Ep 026 – 3rd June 2014 – YUB YUB MUTHA FUKKA!!

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Albie –
Transformers Lost Age AD-11 Dispensor
Ultra Act Ultraman Gaia V2
“Lego” minifigures

Nikki (Lacrox) –
Unique Toys Mania King

Paul (Igadevil) –
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Baron Banana Arms
S.H.Figuarts Cure Heart

Dear Repacked,
When asked in the past, Hasbro said they wouldn’t crossover G.I. Joe and Transformers unless it was required to revitalize the brand(s). Well, with G.I. Joe basically dead right now, do you think there’s a chance it’ll happen?
Considering the turnaround time for developing toys, do you think it’d be possible that we’ll see said crossover in a year or two?
How would you go about it if you were in charge? Joe vehicles that transformed or a full on merger of the two universes? Would you go with Movie style TFs or Generations? Or the kind of thing that OriToy’s doing?
Au revoir-tech.


07_Lq2Indian Cupboard
Hey there, Repackers.

Here´s a question to entertain yourselves:

Have you ever had a Toy that was utterly terrible, either because of QC issues or awful design, and yet you loved it because you loved whatever character it represented, it was still fun to play with or maybe even nostalgia?

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: If you had a time machine*, what toy from your current collection would you send to your past self from the 90`s?

*Note: For the context of this question, the time machine can only send innanimate objects that can fit in a cabinet and the reason why you are sending said toys to the past is because time-traveling toys from the future sounds like a plausible plot for a 90`s movie.

Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary Fanboy, signing off.

Nice! Well done. Listening right now. Would like to toss up a few things, as quick-reactions.

1) Happy Birthday Igadevil!
2) My heart hurt a little when I heard that you guys didn’t like Kamen Rider The First / The Next. I’m pretty sure I don’t like them either, and am just tricking my brain because I liked their designs so much.
3) This one’s for Lacrox, and for anyone who ends up watching Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist because of his mention: Would you buy action figures of the live-action / Assassin’s Fist versions of Ken, Ryu, Gouken and Gouki? Because I’m pretty sure that I would.


Stu (Octane) –
American Girl CONTROVERSY!
Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter
Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse
Reading Rainbow (Because Reading is cool)
Frozen toys can no longer be sold on Amazon!
Pop News
TrueBlood POP! Figures
Mortal Kombat X

Paul (Igadevil) –
66 Action kamen Rider Figures Series 3
Sofubi Hero Kamen Rider ~Advent of Kiwami Arms Edition~
Mentioned: Rider Hero Series Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms
Nanoblock Kamen Rider sets
SH monsterarts Godzilla 2014: Definitely no accessories 🙁
SH figuarts Michael Jackson Details:

Nikki (Lacrox) –
Evangelion x Transformers Background Story Part 2
At that time , the shadow of mystery appears in front of the Apostles .
“Energy … this guy … ‘ll feel worthy of the new body … I like ! ”
“That … vinegar, Starscream No way what ? ? ”
Convoy to raise the voice unintentionally . It was Starscream continue to wander in a state to be able to say so , lost their lives in war Yunikuron a few years ago , it would spark body … ghost .
Shadow of the ghost Starscream is integrated with the apostle , that figure is going to change in a moment . It is like a half organism became a thing be called even a huge star just Scream , ” apostle ” Scream .
” … What is it … ! … Is there apostle was deformed … ? ”
Misato of expected also not hide the surprise in this situation .
“I like to obtain a new body at last Fuhahaha ! ”
” Apostle ” Scream raise a laugh . I notice the convoy who are in feet suddenly .
It ” is not it? Hehehe … Cybertron both . It just right , and let me try the new power of I -sama! ”
The Scream ” apostle ” rage aimed at our convoy . Had it not prohibitive at all Cybertron warriors desperate their size difference .

The situation is getting confused by the situation of the unexpected occurring one after the other . However , Misato is the commander tells the injection of planned EVA-01 machine initially . Third New Tokyo City will change in a moment .
” No you do. Town also whether modified as scrambled City ? ”
Just when convoy thought so , the ground in front of the eyes open , appeared EVA-01 machine is lifted up . Cybertron warriors about to be overwhelmed by the sense of scale you’ve never seen.
Colour Photos Optimus, Ultra Magnus (HLJ Exclusive) and Nemesis Prime
G1 Grimlock Kre-o
EX Gokin Optimus & Grimlock
June Loot Crate is Transformers Related
TFCC Barricade Arriving
Transformers Trucker Caps
3 Zero Titanfall Pilot Full paint

Albie –
Everything is not awesome
Lego Cuusso now Lego Ideas (Projects now have 1 year to reach 10k supporters)
Lost Age Battle Command OptimusIloveyounikki
New Renderform Projects Unveiled at Retro and Relevant Toy Show
HIIIIIIII CRAIG: MakeToys’ Defensor (Guardia) Announced!!!
Toyworld Throttlebots
Toyworld Goldbug
New Images Shapeshift Inc SkySnake and Heavy Metal Prototype Figures
TFC Toys Dino Combiner | Toy Images

Craig (TheScreamMan) –
Star Wars Battle of Endor set
Boss Fight Studios Kickstarter
GI Joe 50th sets at BBTS
GI Joe FSS 3.0 Spearhead & Max and Alpine
FSS 3.0 Alpine
Figma Saber 2.0 Comparison and official pics
Tokq 6 Changes with an…. iphone?
SH Figuarts Iron Man Mk42 and Iron Patriot
Bandai Macross VF-19kai set

And some outtake stuff:

2 thoughts on “Ep 026 – 3rd June 2014 – YUB YUB MUTHA FUKKA!!

  1. http://cdn-ak.f.st-hatena.com/images/fotolife/U/UNOYO/20140530/20140530224215.jpg

    One of these don’t belong. Can you spot it?

    That’s right, it’s Cure Peach (far left). She doesn’t have spats, the whore!

    Oh, and here’s episode 1 of the original Pretty Cure. Sadly, it cuts off before the ending sequence, which is kinda awesome.


    This one ep pretty much encapsulates the whole of what’s right with the franchise. You really don’t need to watch anything else outside of this, some of the movies and the last, oh, 9 episodes of Splash Star.

  2. Just to answer Igadevil´s Question about the two Love Heart Arrows that come with Cure Heart.

    The smaller one is meant for her individual special attack, Heart Shot.

    The bigger one is meant for the combined group attack, Lovely Force Arrow.

    Yes, that is a name that happened.

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