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Ep 115 – 1st March 2016: A Troll’s Skirt


This week it’s the double A team! Star Wars Black Series abound before Devastating discoveries. Finally we enter warp speed, become masked riders and troll Disney!

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Repacked Podcast Ep 115 – A Troll’s Skirt
00:03:45.080 Acquisitions – Andy
00:15:57.030 Acquisitions – Albie
00:28:22.190 News – Andy: Mezco One:12 Collective Star Trek Enterprise Captain’s Chair Preview
00:32:07.230 Andy: Captain America: Civil War – SH Figuarts Ant Man Best Pics Yet
00:36:13.020 News – Albie: LEGO Disney Minifigures
00:42:56.230 Albie – Mythic Legions Trolls
00:46:19.150 Ending and Outro
00:49:15.160 Outtakes and Editor’s Notes

Star Wars Black Series: Kylo Ren – Starkiller Base, Rey with BB8, Flametrooper, Snowtrooper, General Hux, Han Solo, Finn in Stormtrooper outfit, Captain Phasma, Atsy

Unite Warriors Devastator

One:12 Collective Star Trek Enterprise Captain’s Chair Preview
Captain America: Civil War – SH Figuarts Ant Man Best Pics Yet

LEGO Disney Minifigures
Mythic Legions Trolls

Ep 113B – 16th February 2016: It’s STILL TOY FAIR Bitches!!!

Welcome to Part 2 of our Toy Fair 2016 coverage! On this half, the team covered the DC Collectibles Batman Animated Series extravaganza, complete with BatwingPLANE gushing before moving on to Transformers with SPECIAL GUEST Ben Yee of as he went through some of the awesome things he saw IN PERSON at the show over the weekend. Finally, we round it off with some NECA Alien and Predator coverage, the crazy sculptwork of the people at Storm Collectibles and round it all off with some LEGO discussion.

Please note that this episode’s show notes were put together with the help of Ben Yee and we took special care to section off the transformers into character specific mini galleries to aid YOU, the listener in following through our discussion. See Ben’s original Facebook gallery here! Thanks again and ENJOY!

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00:00:00.000 Intro – Repacked Podcast Ep 113B – It’s STILL TOY FAIR Bitches!!!
00:00:47.060 DC Collectibles – Batman Animated Series
00:17:08.140 DC Collectibles Batplane
00:21:25.120 Transformers – Titans Return; Loudmouth (Siren) & an intro on Titans Return by Ben Yee
00:27:47.080 Transformers: Legends Class Wheelie, Rewind, Laserbeak
00:32:14.060 Titans Return: Deluxes
00:48:23.210 Titans Return: Leader Class Optimus
00:51:38.130 Titans Return: Fortress Maximus
00:56:24.140 Platinum Edition Cyclonus & his Armada (Scourge & Sweep)
00:57:19.230 Robots in Disguise
01:07:21.140 NECA
01:13:54.110 Storm Collectibles
01:16:22.020 LEGO
01:29:47.200 Quick mentions
01:32:38.090 Ending and outro

DCC Batman Animated Series – Andy

Transformers TITAN RETURNS
images and photography courtesy of the one and only Ben Yee of
See Ben’s original Facebook gallery here
Mentioned: Ben’s article about Chromedome and his hereditary transformation

Titans Return Legends Wheelie

Titans Return Legends Rumble

Titans Return Legends Laserbeak

Titans Return Deluxe Mindwipe

Titans Return Deluxe Scourge

Titans Return Deluxe Chromedome

Titans Return Deluxe Blurr

Titans Return Deluxe Hardhead

Titans Return Voyager Sentinel Prime

Titans Return Voyager Galvatron

Titans Return Leader Optimus Prime


PLATINUM Cyclonus, Scourge & Sweep

PLATINUM Planet of Junk




Power Surge Optimus Prime

PLATINUM EDITION Grimlock x Bumblebee

Toy Fair 2016 – NECA Aliens and Predators- Kyle
Picture 005, 008, 022, 023, 027, 029

