Episode 222, May 28th – Schlubby Joe T-Rex

Listen, this will shock you, but Ken bought dinosaurs. A lot of them. Craig bought some Robots, and Greg some Marvel Legends. We’re nothing if not on brand. Also we cover the Tamashii Comicon reveals, and… And I hope you’re sitting down because we got a Listener question! All this and more in this week’s Repacked Podcast!

Tamashii Con News 8:08




Hey Re-Packagers!

When it comes to Marvel Legends, I always try to stick to the Comic Book versions of figures. I love the MCU, but avoiding the movie versions is one of my “Collecting Rules” to ensure I have some money for food and/or shelter. HOWEVER, after seeing Infinity War, I’ve decided: “Screw food and/or shelter, I want some sweet, sweet MCU figure goodness coursing through my veins.”

So my question is: What do you think are the essential MCU Marvel Legends? Ideally, I’m looking for characters that were integral to IW, but that’s not a deal breaker. I’m looking for opinions on the best version of the most important characters. I also know there are a few essential characters that need a re-do (Nick Fury comes to mind) so feel free to speculate on the figures I should wait on.

Thanks so much!

Rich from Canada-ville     






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