Special 001 – Best of 2013 – January 25th 2014

The Repacked Podcast is a NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.

It’s here at last! Join the whole crew as we recap the year that was 2013!!!
To avoid spoiling our choices, we’ll be updating this blog post with our full lists a few days after the ep has gone up 🙂 Enjoy and as always, leave us feedback as we love hearing from you 🙂
Also, a special thank you for everyone who wrote in with their lists. (Next time though, read the rules! ahhahahaha!) -Albs

From Andrew George:
Hi folks,

Feel free to skip my reasoning in each area if read on air for time purposes.
Best Action figure – S.H. Figuarts Deluknight
A great figure of a very fun character. The toy has great articulation even by Figuarts standards and it is hard to find a pose he doesn’t look good in.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – S.H. Monsterarts Millennium Mecha Godzilla (Kiryu)
Amazing sculpting and articulation, lots of display options with detachable backpack and arm mounted cannons, it even has a hidden chest cannon and leg thrusters that pop out of hidden compartments.
Best Toyline – Transformers Masterpiece
Nuff said.
Best Toy (Not from 2013) – RIOBOT Gurren Lagann
For my money the best representation of Gurren Lagann in plastic form. I picked him up on a trip to Tokyo this past November.
Best Toy (2013 only) – MP 17 Masterpiece Prowl
Elegant car mode, an expressive robot mode with tons of well implemented articulation, and a fantastic and fun transformation. (Honorable mention goes to Generations Springer, I was considering putting him here but I hear a lot of people had QC issues with him even though mine was fine).
Most Surprising Toy or Line – Return of Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends picked up their game this year with what few releases they had. The newly incorporated ankle joint does a lot to increase the poseabilty of their figures.
Most Disappointing toy – The Bridge Direct 6” Azog from the Hobbit
Mushy sculpt, limited and poorly planned articulation, and lazy paint…
Most Disappointing Line – NECA Pacific Rim
Not awful but considering how much I enjoyed the movie and robo/monster designs this line leaves much to be desired with figures that could easily incorporate better articulation and more accurate paint apps.
Most anticipated 2014 – Anything Mastermind Creations puts out.

Thanks and have a merry Christmas and happy holidays.
From King
Dear Repacked,

Here are my “Best of”s of 2013. It’s been a dry year for me, as I’ve been away from my apartment for most of it. In fact, I got a bunch of toys I haven’t even got to open up yet. But anyways…
Best Action Figure: Bandai (Japan)’s MonsterArts King “effin'” Kong. This is pretty much THE gorilla toy insofar as I’m aware. Ook!
Best Mecha/Vehicle: Hasbro’s Transformers Thrilling Thirty Titan Class Metroplex (I got the Hong Kong one).
Best Toyline: Hasbro’s Transformers Cyberverse Commanders (BECAUSE of Hasbro’s Transformers Thrilling Thirty Titan Class Metroplex).
Best Toy (Not from 2013): Due to my current circumstances, I ain’t got nuthin’ from here personally. But check out Bandai (Japan)’s Robot Damashii Dann of Thursday. He’s cheap on… that site (around 1500 yen). Shh, don’t tell anyone.
Best Toy (2013 only): Due to my current circumstance, I can’t objectively say, because mine are all still in their frikkin’ boxes.
Most Surprising Toy or Line: Mattel’s Man of Steel Movie Masters General Zod. You may have noticed from my past comments or questions that I don’t regard Mattel’s treatment of DC very warmly. But Zod genuinely surprised me by being as good as a Mattel DCUC could be. His face sculpt’s fantastic and his articulation is almost passable.
Special mention goes to Hasbro’s Construct Bots. Who are pretty darn fun.
Most Disappointing Toy: MakeToys’ Paladin Chaos. I got a first run with QC problems. The right pectorals are stuck and I still can’t get ’em to work.
Special mention to Underground Toy’s 3.75″ Eleventh Doctor, for the derpy eyes and the face that looks almost, but not at all, like Matt Smith’s.
Most Disappointing Line: Mattel’s Man of Steel.
Most Anticipated of 2014: Like a victim of spousal abuse, I still want to give Matty another chance. I’m looking forward to Mattel’s new/upcoming line of 4″ figures, which promises to give us the opposite of Christopher Walken and the Real Slim ZOOOOOODdy. This will probably be my Most Disappointing Toy/Line of 2014.