Storm Collectables Mortal kombat and Street Fighter – Craig

Toy Fair 2016 – LEGO Ghostbusters- Kyle
Picture 002, 003
Toy Fair 2016 – LEGO Nexo Knights- Kyle
Picture 039 to 051
Toy Fair 2016 – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes- Kyle
Picture 002, 003, 007, 008, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017

Ep 112B – 9th February 2016: Turtle Titties

Tongues are wagging as Hasbro seen hitting on Mattel at local parties! Do I see a tell-tale baby bump? Also this issue: Celebrity Makeover tips from GBJR (He’ll never know it’s really you!),  Turtle Boobs; are they all the same? You be the judge! Are you looking to bring a third party into your collection? Find out how! And is Voltron the new black? Find out in In this week’s issue of Repacked Weekly!

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Repacked Podcast Ep 112B Turtle Titties: Tongues are wagging as Hasbro seen hitting on Mattel at local parties! Do I see a tell-tale baby bump? Also this issue: Celebrity Makeover tips from GBJR (He’ll never know it’s really you!), Turtle Boobs; are they all the same? You be the judge! Are you looking to bring a third party into your collection? Find out how! And is Voltron the new black? Find out in In this week’s issue of Repacked Weekly!
00:00:42.140 News – Stu: Mattel and Hasbro May Be Talking Merger
00:05:53.050 Stu: Mezco One:12 Collective Figures
00:11:27.140 Stu: Mezco Living Dead
00:14:01.120 Stu: Jakks World of Warcraft
00:16:28.060 Stu: NECA Weird Al
00:18:44.230 Stu: He Back GBJR Toys becomes “the new company”
00:22:44.050 Kyle: WF 2016 – Prime 1 Studio (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie Statues)
00:24:37.110 Kyle: Best Look Yet at TMNT Out of the Shadows Toys
00:30:32.070 Kyle: First Look at NECA’s Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake Figure
00:32:01.220 Kyle: Gcreation Reveals Masterpiece Inspired IDW Optimus Prime and Prowl
00:33:22.150 Kyle: Kyle: Garatron 3rd Party Unicron Revealed
00:36:10.060 Kyle: Marvel Legends 2016 Comics Two Pack Images
00:38:50.210 Kyle: Marvel Legends Namor May Be Coming Soon
00:40:23.190 Kyle: Marvel Legends Giant Man BAF Civil War Wave 2016
00:45:49.010 Craig: Wonderfest 2016 News – Takatomy
00:47:33.030 Craig: Wonder Festival 2016 Images – Masterpiece Optimus Primal & Unite Warriors Bruticus
00:52:56.150 Craig: Macoss
01:05:35.130 Craig: Figma
01:16:37.120 Craig: WF 2016 – Random Stuff
01:22:38.110 Ending and Outro
01:24:41.000 Outtakes and Editor’s Notes
Note: Closing music was FEMM’s Whiplash 😉

Mattel and Hasbro May Be Talking Merger
Mezco One:12 Collective Figures
Mezco Living Dead
Jakks WOW
NECA Weird Al
He Back GBJR Toys becomes “the new company”

WF 2016 – Prime 1 Studio (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie Statues)
Best Look Yet at TMNT Out of the Shadows Toys (More Spoilers Albs)
First Look at NECA’s Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake Figure
Gcreation Reveals Masterpiece Inspired IDW Optimus Prime and Prowl
Garatron 3rd Party Unicron Revealed
Marvel Legends 2016 Comics Two Pack Images
Marvel Legends Namor May Be Coming Soon
Marvel Legends Giant Man BAF Civil War Wave 2016

Wonderfest 2016 News – Takatomy
Wonder Festival 2016 Images – Masterpiece Optimus Primal & Unite Warriors Bruticus
Arcadia toys Macross
WF 2016 – Random Stuff

BEST OF 2015: SPECIAL EDITION – Recorded 31st January 2016

EDIT: SPECIAL EDITIONADDITION NOW RELEASED! Unfortunately, we accidentally missed Pete’s list! That said, we’ve fixed it! THANK YOU PETE FOR BEING AWESOME!
Ladies and Gents, 3 hours and 76 chapters worth of content later (8+ real hours of work?) and I present to you The Repacked Podcast’s Best of 2015! 100% of the pictures in this episode are thanks to the awesome Mr Igadevil, Paul himself 🙂

