Episode 250 – Best of 2018!

Best of 2018! Craig, Sal, Andy, Ken, Ben, and Greg had a great time going through their favorite toys of 2018, plus reading a ton of listener letters (which you can find below).

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* Best Action Figure (8:23)


Bioshock with Little Sister by Three Zero

Mezco ONE:12 Popeye


Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Batman

Marvel Legends The Thing


Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Marvel Legends Yellowjacket

Marvel Legends The Thing

JULIAN BARRETT  – Ben (22:16)
* Best Action Figure

Kamen Rider Amazon Renewal. Man, this thing feels like it comes right off the set of the last Rider team up. Beautiful.

* Best Mecha/Robot

Cutting out transformers this year, I don’t think I have an answer for this ….. does black series L337 count?


* Best Vehicle/Playset

The black widow bike by default. I dont normally snag these kind of things. Lol.


* Best Toy Line

I think that this has to go to the black series line. Hasbro were able to pull a complete 180 on the line. And nothing but gold has come from it.

And I would like to say that mezco is anti best toy line, do to the way they have conducted themselves this year.

* Best Older Toy

Probably would have to be the rising mighty form of kuuga. Boss figure, for sure.


* Most Anticipated Toy for 2019

I do not have a specific figure or toy that I anticipate. BUT the lightning collection, from the upcoming power ranger hasbro line, has got to be the one thing I have wanted since the cancellation of the figuarts line.

I take it back. Figuarts kiva. Hands down.


PETER CHENG – Sal (24:09)

– AliasAngelAlias


Best Action Figure: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 90’s Movie


Best Mecha/Robot:  1/48 DX Chogokin Limited Edition Hikaru Ichijyo’s VF-1J Valkyrie


Best Vehicle/Playset:  Diaclone DA-29 Battle Buffalo Mk.IV


Best Toy Line: Robot Spirits Damashii Ver A.N.I.M.E.


Best Older Toy:  Transformers Unite Warriors – UW-04 – DEVASTATOR by Takara Tomy


Most Anticipated Toy for 2019: Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece Series MP-44 CONVOY

* Best Mecha/Robot (27:10)


Masterpiece Dinobot

Iron Giant


Soul of Chogokin FA Voltes V

Bandai Metal Build ARX-7 Arbalest

Bandai Metal Build M9 Gernsback



“Generations” Power of the Primes Evolution Optimus Prime

Siege Sideswipe

* Best Action Figure: Neca Ultimate Pennywise (2017 Version)

* Best Mecha/Robot: Star Wars Black Series L3 (Solo)

* Best Vehicle/Playset: Star Wars Black Series Sandtrooper w/ Dewback

* Best Toy Line: Star Wars Black Series

* Best Older Toy: Neca Ultimate T2 T800

* Most Anticipated Toy for 2019: Hasbro Marvel Legends Guardian (I’m Canadian, what I can I say)    

REGAN CURTIS – Ken (51:24)


Best Action Figure – Sentinel MOSPEADA Ride Armours, great updates on the classic designs despite a few minor tolerance issues that were tweaked in the re-releases.

Best Mecha/Robot – Bandai DX VF-1J Valkyrie, great update, even it it still doesn’t autonomously transform yet.

Best Vehicle/Playset – NA, I don’t think I bought one.

Best Toy Line – Transformers Studio Series, They got it right!! Just a shame it took so long, although movieverse isn’t my favourite continuity.

Best Older Toy (Not from 2018, but purchased in 2018) – NA, I don’t remember buying any.

Most Anticipated Toy for 2019 – Sentinel Mospeada Blowsperior, It’s the only one announced I’m really eager to get my hands on. Transformers Beast Wars Megatron is a distant second. Convoy v3 a distant third.

* Best Vehicle/Playset (52:42)


Star Wars The Black Series Enfys Nest & Swoop Bike

Ghost Rider

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Extreme Chompin T-Rex

Disney Toybox Spider-Mobile


Star Wars Black Series Centerpiece Kylo Ren on Jakku

Santiago Bourges Waldegg – Andy (1:09:45)

Hey guys, still loving the show, and I liked the managing your collection discussion episode, enjoyed it quite a bit, it’s always interesting to see how people manage the space and money aspects of collecting, I would love to see further episodes that have that more informal structure, but don’t loose the news and reviews, those are always fun, and I’m looking forward to a lot of non marvel legends reviews in the future(JK) anyway keep up the good work and here’s my list:

* Best Action Figure – Kitzconcept Lynn Minmei, it’s not the best action figure but we’ve needed good macross action figures for a long time

* Best Mecha/Robot – Just barely made it in the year but it’s gotta be the DX Chogokin VF-1J, it’s beautiful

* Best Vehicle/Playset – I cheated last year with the same line but the Diaclone Warudersuits are amazing and a good contrast to the Diaclone good guys

* Best Toy Line – Diaclone still going strong last year and closed beautifully with Battle Buffalo, which was

* Best Older Toy – Machine robo rescue team sets N1-N11 fun toys

* Most Anticipated Toy for 2019 – MP Optimus prime 3.0. It better be worth the price (which btw I ended up preordering from amazon.co.jp, best price I could find)

A special mention to the Walmart (in the US) G1 transformers reissues, it’s just a very joyful feeling seeing those packages in retail again.

