135 – July 19th “Two Tickets to Paradise” (TFCON Special)

In this week’s special TFCON show, the entire crew gather around to discuss all the big announcements revealed at the Third Party Panel. Also, Star Wars Celebration happened too and we highlight some of the new toy reveals there as well. 

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00:00:00 Intro
00:04:43 Maketoys Secret Event
00:08:31 Maketoys MTRM-08 Despotron
00:11:00 Maketoys Cross Dimension Striker Manus
00:12:55 Maketoys Re:Master Contact Shot
00:15:20 TFCON Events
00:23:38 Andy’s TFCON Haul – XTransbots Arkose
00:27:32 Vince’s TFCON Haul – WeiJiang Evasion Optimus Prime
00:31:03 Vince’s TFCON Haul – Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime Reprolabels
00:34:20 Third Party Panel: Planet X Trypticon
00:38:43 Third Party Panel: MMC Reformatted Not-Rodimus MTMTE ver.
00:44:42 Third Party Panel: Fanstoys Lupus (Weirdwolf)
00:50:14 Third Party Panel: Fanstoys Phoenix (Jetfire)
00:53:43 Third Party Panel: Ocular Max Trailer Breaker
01:00:44 Third Party Panel: MMC Not-IDW Whirl
01:03:29 Third Party Panel: Geratron Galaxy Demolisher
01:07:30 Third Party Panel: Geratron Thunderstorm
01:09:30 Third Party Panel: ToyWorld MP Arcee
01:13:21 Third Party Panel: MMC Reformatted Anubis (Death’s Head)
01:15:42 Third Party Panel: ToyWorld Cosmos
01:18:26 Star Wars Celebration – Star Wars Movie Realization
01:21:58 Star Wars Celebration – Star Wars Black Series
01:28:59 NEWS: Soul of Chogokin VOLTRON
01:34:05 Outro

Andy & Vince’s TFCON Haul

51R6dUqba9L for-titans-ret arkose-06

TFCON 3rd Party Reveals




Star Wars Celebration – Star Wars Black Series



Star Wars Celebration – Star Wars Movie Realization



Soul of Chogokin Voltron



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