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Repacked Podcast Best of 2015
00:02:49.020 Best Action Figure: Stu
00:04:03.150 Best Action Figure: Andy
00:05:38.080 Best Action Figure: Sami
00:07:54.010 Best Action Figure: Kyle & Albie
00:12:24.220 Best Action Figure: Vince
00:14:06.130 Best Action Figure: Paul
00:15:03.230 Best Action Figure: Craig
00:16:14.140 Gabe’s Best of 2015 list as read by
00:22:32.220 Best Mecha/Vehicle:Stu
00:24:29.190 Best Mecha/Vehicle:Andy
00:25:53.150 Best Mecha/Vehicle: Sami
00:28:04.080 Best Mecha/Vehicle: Kyle
00:28:59.230 Best Mecha/Vehicle: Albie
00:30:55.140 Best Mecha/Vehicle: Vince & Craig
00:33:08.100 Best Mecha/Vehicle: Paul
00:35:18.110 Chris Fabinski’s Best of 2015 list as read by Andy
00:41:02.010 Best Toyline: Stu
00:42:11.050 Best Toyline: Andy
00:43:10.130 Best Toyline: Sami
00:44:39.120 Best Toyline: Kyle
00:46:13.220 Best Toyline: Albie & Craig
00:48:56.160 Best Toyline: Vince
00:49:59.220 Best Toyline: Paul
00:53:07.180 Gianni’s Best of 2015 list as read by Sami
00:57:55.090 Best Toy Not from 2015: Stu
00:59:32.190 Best Toy Not from 2015: Andy
01:01:29.150 Best Toy Not from 2015: Sami
01:03:46.130 Best Toy Not from 2015: Kyle
01:06:05.080 Best Toy Not from 2015: Albie
01:07:19.060 Best Toy Not from 2015: Vince
01:09:18.060 Best Toy Not from 2015: Paul
01:09:31.230 Best Toy Not from 2015: Craig
01:11:45.060 ArmorJay’s Best of 2015 List as read by Kyle
01:14:42.120 Toy of the year 2015: Stu
01:19:24.170 Toy of the year 2015: Sami
01:21:28.060 Toy of the year 2015: Kyle
01:23:47.100 Toy of the year 2015: Albie
01:26:38.110 Toy of the year 2015: Vince
01:28:09.150 Toy of the year 2015: Paul
01:30:39.140 Toy of the year 2015: Craig
01:32:11.040 Sal Cipriano’s Best of 2015 List as read by Albie
01:34:45.040 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Stu
01:36:56.040 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Andy
01:38:21.060 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Sami
01:40:08.010 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Kyle
01:41:36.000 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Albie
01:43:22.040 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Vince
01:44:42.180 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Paul
01:47:12.000 Most Surprising Toy/Toyline: Craig
01:50:59.130 Jason Olson’s Best of 2015 List as Read by Vince
01:56:10.150 Most Disappointing Toy: Stu
01:58:30.050 Most Disappointing Toy: Andy
01:59:26.060 Most Disappointing Toy: Sami
02:00:47.170 Most Disappointing Toy: Kyle
02:02:31.000 Most Disappointing Toy: Albie
02:04:40.070 Most Disappointing Toy: Vince
02:06:36.130 Most Disappointing Toy: Paul
02:08:35.130 Most Disappointing Toy: Craig
02:11:42.120 Greg Schueller’s Best of 2015 List as Read by Paul
02:16:00.170 Most Disappointing Toyline: Stu
02:19:12.190 Most Disappointing Toyline: Sami
02:22:02.020 Most Disappointing Toyline: Kyle & Craig
02:26:57.110 Most Disappointing Toyline: Albie
02:29:07.010 Most Disappointing Toyline: Vince
02:32:09.190 Most Disappointing Toyline: Paul
02:32:54.040 Matthew Wong’s Best of 2015 List as read by Craig
02:38:07.100 Most Anticipated 2016: Stu
02:39:41.180 Most Anticipated 2016: Andy
02:40:27.070 Most Anticipated 2016: Sami
02:42:19.180 Most Anticipated 2016: Albie & Craig
02:43:18.230 Most Anticipated 2016: Vince
02:46:21.140 Andrew George’s Best of 2015 List as Read by Andy
02:48:12.220 Samuel Murdoch’s Best of 2015 List as Read by Sami
02:52:12.060 Aidan Healy’s Best of 2015 List as Read by Paul
02:55:44.110 Pete aka AliasAngelAlias’ Best of 2015 List as Read by Albie
02:58:12.090 Ending and Outro
03:02:40.030 Outtakes and Editors’ Note

