Ep 024 – 20th May 2014 – PACIFIC RIMMER

The Repacked Podcast is a NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.
Not unlike last week, Sir Igadevil is to be thanked (blamed?) for this week’s episode title. Further, today (26th!) is Igadevil’s birthday! Join us in wishing the man a happy birthday and also check us out at our Twitter at: http://twitter.com/repackedpodcast/

Don’t understand the episode image? Listen on to the end of the episode to find out! Also, right now, Albie is tweeting panel by panel a special Igadevil birthday follow along for the story… it all starts here:

So kick back and enjoy, folks! This is Episode 24 of the Repacked Podcast.

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Nikki (Lacrox) – 00:12:54.020
Transformers Universe SE Drag Strip

Albie – 00:15:13.070
Transformers Age of Extinction Grimlock
Transformers Age of Extinction Scorn
Transformers Age of Extinction Evasion Mode Optimus

From: ARCADIA ALI-GROUP LTD racruz@fucsalud.edu.co
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From Jake – 00:34:45.120
Howdy All,

Just finished listening to Reheated Episode 001 … loved it. My wife absolutely loves television cooking shows, but she hates the joyous sounds of people enthusiastically eating. I plan to keep this podcast on my iPod so that I can replay it for her any time I feel she needs to hear it. Thanks for that.

My local comic books store, Collectors’ Planet, in Corpus Christi, Texas has started ordering and selling Japanese import toys. Each week, I covetously drool over the Ultraman, Gundam, Kamen Rider, Tiger & Bunny, Zeros, and other several other lines that I just do not understand. I have a couple of questions for you all (even though Paul is too busy finding a job and moving to be there to answer) so that I can make my oh so few dollars go the furthest when buying these imports.

What are the differences in quality (articulation, sculpt, paint, durability, etc.) between the lines – S.H.Figuarts, S.H.Monsterarts, Figma, Figuarts Zeros, Figurise, S.I.C., and other similar lines?

If you could buy one figure and only one figure from any of the lines discussed to be the best representative of Japanese toy lines for a first-time buyer, what figure would you pick?

Thank you helping me decide what I should select as my first Japanese import figure. Let me know if I can ever help you get the toys you need from the US.

From Matt Foster – 00:52:38.020
Two questions for my favorite toy collecting podcasters.
Assuming the ludicrous price point were not an issue what one 1/6th scale crazy expensive figure would you like to own?
Second question, are there any roleplay toys you would consider carrying around/wearing as you go about your normal daily life?
As always, thank you for the podcast. It brightens my drive to work.
Hail Lacrox (and hi to those other people too),
Matt Foster

Stu (Octane) – 01:00:38.150
Funko TMNT Minis
I am Elemental Kickstarter
Tonner Dolls | More
Kid Robot Closes Stores
3.75” Six Million Dollar Man Series 2 Figures
Neca 3rd Wave The Simpsons 5” Celebrity Guest Stars

Nikki (Lacrox) – 01:15:21.160
Bathing Ape MP-10 Repaint
TF x Eva (this was a hoax/joke)
More AoE G1 Repaints coming…MORE MP DESTRONS! ” In the future masterpiece to exit Destron side , ( affirm ) ”
Asian Market MP Re-releases
Generations Legends Cliffjumper
Generations Bumblebee Variant
Optimus Pen? (COULD BE RUNG?)
PE Deathstalker (Not Scorponok)
Walking Dead Series 6

Albie – 01:33:26.220
Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Lockdown Revealed!
Age of Extinction NEW Dinobots revealed! – Snarl(Deluxe) & Slog(Voyager)
TFC Toys Ares AETHON (Tantrum)
OHGODMYEYES – Age of Extinction Platinum Grimlock & Optimus Prime out of Box images
PE Guardian Recolour
NUOOO – Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red
Lego Ideas – Avengers Helicarrier | Link to the LEGO Ideas page
Alternate head for Toyworld Orion from Renderform

Paul (Igadevil) – 01:48:30.210
Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Fran and Tifa
Mentioned: Additional Images
DC New 52 7” Figures
Mentioned: Additional Images
Batman Animated 6” Figures
Mentioned: Batman TAS Man-Bat action figure
NECA SDCC Exclusive “End Titles” Pacific Rim Pack
SH Monsterarts Godzilla 2014

Craig (TheScreamMan) – 02:01:41.150
⅙ Malcolm Reynolds
Medicom MAFEX Joker and Darth Vader
Mentioned: More images of Joker
Hot Toys Falcon
Bandai Patlabor 1/48 Ingram 98
Mattel SDCC Exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight 3 3/4 Batman and Batmobile

For the Outtakes:

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