Ep 120A – 5th April 2016: Bust a Cap


Kyle and Craig run the show Solo tonight, with some Lenny N Falcon talk. Then, Craig gets a little Misty and Kyle makes Spider-Man’s greatest enemy even tougher! Plus a listener question in which we unravel our Great Toy Teams Ever! All this and more on this week’s show!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:05:48 Acquisitions CRAIG
00:23:47 Acquisitions KYLE
00:40:00 Listener Question
00:48:45 Outro


Craig (TheScreamMan)

Marvel Legends Rescue

Marvel Legends Misty Knight

Transformers CW Onslaught


Transformers Combiner Wars- Sky Lynx

kyle1 kyle3
Star Wars Black Series Jango fett


From armorjay2

Hey there Masters of the Repackediverse,
It’s Psychosilver here, wanting to clear up some things. On episode 114 you brought up the deadpool/daredevil mess up. I wasn’t too stressed over it, I’m easy going. I just assumed I made a mistake (though you have messed up on a few of my emails, I figured that I just word my sentences strangely).

Also, you guys were wondering what I meant when I said that I had QC issues with my ML hulk buster. The ab joint was either frozen or impossibly tough to move so he is always looking to the left slightly.  I did slight research and found out that other had a similar issue.


You have inexplicably become the main character in a battle manga, and to defeat the forces of evil and become the strongest there is you must assemble a team. What is your four to five man crew of varied abilities from your collection would you choose to join you on your journey?

Also: While i do not mind the new format for the show, i wait for both episodes to come out. Because I prefer the longer conversation that you guys have during my 9 hours at work.

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