143 – September 6th 2016 “Shattered Glass Kyle”

In this week’s episode Kyle upgrades like a Hurricane, Sal plays the Soul Reaper, we see what Andy is talkin’ bout, Craig let his Gundog out, and Vince Links it all together. In the news Andy goes Solo, Craig Grapples with a new purchase, Kyle welcomes the future king, Vince does the monster hunter mash, and Sal is Super Optimistic.

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kyle1 kyle4 kyle3 kyle2

Maketoys Hurricane upgrade kit
Transformers LG23 Galvatron



sal1 sal2 sal3 sal4

Iron Factory Soul Reaper
Titans Return Scourge



X2 Toys Ultra Magnus Upgrade Kit




Fans Toys Willis



craig1 craig2 craig3

Maketoys Gundog (With Andy comparisons to Willis)
SH Figuarts Captain America (Civil War)

vince1 vince2

Figma Link ALBW ver. – DX Edition


After a particularly ridiculous, month-long hunt for 1999-era Pokemon paraphernalia (they’re… Mewtwo dice. My childhood was strange. http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/swadloon/30114118/58008/58008_original.jpg), I come to you with a new question.

What’s the most ridiculous, back-asswards path you’ve ever taken from hunting for a toy to having it in-hand?

In my particular case, I had to trawl Japanese auction sites, repeatedly use broken Google translations, memorise Japanese Pokemon names, and get into contact with a buying / shipping company. I’m currently waiting for the inevitable beatdown from the department of customs once my items arrive.

I’m sure you guys have had wilder adventures, though!



andynews0 andynews1

Unmasked Kylo Ren SH Figuarts Images and Info (Han Solo mention)

andynews2 andynews3 andynews4 andynews5 andynews6 andynews7 andynews8

Product Announcement – Third-Party Masterpiece-Scaled RID Scourge, G1 Overlord and G2 Laser Prime from Toy Base


Takara Transformers Masterpiece Grapple


kylenews1 kylenews2

KFC Toys Revealed E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 8-A Simba Masterpiece Scaled Victory Leo



SHFiguarts/Tamashii MIX Monster Hunter Zinogre Armor

salnews1 salnews2

Iron Factory EX-14: Super Ginrai

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