140 – August 16th 2016 “Magic Lolita”

In this week episode Kyle, Vince and Sal butt Hardheads, Sal shows off his new Parker, and Andy regales us with tales of Boston Comic-con. In the news Andy springs into action, Kyle skips a wave, Vince finds his latest Soul to collect, and SAL IN SPACE!




Marvel Legends Punisher

Transformers Legends Hardhead


vince1 vince2Transformers Titans Returns Furos & Hardhead


sal1Marvel Legends Ultimate Spidey (Peter Parker)


Marvel Legends 12” Iron Man


andy1 andy2 Boston Comic Con Acquisitions of ML Misty Night & ML Mercenaries Scourge

IMG_3366Combiner Wars Victorion

Listener Question from Brandon:

HEY guys, still loving the show. I should mention that I don’t have any collector buddies, so (hopefully not creepy) I consider you guys as my collecting buddies.
I also want to thank you for taking my questions, even though our interests are vastly different. I really enjoy all of your input and points of view. I find I trap myself into specific scales but listening to all of your opinions helps me to consider other ideas so thank you all for that.

Also last time i wrote i was dealing with a lack of new and your suggestions really helped. In fact, I started customizing again and I thought of a segment for the show. A showcase for custom figures from listeners and you the hosts, maybe like once a month. You could call it RE-IMAGINED.

Anyway talk to you next week.



andynews01Unique Toys Reveals Allen Masterpiece Scale Springer Homage


Marvel Legends Full Doctor Strange Movie Wave


vincenews1Real Grade Build Strike Revealed

vincenews2Soul of Chogokin Power Rangers Megazord


salnews1Legacy Power Rangers 6.5” Action Figure 2017 Roll Out

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