Ep 022 – 6th May 2014 – Circumstantial Panties Aren’t My Fault!

The Repacked Podcast is a NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.

Our esteemed host Craig seems to get himself into sticky situations, doesn’t he? Find out why in this exciting episode of THE REPACKED PODCAST!

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Mentioned: FCBD GI JOE vs Transformers
Highly inappropriate FCBD Power Rangers Comic Panel
In memory of Jamie D from Comic Geek Speak

Craig (TheScreamMan) – 00:11:01.210
Yamato VF-17 Super packs
Hasbro Marvel Infinite SpiderGirl
McFarlane Alien vs Predator Statue Link #1 (Alien)
McFarlane Alien vs Predator Statue Link #2 (Predator)

Nikki (Lacrox) – 00:20:36.070
Transformers Movie (‘07) Deluxe Class Brawl
Transformers Movie (‘07) Deluxe Class Bonecrusher
Transformers Movie (‘07) Deluxe Class Wreckage
Transformers Generations Swerve
Transformers Generations Cosmos

Albie – 00:30:08.000
Lego Simpsons Minifigures

Paul (Igadevil) – 00:36:53.000
S.H.Monster Arts Gigan 2004

Hey Repacked,
If you could change any toy design what would it be?

I would change Megatron’s design from a gun to either changing it to a rifle or a tank or changing the size of the original toy.
Love the show keep up the good work.
Aidan (Leoflare)
From King: 00:52:53.170
Dear Repacked,
What’s your take on sexy female figures? From those gashapon of chicks in their bathing suits to action figures based on highly sexualized designs.
Despite how otherwise shameless I am, I have a hard time crossing that line.
Hail Cobra!
From Julian Barrett: 00:57:53.070
Hey there, Repackers, it’s your favorite new listener:

Psyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyycho Silva! (Psychosilver, but you have to say it like Gai from Gokaiger. Lol)

The other day I was messing around with some of my figures and got to thinking. I, myself seem to put personalities on some of the figures that I own, that aren’t of what they originally were intended to be. For example, I have the MAFEX Dark Knight and when I’m toying with him, or posing him for pictures, I imagine that he’s a pure buffoon, that can’t get anything right. Or, with the Marvel Legends Superior Spider-man, I always pose him like a mad scientist. I was wondering if you guys have any personalities, for certain figures that you own, that are not what they were originally meant to be?

As another question, do any of you buy, or make your own custom figures? And if you have made them, how far do you go with customizing? Do you just paint, or do you delve deeper into the sculpting and whatnot?

Great job on the podcast and keep up the good work. TOU!


Stu (Octane) – 01:15:54.010
Q1 sales figures | Additional pdf 2 | Additional pdf 3 | Additional Link
Disney Infinity V2 Marvel
Bandai Legends of Oz
Star Wars Pop 6
Better Looks at ReAction Figures
NECA 8” Retro Ghostface
Figure Toy Company 1966 Batman 8” Mad Hatter & Accessory Packs

Nikki (Lacrox) – 01:32:45.180
Transformers Leader Jetfire in box
ThreeZero 1/6 Dead Space Issac Clarke
ThreeZero 1/6 Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister
TMNT Baxter Stockman
Pop Vinyl Deathstroke

Albie – 01:37:54.010
This one’s for you Craig
LEGO Ghostbusters & (OMG) Stay Puft Mashmallowman proposal
MP Grimlock & Hegemon Upgrade
Unofficial Cloudraker and Fastlane
Maketoys Computron components Celaritas (Lightspeed) and Blindfire (Strafe)
Mech Ideas (Ironfist) Gauntlet & Piston
Toyworld Orion Black

Craig (TheScreamMan) – 01:59:19.020
Hiya Toys 1/18 (4”) Colonial Marines Boiler and Spitter Alien Figures
Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures goes through
Figma Captain America
Hasbro Black Series Jabba the Hutt SDCC Exclusive
Bandai Disk Wars Avengers
TMNT Movie Figure Official Pics

And for the outtakes:

1 thought on “Ep 022 – 6th May 2014 – Circumstantial Panties Aren’t My Fault!

  1. Generations Swerve “crushes all 3rd party competition”? The Make Toys edition has wrist joints, a weapon, and server tray. Plus both modes are closer to the IDW rendition. I suppose price is a factor but isn’t it worth those extra bucks for those features?

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