Again keep up the good work I’ll keep listening to it

Thanks guys



KYLE BARKER – Ken (1:15:52)
* Best Action Figure – Jaina Solo- Star Wars Black Series
A figure we never expected to be made and didn’t disappoint when I got her in hand. Great sculpting, articulation, and accessories. The Solo grin they put on her face gave her the character to push her over the line for this award.

* Best Mecha/Robot – LG-EX Greatshot- Transformers Legends
Sure it’s a Sixshot repaint, but what a repaint. They took a good toy gave it an amazing makeover and added a few resculpted bits as a bonus. This bot just looks damn heroic on my shelf. All the vibrant colours give the alt modes a better appearance, and finally ‘Mecha Rhino’. Need I say more.

* Best Vehicle/Playset – Tron Legacy Set- Lego
I rarely fangasm when I see something on shelf in a store any more but this did it for me and was an insta-buy. As a Tron fan i’m a sucker for Light Cycles. They look so accurate for a Lego build, so many curves for something made of bricks. This set help me re-learn the lost art of playtime as my son and I raced them around the table. The mini figs are well done also. Small details like two discs for the villain were a welcome touch. Throw a grid like base for the bikes to stand up on and you’ve got a small but brilliant Lego set.

* Best Toy Line – Lego
Those Danish bastards got me back in their pocket again this year. After I swore off them on this very show, but the fun of play time brought me back. My boys and I can play a game where Superman borrows Iron Man’s suit, and goes fights Dracula with the Ghostbusters under the sea. Anything goes in our world and it’s joyful to play.

* Best Older Toy (Not from 2018, but purchased in 2018) – The Old fishing Store- Lego
There is a line where toy and art meet and that line is Lego Ideas. This set was a legit challenge to build. So many bags to open but watching this building take shape was a wonder to see. There’s so much detail in it though. From a spider in a web that lives under the rafters you can barely see, the 1×1 tiles that make up the checkered floor of the manager’s office, to the weathered old exterior that makes it look like this place is falling apart. This set has a lot of love put into it’s design.
It’s pure brick art.

* Most Anticipated Toy for 2019 – One:12 Collective Dr Leonard McCoy from Star Trek The Original series.
I’ve given up on the green shirt Kirk but maybe this year McCoy will be released?

* Best Toy Line 1:20:22


Transformers Generations

SAL + Andy
Star Wars: The Black Series


Medicom MAFEX

Transformers Botbots


Marvel Legends


Mattel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and Legacy line



* Best Action Figure – Marvel Legends The Thing- Ok, the Thing is my favorite comic character of all time so this was kind of a shoe in but it doesn’t take away from the fact this is a fantastic figure.  Great size, well sculpted, good articulation, and optional hands and head make this my figure of the year.

Honorable mention goes to Jurassic World Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex.  It’s a T-Rex that is close to being in scale with most 6 inch lines and can actually eat figures of that size.  Nuff said.


* Best Mecha/Robot –Riobot Iron Giant – Finally the Iron Giant gets a figure that is matches the high quality of the film it came from.


* Best Vehicle/Playset – Ultimate Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Motorcycle – I don’t go in for many vehicles or playsets since I tend to collect 6” figures and that doesn’t tend to lend itself to much in this field but this is a really fun set.


* Best Toy Line – Mythic Legions – The Four Horsemen continue to deliver an amazing toy line with the release of the second wave that brings us new body types and tons of new figures.  Notable mentions for me in this wave include the undead Brother Mandibulus and Hagnon, goblins Knubnik and King No’Glin, and the knights Delphina and the Deluxe Knight Legion builder 2.


* Best Older Toy – Mezco One:12 Mirror Mirror Spock – I picked this figure up for a song on Amazon for roughly the price of a Marvel Legends and it makes a fantastic piece to accompany the regular edition Spock figure.


* Most Anticipated Toy for 2019 –Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri Star Saber –  This toy looks amazing and I’m both greatly looking forward to it and dreading it due to its high price tag.  Thankfully it is a couple of months off so I have some time to save up.  

I can’t wait to hear what everyone else has on their list this year.  I hope everyone has a happy new year. Here’s to another year of great action figures and discussion to go with them.  

JASON – Craig (1:45:40)

* Best Action Figure:  Snagg, Mythic Legions. I guess I’m not sure if he’s really the best, but that’s the figure I keep coming back to…so that’s what I’m going with.

* Best Mecha/Robot: Optimal Optimus, Transformers Power of the Primes.  Brick mode aside, he’s been of the more entertaining Transformers I’ve picked up this year.  Plus, who doesn’t love a monkey Prime?

