Episode 259 – Happy Birthday, Bats!

TOP STORY:  Happy 80th, Batman! What is your favorite Batman figure?

Marvel Legends Black Panther (T’Chaka), Erik Killmonger (Military), Ulysses Klaue
Seige Ironhide
Fixing Transformers Siege Ironhide’s Pop-Off Panels

Transformers Siege Prowl
Transformers Siege Starscream

Transformers Studio Series WW2 Bumblebee
Transformers Studio Series “Bumblebee” Movie Optimus Prime
Star Wars: Starkiller Hero


SH Figuarts SS Kamen Rider OOO’s!

Hasbro Pulse Omega Supreme Interview with John Warden (Part 2)

ANDY’s TFcon Favs
2019 convention exclusive Make Toys MTRM-11G2 Screame
Nonnef  (Add on kits for Siege) Hound Kit, Shockwave Hand Kit, Sideswipe Kit, Jetpack Kit
Fans Toys
FT-30 (Superion)
FT-31 (Menasor)
FT-44 Thomas (Astrotrain)
Iron Factory (Legends Scale)
EX 26 R Racing Bros Retrograde (Runamuck and Runabout)
Zeta Toys
Moon Walker (Getsuei, Trainbot combiner limb)

Dinobot has been KO’d
Example 1
Example 2

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