From Vince/TypeV3
Hello Fantastic People!

First off, congrats on the launch of your new podcast! I’ve only started listening to the previous show since the tail end of the this summer and was pretty sad to hear you guys were bringing the Fwooshcast to an end. But now you’re back and that’s great!

I figured I’d toss in my thoughts for your Best Of’s. Now because I’m still a relatively new listener and I’ve never heard your past Best Of’s episodes, I was unsure of how much to list. So apologies now if it’s too long.

Anyways, hope you find my picks interesting and keep on being awesome everyone! 🙂

aka TYPEV3
Best Action Figure:
S.H. Figuarts War Machine
I’ve always been a firm believer that when it comes to action figures, there are are none greater than SHFiguarts and War Machine is the pinnacle of what the toy line has to offer. It’s just gorgeous to look at, has insane articulation with diecast feet, neat gimmicks like the movable flaps/cannon and packed with accessories. An included display stand would make the package perfect but otherwise this is the benchmark that all action figures should follow.
Best Mecha/Vehicle:
Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl (or any of the Datsuns)
As far as Transformers are concerned, this was the best one released this year. Both modes are gorgeous, especially the vehicle. Transformation is sublime and overall just super fun. Also, the ¥5000 price tag makes it very affordable.
Best Toyline:
S.H. Figuarts
This year SHFiguarts really stole my heart by tackling franchises that really meant a lot to be as a kid – namely Sailor Moon and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. They are the toys I’ve been waiting 20 years for. They also had special releases such as Iron Man, War Machine and Daft Punk. Not to mention all the other great Toku goodness too! Easily the toyline that I spent the most amount of money on this year.
Best Toy (Not from 2013):
Robot Spirits (Damashii) -SIDE EVA- Evangelion 01 (Initial release, April 2010)
This is one of the best action figures I own to date. Easily the most poseable 6″ toy I have and can pull off some amazing balancing acts. it comes with almost too many accessories and at $35 it puts a lot of more expensive toys to shame.
Best Toy (2013 only):
Arcadia VF-1S Roy Focker Special Movie ver.
An engineering Masterpiece, almost lifelike in appearance and arguably one of the most iconic robots rivaling only the Gundam RX-78-2 and Mazinger Z. A true gem in toy collecting and a toy every collector needs to own.
Most Surprising Toy or Line:
Super Robot Chogokin (toyline)
This toyline originally started out as a budget alternative to Bandai’s more premium Soul of Chogokin toyline. Early on it was basically just filled with Mazinger Z characters and Sentai robots. However, in 2013 they took a shift and appealed to more modern Super Robot fans. We got characters like Gurren Lagann, Gunbuster, Shin Getter-1, Mazinkaiser and even the entire side cast of GaoGaiGar along with the Big Order Room. Can’t wait to see what we’ll get in 2014.
Most Disappointing Toy:
D-Arts Mewtwo (and to a greater extent all the D-Arts Pokemon figures)
The thought of articulated Pokemon figures was all too exciting and I wanted nothing more than for this toy to be great. Well it wasn’t. Despite having a somewhat human body, articulation was severely limited. The toy couldn’t even stand because of how heavy its tail was. Accessories were an afterthought and despite having a cool display stand, it actually couldn’t support Mewtwo. Don’t even get me started on Venesaur, Charizard and Blastoise.
Most Disappointing Line:
NECA 7″ Pacific Rim
What a hot piece of shit.
Most Anticipated 2014:
Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar
Fully transformable, diecast figure of the King of Braves?! This one is going to be epic.
From Eugene
Hi Repacked,

