repacked podcast 116

Ep 116A – 8th March 2016: Cranky Old Van

This week the gestalt trio of Kyalince say eeeewwwww at the latest Gundam, Vince ain’t afraid of no Ghost, Albie doesn’t like the diaper on his old van man, but is anything but blue at his latest Transformers acquisition streak. Kyle needs cannon fodder for his Fortrex and condones back mounted rocket launchers for kids.


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00:00:00 Intro
00:06:30 Acquisitions VINCE
00:11:50 Acquisitions ALBIE + VINCE
00:25:30 Acquisitions KYLE
00:36:20 Listener Question -IVANHOBE
00:46:40 BONUS CRACK Question – IVANHOBE
00:50:40 Outro




1:144 RG Wing Gundam EW

1:144 RG Wing Gundam EW

LEGO Microfighters Ghost

LEGO Microfighters Ghost

Vince + Albie
MP Ironhide
MP Ironhide

MP-18B BlueBluestreakMP-18B BlueBluestreak

MP-18B BlueBluestreak


Lego Nexo Knights- Chaos Catapult

Lego Nexo Knights- Chaos Catapult

Lego Nexo Knights- Knighton Battle Blaster

Lego Nexo Knights- Knighton Battle Blaster

Lego Nexo Knights- Ultimate Robin

Lego Nexo Knights- Ultimate Robin



From Ivanhobe:

Hello there, Earth Mightiest Repackers.

Hey, did you know that toy companies sometimes produce cartoon shows just to sell toys? It’s true! I couldn’t believe it at first but it turns out that there’s even an old cartoon about cars that transform into robots and fight communism that the kids really love. On that note, which are the toys that, in your opinion, made the best translation from the TV screen to the toy shelf? And which are some of the worst? You can choose any toy from the past, present or even the future!!!

And because I never know when to stop…


If due to some evil conspiracy that probably involved Hasbro you were falsely accused of committing an unspeakable crime like killing the president’s dog or something, which Toy from your collection would you choose to be your defense attorney and clear you of all charges?

Definitely not living under a man-made rock, Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary Fanboy.

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