191, September 18th 2017 – Eh, it’s Funko *Shrug*

In this week’s episode of Repacked we welcome Kenneth Yu to the madness. Craig talks about his lil Draken, Kyle gets shwifty, and Ken throws off the equilibrium with the end missionary.

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Hello there, Repackmates.

It’s been awhile since I last wrote. What can I say? I’ve been busy with this thing called ‘life’.

Funny thing, the other day I was checking over my old toys, as any responsible adult would do, and I discovered something impressive: not only do I still have two of my old transformers (Silverbolt and Rampage), but I also managed to keep all the parts and accessories (weapons, projectiles, etc.) they came with.

I found this impressive because, as you know, when you are a kid those things, especially the plastic projectiles, tend to dissolve into the ether five minutes after you open the package, which brings me to this

question: do you still have toys that you have somehow managed to keep all the parts or at least kept in good condition since you were a kid?

I still keep a few of my old toys, hidden in a luggage where my sister can’t find them (long story), but few of them I kept in as good condition as those two.

And because we all knew this could only end one way…

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: If the overabundance of funko pops finally caused the rapture and it fell on to you to save toykind by building an Ark in order to survive the flood of cheap plastic, which two toys from each toyline would you save and why?

(you can choose as many toy lines as you want to save, for the lulz)

Rewriting history one toy at a time, Ivanhoe, The Extraordinary Fanboy.




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