I didn’t have toys one for every list so I skipped a few categories. I hope this makes it before you record the episode.
Best Toy Line
Monster High – While I was able to pick and choose from other toy lines, the completionist in me could not resist all the creative variations Monster High offered in 2013. It’s not as unique or creative as previous years but it’s still enough to keep be hooked and buying. I bought more Monster High this in 2013 compared to other toy lines I collect.
Best Toy (Not from 2013)
Transformers United Stepper and Artfire – These two perfectly represent what I like about Transformers “Classics;” modern toys that are throwbacks to vintage Transformers. The mold choice made sense, colors are spot on and making them true Target Masters is icing on the cake. I thank the sun, moon and stars for aligning to make this pair possible.
Best Toy (2013 only)
Transformers Generations Voyager Springer – I never thought it would happen until it was revealed and I couldn’t have been more surprised and happy. It’s a great modern take on Springer, a true Triple Changer, a great toy, and at $20 – $30; it’s great bang for your buck.
Most Disappointing Toy
Final Strike Wizard Ring from Kamen Rider Wizard DX Wizard Ring Cho Magic Battle Set – After having the Special Rush Wizard Ring for some time and knowing how awesome it is, I was really looking forward to the Final Strike Wizard Ring since the design made it seem like an upgrade to Special Rush. I was really disappointed when I scanned it and only heard attack noises. I was really hoping it’ll call out all the forms like Special Rush did plus add Infinity since that’s what the ring’s design suggests. It was a real let down.
Most Disappointing Line
Kamen Rider Wizard S.H. Figuarts – Bad proportions and hard to get expensive exclusives really killed this line for me. After backtracking and collecting Fourze and OOO S.H. Figuarts, I was really looking forward to these but after getting Flame Style, I was so let down that I didn’t get any more from the line. This line could really use renewal versions someday.
Most anticipated 2014
Transformers Generations – More Transformers “Classics” toys can only be a good thing and I’m still hoping a Transformers Animated toy or two get squeezed into the line since Animated is my Transformers.
From Alex/Count Frakula
Hi Guys,

Hopefully this is in time for the podcast. Please see the list below…
Best Action figure – S.H. Kamen Rider Abyss. There is just something about it that I really enjoy.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Robot Damashii Aries. It only took Bandai almost 20 years to make an Aries, but it was worth the wait.
Best Toyline – S.H. Figuarts. So many great figures.
Best Toy (Not from 2013) – D-Arts Vile. It a robot that comes with a tiny glass of booze. Nuff said.
Best Toy (2013 only) – Masterpiece Soundwave. Because Soundwave.
Most Surprising Toy or Line – D-Arts Elizabeth. Wasn’t going to pick her up initially, so glad I did. There is just something about her. Plus she is in perfect scale with the Persona 4 Figmas.
Most Disappointing toy – Robot Damashii ZZ Gundam. or S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Wizard.
Most Disappointing Line – Star Wars Black 6″. I was excited at the prospect of these, but once I had them in hand they just didn’t do anything for me.
Most anticipated 2014 – S.H. Figuarts Kyoryugers (all of them). I hope they make a Carnival so we can get a mini minityra. And Sideshow Collectables Snake Plisskin.
Honourable Mentions – Figma Cobra and Lady. Figuarts Medusa and Blade. Masterpiece Prowl and Sideshow Major Bludd.

Keep up the good work with the podcast. It makes commuting more bearable.

Alex from London.

aka Count Frakula.

p.s. Toys Ahoy, or something!
From Sam (the third)/Straightedgehe-man
Hey guys Sam here aka Straightedgehe-man and here’s my best of 2013 list

Best Action figure: MOTUC King He-Man, Ultimate Storm shadow close 2nd
Best Mecha/Vehicle: GI Joe Eagle Hawk is the best vehicle, if Transformers count as mechs then MP Soundwave was the best mech
Best Toyline: MOTUC
Best Toy (Not from 2013): assuming this means something I bought in 2013 that is old, I’ll go with the GI Joe Matt Tracker
Best Toy (2013 only): Castle Grayskull
Most Surprising Toy or Line: Neca Predator (Arnold Swarzenegger/Dutch figures more specifically)
Most Disappointing toy: MOTUC Fighting Foe Men 3pack. I still like them but the colors could have possibly been better and I would have rather it been all guys instead of 2 guys and one female
Most Disappointing Line: Man of Steel or any of the movie inspired lines besides GI Joe
Most anticipated 2014: Neca Planet of the Apes (original movies)
From Daniel LeBlanc
My list goes as follows

