Dates
00:52:11.150 MMC Turmoil
00:55:15.070 NECA Ripley Pre-packaging shots
00:57:38.060 MMC Strika
00:59:00.100 Mezco SDCC Sub-Zero Ice Clone
01:01:04.210 FansToys Stomp
01:02:35.010 Neca Commando John Matrix
01:06:41.210 Perfect Effect Star Saber Add On
01:08:35.060 MattyCollector SDCC exclusives
01:12:28.230 Revoltech X-wing & Delorean
01:15:07.170 LEGO Dimensions
01:18:09.090 Ending and Outro
01:19:38.130 Outtakes

Bandai Model Kit Vader


Slice of tasty pizza in hand close-up isolated on white
Slice of tasty pizza in hand close-up isolated on white

Hey guys,
After an ungodly amount of fruitless trips to Toy R Us, I was finally able to find the Marvel
Legends Infinite Spider-man Hobgoblin wave! As I neared the aisle I could make out Spider-Girl and a childlike glee took over me, but as I approached the pegs I noticed another person holding Spidey 2099 and Dare Devil. He was on the phone with someone asking them “are these the ones you needed?” and he listed off the other figures in the wave. For a brief moment I hesitated and questioned whether or not I should just grab them or ask if he was done looking at them. Thankfully, my better judgment took over and very calmly and respectfully, I grabbed the rest of the figures from the wave and started inspecting them. The other guy retreated to another isle (sadly with DD in hand), only to return a few minutes later to ask if I was going to buy all of them… I said “yeah, sorry.”

So, my question to you guys…

Would y’all have done the same or should I feel some sort of shame?

Also, I was planning on skipping the Pizza hand Spidey and just picking up the BAF part on Ebay, but I’m really glad I got him. For some reason I keep finding myself drawn to him and posing him.

(not sure if y’all mentioned this or not) What other Spider-man legends figures share the Pizza hand spidey’s mold?


Eric Crosby
Host at Turtle Soup Podcast
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From: KING
Dear Repacked,
What are some grails that you HAVE gotten and how did you get them?
For instance, MP01 and Armada Unicron came out before I started collecting and I’ve wanted them for years, but was unable to find or unwilling to pay the aftermarket prices for them. I finally got them with MP04 and the re-issue of Unicron. These two were among my only TRUE grails.
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Dear Repacked,
How much of “The Hunt” do you still partake in?
I used to work in the middle of the city where all the big malls and retailers were. I was good enough at my job that I had plenty of free time, so I spent an hour or two almost every day, passing through all the toy stores. I considered this as part of the hobby.
Nowadays, I usually just order what I want online and barely browse the online store’s selection unless it’s to find something for combined shipping.
I kind of miss being in “The Hunt”. How integral do you think “The Hunt” is to the enjoyment of the hobby or is that just me?
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Albie: Road Rage x Tracks Comparisons?
More colour pics
Kyle: CW Starscream…With CROWN!?
Albie: Stormbringer Megatron finally coming out shortly
Kyle: Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Life Size Bust by Sideshow
Albie: Nonnef Signal Lancer – designed by TreadshotA1
Kyle: Tentative Release Dates for Remaining Marvel Legends 2015
Albie: MMC Prototype Turmoil
Mentioned: tfwiki article
Kyle: Aliens Ripley Prototype with Packaging Layout
Albie: MMC BM Strika
Kyle: Mezco SDCC 2015 Exclusive Mortal Kombat X Ice Clone Sub-Zero
Albie: Fanstoys Stomp Alt Movie head HAHAHAHAHAH.
Kyle: NECA Ultimate Commando John Matrix Update
Albie: Perfect Effect Star Saber Upgrade kit
Kyle: MattyCollector Begins Revealing SDCC 2015 Exclusives – Ghostbusters and MOTU
Albie: Revoltech X-wing
Kyle: Portal, Doctor Who, The Simpsons and more confirmed for Lego Dimensions

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