subtitled: SLIVERSTEAK
Best Action Figure
Bruce SDCC exclusive

SH Figuarts Luke Skywalker Episode VI

Best Action figure – Made to Move Barbie (Asian sculpt)

Kyle & Albie
Figuarts First Order Storm Trooper

Mezco ONE:12 Collective TDKR Batman

SHF Kamen Rider 3

SH Figuarts – Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed

Best Action Figure
– S.H. Figuart Kamen Rider Marika Peach Energy Arms
(Impeccable paint job and high level articulation of a figure representing one of most bad ass actor / character in Kamen Rider, what else can I ask for?)
Best Mecha / Vehicle
– Maketoys Re:Master Cupola
(Diecast parts and rubberize tire with good articulation on a masterpiece style vehicle / robot? Sign me up!)
Best Toyline
– TakaraTomy Transformers Legends
(So many fantastic figures from this line in 2015, and very imaginative repaints / remolds like the Decepticon ladies. This is probably the toy line I spend the most money on this year)
Best toy not from 2015
– FansProject Warbot – WB003 – Assaulter
(1st time picking it up. Wow. Such Heft. Much diecast. While it’s not the perfect figure, it does what it was designed to so very well)
Best toy from 2015
– Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber
(This toy perfectly replicates every step of the on screen transformation sequence, down to having the “Brain of Courage” Brain Master feature. In my opinion, this is hands down the best designed Masterpiece toy to date)
Most surprising toy / toyline
– TakaraTomy Transformers United Warriors
(Remember when they revealed deluxe sized Groove? Devastator with Elbows? Grand Galvatron with grudge energy limbs? So many surprises came from this line, it affected the purchasing decision for many transformers fan)
Most Disappointing toy
– Kreo Battlechanger Bumblebee
(I know one shouldn’t expect much out of a brick built transforming robot, but having just a flap to cover the robot head in car mode is lame)
Most Disappointing line
– Funko Legacy Fallout
(Yes, there are only 2 figure in the line, but both of them were disappointing as toys of my favorite video game franchise. Sad Face.)
Most anticipated toy 2016
– TFC Hades Combiner
Best Mecha / Vehicle
Ed 209


