Ep 011 – February 18th 2014 – TOY FAIR

The Repacked Podcast is a NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Hot off the recording, here is our Toy Fair 2014 show. We pretty much finished recording and Albie threw the files into the editor and spat it back out, just so we could bring YOU the awesome 3 hours and 15 minutes worth of Toy Fair coverage. Enjoy, folks!

Nikki (Lacrox)
Transformers Generations to continue 2014, Cosmos and Swerve getting re-release
Transformers Mashers
Generations Voyager Skybyte and Roadbuster
Generations Deluxe Nightbeat, Windblade and Jhiaxus
Generations Legends Acidstorm and Gears
Transformers Movie Dinobots
One Step Transformers
Ben Yee pictures
Fuck you Michael Bay
McFarlane – Halo
McFarlane – Walking Dead
NECA – Video Games

Stuart (Octane)
COMING to NY Toy Fair…
Jazwares News:
NBA Heroes
Peppa Pig
Disney Gravity Falls
Jakks Pacific (Giant Figures, Disney Princess, Disney Faries)
NECA – Pacific Rim
Mr Fox
Games of Thrones Series 2
Magic The Gathering
General Funko Coverage
More Reaction
Even More Reaction
Hikari (Japanese Vinyl)
New Vinyl Magnetic Build Toys
Hasbro MLP
Equestria Girls Toys
Walkthrough on youtube
Video Demo on YouTube
NECA – Retro Horror Figures

Sam (Artistix)
Mattel – Hot Wheels
Mattel – DC
WWE Mattel 5 more Years
Hobbit Bridge Direct
Bif Bang Pow – Big Bang Theory – Twilight Zone – Star Trek Bobble Heads
Mattel – Master of the universe Classics
Madame Razz
Double Trouble
Light Hope
Rio Blast
(Rio Blast Update)
Chase set – Kowl & Loo-Kee
Sweet Bee helmet & Eldor Book
DC Collectibles | More images

Playarts Kai – Video Games
Lego Ninjago
The LEGO Movie Summer Sets Official Box Art Revealed
LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sets at 2014 New York Toy Fair
LEGO Marvel Superheroes Sets at ToyFair 2014
LEGO Metalbeard’s Sea Cow set
LEGO STAR WARS 2014 sets
LEGO CUUSOO Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Set finally revealed
Megabloks – Overview of licences
Spongebob Joins MegaBloks
Mega Bloks – Spongebob
Mega Bloks – Call of Duty
Mega Bloks – Halo
Mega Bloks – Cityville Invasion and Dungeons and Dragons
Character Builder – Looney Tunes

Craig (TheScreamMan)
Hasbro – Marvel Legends
Hasbro – Marvel Universe (Infinite)
Hasbro – Star Wars
No More EU!
Mentioned: Watch/Listen to this while reading the article!
Diamond Select – Marvel Select
Bandai – S.H. Figuarts Batman, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson
Bandai – Tamashaii Nations, Assorted
Capo Street Fighter
Diamond Select – Jay and Silent Bob
McFarlane – Assassins Creed
Playarts Kai – DC
Playarts Kai – Robocop
Three Zero – Robocop
NECA – Robocop
NECA – Planet of the Apes
NECA – Predator
NECA – Alien

Paul (Igadevil)
Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2014 series
Classics Movie 12″ Figures
Mentioned: Listen to this while reading the previous article
Diamond Select Godzilla
G.I. Joe

Clarification from Justin of Generals Joes:
Q1 – Just want to confirm the Brown Vamp/Black Boat set is the SDCC Exclusive?
A1 – It looks that way, though this has not been confirmed. The Press Image has the word “ComicCon” in it which lends to that belief, but there has been no confirmation from Hasbro.
Q2 – The Baroness/Lady Jaye pack is called Social Clash? Is there a significance to that title I’m missing? And is the Baroness a redo of an older figure? Parts of her seemed familiar to me.
A2 – Again, the image was named “Social Clash” but no indication of what that means or the significance of it. Yes, The Baroness is from a previous release. I laid it all out right here: http://generalsjoes.com/2014/02/15/g-i-joe-50th-anniversary-what-it-is-and-where-it-comes-from/
Q3 – In ‘The Eagles Edge’ set, is the General Hawk redo named as Mainframe? Some sources seemed to be calling him that.
A3 – No that’s definitely Hawk. I think some places are getting confused because there is a Kre-O Mainframe with the Terror Drome so the name is flying out there.

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