EPISODE 100 – Night of a Hundred Craigzillas

The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
SO. HOURS of recording, HOURS of editing and finally ladies and gents, we bring you episode 100 of The Repacked Podcast.
First half was a retrospective for all present and the second half was the AWESOME listener call in section.

Thanks so much for joining us guys. I had an amazing time. Hope you guys chuckle as hard as we did. Thank you as well for helping us reach #200by100!
We put as much into the show as we do ONLY for you guys. Thank you for giving us a reason to be.
Also, enjoy the intermission … #sorrynotsorry 😉 You’ll get it when you get there kids. Thank you once more for the last ONE HUNDRED episodes. Here’s to the future.

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00:00:00.000 Intro – Episode ONE HUNDRED
00:05:09.130 100 Episodes: A Retrospective (by Igadevil)
00:15:15.190 100 Episodes: A Retrospective (by Kyle)
00:18:36.030 100 Episodes: A Retrospective (by Andy)
00:26:10.180 100 Episodes: A Retrospective (by Vince)
00:31:22.160 A Rewatched Retrospective
00:34:03.160 Acquisitions – Andy
00:52:59.220 Acquisitions – Kyle
00:59:30.150 Acquisitions – Vince
01:06:48.040 Acquisitions – Craig
01:13:27.160 Acquisitions – Paul
01:22:05.140 Intermission (this one’s for you Vince!)
01:23:12.130 Albie Says: #sorrynotsorry
01:25:38.060 Part 2 of Episode 100
01:29:47.010 Listener Call In #1 – Joel
01:43:30.180 Further reflections on the past 100 (and some acquisitions)
01:51:07.190 Listener Call In #2 – Kenneth
01:59:37.040 Listener Call In #3 – Branden & Kenneth Double Team it up!
02:17:50.190 Listener Call In #4 Ivanhobe
02:32:53.060 Listener Call In #5 – Manny
02:46:46.090 Listener Call In #6 – Gabe
03:02:32.000 Listener Call In #7 – Eric
03:15:07.080 FREESTYLIN’ while waiting for Eugene
03:27:40.080 Listener Call In #8 – Eugene
03:42:00.050 Ending and Outro

Arkham Origins 3 pack
Matty 1985 Sale
Giant Skeletor and He-Man
Total Heroes Batman Beyond (deluxe)
Battle Ram – Man at Arms (pics in DropBox)

NECA Aliens Ripley and Bishop

Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus
S.H. Figuarts War Machine MK-II

Transformers Prime Ratchet
http://www.bwtf.com/toyreviews/prime/ratchet/ttTransformers Prime Hot Shot

SHF Kamen Rider Proto-Drive

2 thoughts on “EPISODE 100 – Night of a Hundred Craigzillas

  1. guys its been a great time listening to all the episodes while there were some ups and downs for me i just want to say keep it going on guys

  2. I wanted to thank you for letting me join the recording. It was a lot of fun. I just found out what drop bears are. Lols. I’ll make sure to warn my sister about them. Keep up the good work Repacktobots and Repackticons.

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