Best Mecha/Vehicle – Velvet art doll by Creatures of Nat on etsy

NECA Aliens Power Loader

Batmobile / Takara Legends Ultra Magnus

Vince & Craig
DX Chogokin VF-19 Advance

SHF Tridoron

Best Action figure – Well, I’m not a huge action figure guy any more, if I’m being honest, but I have a few.I got this year. of any of them I did get, I’d have to give it to a real odd-ball toy, Sprukits Heath Ledger Joker. There’s an immense level of satisfaction building the lil’ psychotic myself, in fact, it’s making me consider both other Sprukits AND proper Gunpla as a result, so hey, expanded horizons for the win, eh?
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Best mecha or Vehicle…..if I remember, I can use a Transformer in this category, right? Gonna have to be a tie between Superion or Menasor, I guess! WE HAVE COMBINERS BACK! Nuff said….
Best Toyline – oof, I’m a lego guy, so for me, I almost HAVE to say the lego stuff…..but I’ll buck my first instinct, and say Transformers Combiner Wars takes it. Even with simple, repeated transformation schemes, there is so much character in each toy I can’t help but love em.
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – heh, considering there’s a new figure of this character coming out soon……I found in storage my Revoltech Lupin the 3rd a few weeks ago, and that guy keeps ending up posed with my other toys like the dude-bro who always shoves himself into any party. He’s got so much character, and I can’t wait for the SH FIguart!
Best Toy (2015 only) – my best toy of 2015 HAS to go back to my Lego fandom…..Lego Ideas Doctor Who and the Tardis. It’s an official Lego Tardis with Console Room, Two Doctors, Companion, AND Two Daleks and a Weeping Angel! I can only hope it sold well enough that rumored ‘classic’ Versions of the set do happen. Come on Lego Tom Baker!
Most Surprising Toy or Line – Most Surprising Toy is gonna have to be the Lego Star Wars ‘Constraction’ (Their term, not mine) Figures…..I find them to be massively enjoyable builds, and holycrap Grevious….he’s the BIGGEST Technic/Bionicle type toy I have ever gotten, and cuts a VERY imposing figure above my desk!
Most Disappointing toy – *sigh* I think i have to give most disappointing to something I really did want to be cooler……Reaction TOS Spock. I got the thing and for some reason was hoping for more out of it, I dunno why, it’s a frigging Reaction figure……I scrapped my plan to get the bridge crew, I’ll hold out hope for proper figures someday in the future.
Most Disappointing Line – gonna have to give this to a line I didn’t even purchase anything from….Tube Heroes.….if any of guys have seen, these are ‘not-minecraft’ figures based on the Minecraft skins of popular Youtube Minecrafters. It really seems very very sketchy to me that they basically licensed their skins to a company while dodging the Minecraft and Mojang lawyers.
Most anticipated 2016 – gonna guess you’re having us look forward? well, Lego again enters into it. Lego NEXO KNIGHTS. Lego has basically created a fusion of thier classic Space AND Knights Kingdoms concepts, ending up with something that would have been HUGE in the 1980s era of Masters of the Universe or Thundercats. It looks absurdly retro in a way that makes my 80s nostalgia go nuts. Frigging giant castle on tank Treads as the heroes’ base of operations! a wise wizard advisor that happens to be a holographic A.I.! What’s not to love!?

Best Toyline
Reaction Lines

Hot Toys Star Wars

Best Toyline – LEGO Minecraft

Takara/Tomy Unite Warriors

Albie & Craig
Transformers Combiner Wars

High Grade 1:144 Build Fighters TRY


Best Action figure – Figma Saber 2.0. Released right at the beginning of year and a great start. An absolutely stunning piece with great articulation and sculpt and beautiful attention to detail.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Robot Damashii Side MS Shining Gundam. Super articulated to recreate all the crazy martial arts poses from the show and really solid transformation into the Super Mode.
Best Toyline – Marvel Legends Infinite. Hasbro gave us a whole bunch of waves of figures this year with characters from all across the Marvel universe with slightly better QC then last year but solid figures all around.
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim. One of the best Figuarts out there. An amazing representation of the suit from the show with beautiful eye catching colors and great accessories. The articulation and the armor work well together to put him in great poses.
Best Toy (2015 only) – Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man Series Spider-Man 2099. Finally! A character begging for a solid figure. Uses the great new Spider-Man body so it can get into all kinds of dynamic flexible poses. The cape is done great along with the striking color scheme.
Most Surprising Toy or Line – SH Figuarts Kinnikuman. I was worried that a whole bunch of super muscular guys wouldn’t translate well into figure form and still be able to pull off over the top wrestling poses but Bandai did it. The figures are some of the best Figuarts has released and they are coming out with a whole bunch more characters than I expected.
Most Disappointing toy –  Marvel Legends Infinite Ghost Rider. The figure itself is good but with no bike or chain accessory with him is just disappointing. I’d be willing to pay an extra $20 if it meant getting an updated bike for this guy, but the left out chain is like releasing Captain America without his shield. He’s Ghost Rider not Ghost Walker.
Most Disappointing Line – DC Icons. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about this line. The figures are good quality and cover a great variety of characters but they just feel so small. Just compared next to other 6 inch lines like Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series for example they just look so small. The Batman figure is 6 inches from the top of the ears to the bottom and he just looks out of place when next to other lines on a shelf.
Most anticipated 2016 – DC Designer Series Lee Bermejo Superman, Star Wars Black Series Kanan Jarrus, Transformers Generations Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime,Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord, Ultimate Voltron EX, SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ghost, Marvel Legends Taskmaster.

