Repacked Best of the Year 2013, coming in January 2014

Hi there Listeners, Craig here.

So back when we recorded The Fwooshcast we did a ‘Best Of’ every year, and we will be continuing that into the new series here! We record these shows in January, since a lot of toys hit right at the end of December and deserve to be counted. So sometime around then we will record the show, but before we do, we’d like you input!
Shoot us a message in the comments below, or send an email to and tell us your best of’s!

The categories are:

Best Action figure
Best Mecha/Vehicle
Best Toyline
Best Toy (Not from 2013)
Best Toy (2013 only)
Most Surprising Toy or Line
Most Disappointing toy
Most Disappointing Line
Most anticipated 2014

We’ll let you know the recording date once we have it set, and I look forward to reading your answers!

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