Ep 010 – February 11th 2014 – IT COMES WITH CUSHIONS!!!

The Repacked Podcast is a NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Winter Wonderfest chat timez! Yes, ladies and gentlemen – we may have just posted our quick New York Toy Fair mini episode, but here we are again covering the OTHER big news this past week! Squiz through the show notes and marvel at our epic reactions, excitement and discussion over what’s coming in the (near?) future from the land of the rising sun! Of course, Nikk, Stu and Sam cover us for western news too! Enjoy, folks!

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Albie – 00:05:35.000
MonsterArts Alien Warrior
Ultra act Father of Ultra
Fansproject Diesel

Paul (Igadevil) – 00:17:33.000
AC08 Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin Melon Energy Arms

Sam (Artistix) – 00:23:09.020
Marvel Legends Black Cat

Craig (TheScreamMan) – 00:24:29.160
Marvel Legends Wolverine
Marvel Legends Cyclops
Marvel Legends Emma Frost
For comparison: Original Hasbro Emma Frost

Intermission – 00:32:29.230

From: Eugene, Toys Most Wanted – 00:34:35.150
Hi Repacked,

Mid-last year, my sister and I imported a Kamen Rider Wizard Merry Christmas Magic Ring from Japan. After middleman fees and shipping, it cost us $38 USD. Then this past December at a local toy convention, we found and bought the same toy for only $1.50. It was an incredible convention find that kind of made us wish we didn’t buy the first one.
Has something like this happened to you? Have you ever bought a toy at a huge mark-up only to find it later for a bargain? Which toy had the biggest difference in price from the first and second time you bought it?

Hi Craig,

Could you guys do a shout out to my friend Jingo and his 8 week old daughter Jaina? Jingo is a collector of sci-fi and fantasy “things,” a big fan of Star Wars and also a first time father. I told him about you and your daughter, and how baby stories sometimes sneak into the episodes. I made him listen to episode 6 and he found Nikki’s thoughts on babies interesting. I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of getting a shout out from you guys.

Also, when I mentioned to him that your daughter’s name is Amelia and that you’re a Star Wars fan, he immediately told me the story of Allana Solo. ^.^

Thanks you for the weekly news and entertainment guys, and happy recording.

From: -Andrew George – 00:41:45.180
@AdmiralTurtle on twitter
Hey Repacked,
I’ve got a few questions for you. Feel free to summarize if you use any of this message on the show.
1) Do you think the release schedule and availability of toys could be one of the attributing factors for the decline of toy sales in Western markets?
Toys and action figures tend to have very loose release dates unlike other consumer goods such as movies, video games, or books. With other media you can be sure of the exact day when a specific product will be released and with rare exceptions you can be assured you can find it at local stores; while with toys we tend to get vague release dates such as “March” or “Second Quarter” and even then when toys are released it can be a crapshoot trying to find what you want.
2) Has Paul had a chance to go the Kamen Rider Diner in Ikebukuro, Tokyo? My girlfriend and I found it by chance during our trip to Tokyo last November and it was pretty amazing. They have a Shocker throne you can sit on with a cape they give you for pictures and the food wasn’t half bad.
3) Lastly, not really a question but I wanted to thank Stuart for giving the heads up on the Slug Zombies mini figures. They are super fun to paint up.
Thanks guys and keep up the great podcast.

Nikki (Lacrox) – 00:47:38.210
Aurora expanding MLP Plushies Line to 35 Designs
Possible Funko MLP Leaks (APPLEJACK HAS A HAT)
10_News - Lacrox - NotMorphinTime
Saban skipping Gobusters jumping right to Kyoryuger, Power Rangers Dino Charge – 00:51:25.120
Beast Wars Voice Actor Campbell Lane (Rampage) Passes Away 00:53:05.210
Botcon First Reveal Cannonball (Prime Ratchet Remold) – 00:54:21.100
Takara Tomy Mega Drive Megatron – 00:55:52.200
US Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Sunstorm (Still no Starscream)- 00:59:12.020
Leader Jetfire Leaked – 01:00:58.030

Craig (TheScreamMan) – 01:07:21.190
WONDERFEST – Arcadia/Art Storm
Mentioned: Star Emperor Unicron 3rd Party head

WONDERFEST – Figma – 01:17:26.100
Mentioned: Kantai Collection
Figma Part 2 – 01:28:24.120
WONDERFEST – Medicom – 01:33:56.230
WONDERFEST – Takara Tomy – 01:40:47.140
WONDERFEST – ThreeZero – 01:43:35.080

Stu (Octane) – 01:46:37.150
Funko/Super 7 ReAction Initial Lineup/release schedule
List on Entertainment Earth
Funko Game of Thrones Figures
Sonic Jazwares Cancellation Rouge the Bat
Sega unveils new Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise, Sonic Boom
Interesting sales numbers Hasbro

Paul (Igadevil) – 02:01:02.030
Mentioned: Bishoujo Freddy and Jason (ferreal!)

Sam (Artistix) – 02:22:51.150
The Unnamed One

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