Best toy not from 2015
Classic Space Starfleer Voyager 1981

Transformers Masterpiece Silverstreak (KO)

Best Toy (Not from 2015) – Puppy Surprise Sugar

Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime

Animated Rodimus Minor

Best Toy (Not from 2015) – AOE Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime


GI Joe HISS Tank V5 (Black)

Best figure: Out of pure nostalgia, I am fully willing to say that the Scarlet Spider is my top figure. Couldn’t stop playing with him.
Best mecha: Maybe it’s cheating, but Superion might be the only robot I got. I really enjoyed it too. Prefer him separate but keep him together for space.
Best toy line: S.H. Figuarts takes it for me. With the renewal of Kuuga, and the very surprising releases of Kivaara and Kamen Rider 3, as well as the level of quality keeps it on top.
Best Toy in 2015: Marvel legends Daredevil. So good.
Best Toy not from 2015: Arms change Kamen Rider Zangetsu
Most surprising toy or line: The Bandai Star Wars model kits. With the dissatisfaction of the Star Wars Lack Series (eh, Albie?), bandai picked up the Slack Series.
Disappointing toy: Marvel Legends Hulkbuster. Legendary QC issues strike again.
Disappointing line: Mafex.  QC issues. And not great sculpts. Expected more from them.
Most anticipated figure: Figuarts Kamen Rider Decade. And hopefully a rerelease of Kabuto

Best toy from 2015
Stu & Vince

Marvel Legends Daredevil

Best Toy (2015 only) – Hello KIKIPOP! / Honey Pink Complete Doll

Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider

MP Star Saber

SHF Kamen Rider X & Cruiser Set


Best Action figure – Planet X Vulcun
Best Toyline – Super Robot Chogokin had a nice year.
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – Year of the Horse Optimus Prime
Best Toy (2015 only) – Planet X Vulcan
Most Surprising Toy or Line – NECA Godzilla 1954
Most Disappointing toy – SH MonsterArts Mecha King Ghidorah
Most Disappointing Line – SH MonsterArts

First, lets get to Monsterarts in general. 2015 was quite an odd year for them. After seemingly being a smash success since the 2011 launch, Godzilla at an all time high with the 2014 release, and this year’s coming Toho release, they decided to almost grind things to a halt. They released the aforementioned amazing Gamera figure, the disappointing (for me) Mecha Ghidorah, and then padded the year out with 4 repaints and a reissue. The repaints were a first for the company. Fans have been dumbfounded by this. The repaints weren’t bad at all, especially the Poster Color Red G’14, an Amazon Japan exclusive, but overall this was not what was expected from a line firing on all cylinders previously.

The Gamera figure is incredible, though, quite possibly my favorite Monsterarts figure yet. Looks great, very heroic, has amazing gimmicks, and just very posable. I have quite an affection to Gamera since my childhood so this one hit home in the greatest way possible.

Mecha Ghiodorah is one that seems to have split the fan base. Many do like it, but I’m not there. This figure has too many small parts that just like to come apart. Couple that with it being one of the most expensive figures in the line and you have the makings of a disappointment. For me, besides those points, I was already unsure of it when I saw it at the NY Toy Fair last year. The mech parts of it look and feel like cheap plastic. This is in extreme contrast to their other mechs, which sport diecast and beautifully painted plastics. Out of their 2015 releases this was dead last for me.

The hope is that the new Shin Godzilla Resurgence, or whatever it’ll be called when it finally drops, sees the Tamashii once again put a focus on Monsterarts. However, their last announced figure (Poster version King Ghidorah, another repaint!) has just landed in Japan, there’s been no mention of them at all in any release announcement, and they had zero representation at Tamashii Nations. Things look bleak.