* Best Vehicle/Playset: Stridor, Masters of the Universe Classics.  Classics has to represent on this list somewhere…

* Best Toy Line: Mythic Legions. I’ve spent SOOO much on these things this year, it kinda has to be…

* Best Older Toy: Farooq and Bradshaw, Mattel WWE. I liked the APA back in the day, couldn’t find them at retail when they first came out, found them at Power-Con for retail, they were coming home with me.

* Most Anticipated Toy for 2019: Hasbro’s Power Rangers

* Best Older Toy (1:47:50)


Soul of Chogokin Voltron

Bandai Anime Collection Big O


Figma Solid Snake


Bandai Soul of Chogokin Tryder G7


figma: Max Factory Overwatch Tracer

G1 Omega Supreme


Here is best of 2018 list

Best Action Figure: Marvel Legends Doc Ock


Best Robot: Marvel Legends Sentinel from the Amazon wolverine 2 pack


Best Vehicle: Marvel Legends Ghost Rider with Bike


Best Toy Line: Marvel Legends


Best Older Toy: G1 Transformers WheelJack, had this Toy as child, but absolutely destroyed it when I was younger. Glad to have it back


Most Anticipated Toy for 2019: Marvel Legends Gambit

* Most Anticipated Toy for 2019 (2:02:26)


Toy Line: Transformers BotBots

Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron




(… and The Year of Gambit)

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kiva


Hasbro Overwatch – Reinhardt


MP-44 Optimus Prime


Best Action Figure: I have to go with one that’s a bit of a favorite at heart, Figuarts Lupin the 3rd. Amazing sculpt, great posing, and of course, it’s my long-term favorite roguish ‘hero’.

Best Mecha/Robot: I can’t get enough of Transformers, and I this year, one of my childhood fave teams was rereleased, including a toy I played with until it fell apart, Cutthroat. Amazing to have this guy back in my hands, and honestly better than before.


Best Vehicle/Playset: I’m a lego nerd, through and through, this HAS to go to the Lego Sanctum Sanctorum Battle Set for the infinity War lego line. Amazing build, instantly recognizable, and an AWESOME mix of figures to boot.


Best Toy Line: I honestly think it’s gonna be a tie for me, between the current crop of Lego Superheroes sets, and Transformers Power of the Primes. I can’t pick, but I’m sure you guys did.


Best Older Toy (Not from 2018, but purchased in 2018): Unsurprisingly, I got my hands on older Brick building sets this year, and one was a massively complex build of Himeji Castle, from Nanoblock, a 1/8th scale Lego-type brick system. it’s a 2200 piece build, and is less than 8 inches tall when done. Amazingly complex, and rather nerve-wracking to build for sure!

Most Anticipated Toy for 2019: This took a bit of thinking, but I have to go with the Zi-o Reissues of Den-o Sword form, Build, and Gaim Orange Arms. Never got em the first time around, and THIS Time, they’re gonna be available through american retail! Thanks Gamestop!


MATTHEW WONG – Ben (2:25:56)

Hi there, Happy New Year!

Here are my choices:

Best Action figure – Acid Rain Space Prisoner – lots of detail, lots of character


Best Mecha: Metal Build Mazinger Z – a new take on a classic, coinciding with the release of the movie. Lots of accessories, awesome toy.


Best playset: Nova Ubiquitous playset – modular with multicolored LED lighting, remote control – a bit fiddly to put together but worth the time and effort.

Best Toy Line – will have to go with SH Figurarts, can’t stop picking up their Star Wars, Marvel and Kamen Rider offerings. The Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Line is closing in fast though…

Best Older Toy: Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Gwen – was going to be my figure of the year until I realized it was released in 2017…

Most Anticipated for 2019: SHF Kamen Rider Kiva, finally…

Thanks again for a year of great shows!

AIDAN HEALEY – Craig (2:29:17)

Best Action Figure – Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Wizard – Huge improvement over the first figuart release. Nice Sculpt of the figure, articulation, cloak, and ring paint details.

Best Mecha/Robot – Transformers Power of the Primes Predaking – The individual Predacons are good both in robot and animal modes and Predaking is great.

Best Vehicle/Playset – Marvel Legends Ultimate Riders Ghost Rider – Nice bike sculpt and flames. Comes with a nice Ghost Rider figure too.

Best Toy Line – Transformers Power of the Primes – With the evolution and Prime Masters gimmicks and the rest of the toys released makes it an interesting line.

Best Older Toy – Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider W – Nice Sculpt, articulation, paint details on the gaia memories.

Most Anticipated for 2019 – Transformers Masterpiece Series – With the release of Optimus Prime V3 and Hound and hopefully some news on future releases I’m looking forward to this line.


VON VILLAFUERTE – Craig (2:33:34)

Best Older Toy (Not from 2018, but purchased in 2018) – TMNT Z-Line – one word “playability”

Most Anticipated Toy for 2019 – MMC Grimlock – modern take on a TRex

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