Top 10 figures for me of 2013
10. D-Arts charizard
9.SHF Kamen Rider Blade
8. Star Wars black boba fett
7. Robot spirits -shenlong
6. SHF Dbz krillin
5. D-Arts Mega Man final form
4. Hot toys black widow
3. TFMP soundwave
2. SHF sailor moon
1. SHF MMPR Green Ranger

‘great show keep up the good work… Craig thanks for pointing me in other good podcast directions like pre order 66 and the few questions you have answered for me about figuarts on twitter when i first started collecting SHF

Danny aka leblanc116 on twitter/IG/YOUTUBE
From Peter/AliasAngelAlias
Hi Craig and everyone in Repacked:

I just wanted to share with you my best 2013 toy list.
This is not really for your show but just for you to and your crew to enjoy~
Including photos. Great shows guys!

Cheers, Peter AliasAngelAlias

Welcome to the Triple A’s “TOP 15 TOYS of 2013.” Why 15 toys and not top 10??

(1) I want to be different
(2) My interest is very diverse to keep it down to ten

It was certainly a wonderful year of collecting. 2013 has some of the most exciting collectibles from all toy franchises. Companies such as Good Smile Company, Bandai Japan, Takara Tomy, Hasbro and other popular brands. The toys you see in this picture were once opened but due to lack of storage space, I had to put them back inside the box. Plus I’m too lazy to take them all out and pose them for this picture. Enough blabbering, let’s get on to my list. This top 15 list of toys are not in any order, however; I will announce the best toy of the year at the end of this list.

AliasAngelAlias TOP 15 TOYS of 2013 as follow:

* Good Smile Company – Figma Kirito
* Good Smile Company – Figma Asuna
* Bandai S.H. Figuarts – Sailor Moon
* Bandai Tamashii S.H. Figuarts – Kamen Rider V3
* Bandai Robot Spirit RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Destory Mode
* Bandai Robot Spirit MSN-06S Sinanju
* Bandai Super Robot Chogokin – Grendizer
* Bandai Super Robot Chogokin – Shin Getter 1
* Bandai Super Robot Chogokin – Mazinkaiser
* Takara Tomy Transformers Mission GT-R Megatron
* Takara Tomy Transfomers MP-13 Soundwave
* Mega Bloks Call of Duty 06822 Heavy Armor Outpost
* Hasbro SDCC Exclusive Titan Class – Metroplex
* Hasbro Black Series 6” Han Solo
* Hasbro Black Series 6” Boba Fett

“The Top Toy of 2013” in AliasAngelAlias list is… (drum rolls please)…
Winner goes to Hasbro SDCC Exclusive Titan Class Metroplex! Congratulation Hasbro! Metroplex is one of my favorite Transformers G1 character in the 80s. He really holds dear to my heart and when Hasbro going to release a update version with over two feet tall, lights & sounds, transform in three modes, and comes with Scamper… I simply can’t stop talking how bad I want it. He is not only a big robot, he is also a huge play-set too “How epic”! Metroplex reminder me of the “Big Millennium Falcon play-set, which I had a few years back and that piece is still one of my favorite toys to date. When Hasbro announced Metroplex will get the chrome treatment in the SDCC version, I Must Have That!! How many action figure in your collection that is over 2 feet tall, that can transform into a play-set and in bot mode with over 30 points of articulations? Winner of 2013 Awesome toy of the year goes to Titan Class Metroplex! Very special thanks to Mr. Slick McFav & Mrs. McFav for their help in obtaining this BEST toy of 2013 for me! You guys rock! (please note this list is only an opinion from AliasAngelAlias)


2 thoughts on “Special 001 – Best of 2013 – January 25th 2014

  1. A quick note in regards to my response for “Best Toy of 2013 Only”; I’m not a misb guy for the most part, but my circumstance was that I wasn’t home for most of 2013. The rare occasions I was home, I didn’t have time to open up ALL the toys I bought.

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