As for the most surprising? I’d say this is related to Monsterarts being in a lull period, but NECA stepped up big time with their last two Godzilla releases in the NES Godzilla and the 1954. When ’54 finally came out, us Kaiju fans wanted anything new, but surprisingly this was a home run! It’s the best feeling NECA figure I’ve held in hand, easily blowing away the entire Pacific Rim line and all of their other Godzilla releases. It can stand in with Monsterarts easily. Great sculpt, poses well, and looks like a perfect representation of the ’54. As I compiled my ’15 list, I held it in hand again and was just giddy about it still. Just a serious step up in quality for them, and that was the surprise for me.

Most anticipated 2016 – Hoping to get an announcement on a SH Figuarts General Grievous sooner than later, but of things announced I’d say NECA Pacific Rim Mutavore.

Most surprising toy / toyline
NECA Classic Video Game Appearance

Unique Toys Provider

Most Surprising Toy or Line – Chubby Puppies (line)
In motion:

Marvel Legends Kraven

Star Wars Figuarts

Most Surprising Toy or Line – LEGO Speed Champions

Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren Starkiller Base

Marvel Legends

Best Action figure – Oo-larr (MOTUC)  The vintage style head is fantastic, plus who doesn’t love a naked He-man!
Best Mecha/Vehicle –  Point Dread & Talon fighter (MOTUC) It’s a giant eagle shaped plane perched on a mountain top outpost.  What’s not to love.  Teela’s still ugly though.
Best Toyline – Masters of the Universe Classics.  Eight years in and still buying two of everything. (Yes that means I have two Castle Grayskulls, I may have said that last year too…)
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – Arkham Orgins Batman (DC collectables)  He got a 2015 re-release in a multi-pack and now spends most of his time hanging out with Robocop beating up endoskeletons.
Best Toy (2015 only) –  I was going to say the BTAS Batmobile but DC Collectables recent announcement kinda took a dump all over that idea…screw it, I’m sticking with the Batmobile.  It’ll probably be best toy next year too…
Most Surprising Toy or Line – Diamond Select Gotham line.  I don’t have very many Diamond Select figures and was rather pleased with how wave one turned out.  The connecting bases for Gordon and Selina work really well and Penguin looks nice standing next the NECA dark knight Joker.
Most Disappointing toy –  Teela (MOTUC) the pack in figure that came with the Talon Fighter is…unfortunate to look at.  A more appropriate, but less kind, way to phase it would be she’s fugly.
Most Disappointing Line – Create a WWE Superstar.  Not disappointing per say, just not as great as it could have been. The articulation is a bit weird in places and the arms should have been swappable at the glove line. The mix-and-match gimmick is great though.
Most anticipated 2016-  Thundercats

Most Disappointing toy
Ajani Goldmane

MAFEX Dark Knight Catwoman

Most Disappointing toy – Build-A-Bear My Little Pony Princess Luna

NECA Aliens Ripley

CW hot spot

Soul of Chogokin Goldymarg

SHF Heart Roidmude

Transformers Combiner Wars Optimus Prime

Best Action figure – Marvel Legends Spider-Man aka Pizza Spidey.  He may not be perfect, but he really can get into some great poses.  Love the extra hands and head.  I’ll be getting this mold again with Ben Reilly Spidey.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – GI Joe FOE Striker.  It’s amazing that a nearly 30 year old mold just needs a few new parts to reimagine it into a great new vehicle.  (it probably helps that it’s the first time I’ve actually owned the mold)
Best Toyline – Transformers Combiner Wars.  Speaking of “a few new parts”…Hasbro and Takara have done a great job turning out a ton of characters with some judicious retools and repaints.  Doesn’t look like it’s slowing down in 2016 either.
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – GI Joe Sigma 6 Dragonhawk.  Found one MIB at JoeCon, and it’s just as good as everyone has been saying.  I’ve actually been buying up other Sigma 6 2.5 inch sets just to have new cargo containers for the Dragonhawk to carry.  And some slight modding allows modern Joe figures to fit, which is great!
Best Toy (2015 only) – MakeToys Manga Mech Rearend (not-Tailgate). It’s amazing how well this toy mirrors the comic design while still having great articulation and tons of character.  I really, really hope we see MakeToys continue their Manga Mech line.
Most Surprising Toy or Line – GI Joe 50th Anniversary vol 2. I’m pretty sure I had the 50th line as my most disappointing of 2014, so my hopes for 2015 were pretty low.  However, the character selection (Gung-Ho!  Chuckles!) and quality was much better for this go around.
Most Disappointing toy – GI Joe Convention Exclusive Big Brawler.  Basically a repaint of Red Dog, could have at least used a new head.  I really didn’t have much to complain about in 2015…haha.
Most Disappointing Line – Can’t really think of anything…2015 was a pretty decent year, for the toys that I collect.
Most anticipated 2016 Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Primal. It’ll hopefully be my first MP toy!

Most Disappointing Line
Stu & Andy
Funko Legacy

Most Disappointing Line – My Little Pony (Hasbro AU)

Kyle & Craig
Hasbro Star Wars

Star Wars Mafex

Transformers Combiner Wars
Everything not Kamen Rider #fuck-it

Best Action figure – SHF Ultraman (Hayata Shinjiro) – a great physical representation of a great design.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Mechantro Wego Hong Kong Taxi version – cute little robot (only 75mm tall), with die cast and removable parts. Special edition painted in Hong Kong Taxi colours for a toy show. (see attached)
Best Toyline – Acid Rain – yep I fell into that rabbit hole. While the construction of the figures are not the best, the designs of the mech and the characters more than make up for it
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – Revoltech Mini War Machine . Scale works perfectly with Acid Rain.
Best Toy (2015 only) – Remote Control BB8. Just Awesome
Most Surprising Toy or Line – Force Awakens Black Series 6″. Picked up a couple of these, the Kylo Ren (I feel) is superior to the Figurarts, and I’ve been having a ton of fun carrying around the BB8 that came with Rey. (see attached) Surprising because I was firmly of the opinion that Figurarts were way superior before…
Most Disappointing toy – SHF Kylo Ren. Those robes just don’t work for me. I’ve taken the hood off and that’s bit of an improvement but those robes just get in the way of any pose I try to get him in.
Most Disappointing Line – Sentinel Fighting Gear series – got Casshern and Gatchaman, nice figures with die cast parts, light up chest symbols, amazing detail and great articulation – until I tried to get Casshern to raise his arms – both shoulder-pads just snapped off…you can get some awesome poses out of them as long as the arms are below shoulder level
Most anticipated 2016 -nothing really jumps out at me right now. Suffering a bit from Figurarts Fatigue (and I’ve got most of the classic riders). Maybe SHF General Grievous?

Most anticipated toy 2016

Diamond Select Muppets

Most anticipated 2016 – My little pony EQUESTRIA GIRLS MINIS DOLL

Albie & Craig
Most anticipated 2016 – Transformers Titans Return

Lego Nexo Knights

SHODO Kamen Rider 2
SHFiguarts Ghost series

Best Action figure – S.H. Monsterarts Gamera – The best toy representation of Gamera to date.  The figure comes with a ton of extra parts such as flying fins and a blast effect, has great sculpting, and amazing articulation.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Manga Mech Series MM-02 Rearend With Hurricane Upgrade Kit – Tailgate and Cyclonus are one of the best parts of the Transformers More than Meets the Eye comic and now we can have comic accurate interpretations of them in toy form. ​
Best Toyline – Marvel Infinite Legends – Hasbro has knocked it out of the park this year with the various Marvel Legends lines.  From the spectacular Pizza Spidey, to the massive build a figure Hulkbuster, and even the SDCC exclusive set had amazing offerings.  This line gave us a lot of variety and some of the best Marvel figures to come out in years.
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – Ultra Act – Baltan – Words can’t express how fun it is to pose this evil alien menace in a variety of silly poses.  Like most Ultra Act figures it comes with effect parts to replicate a signature attack but he even comes with a handful of tiny little Baltans so you can mount your invasion of Earth both at giant size or to scale with the little humans running under foot.
Best Toy (2015 only) – S.H. Figuarts – Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form (Renewal) – Kuuga is simply perfect.  Sure he doesn’t come with many accessories other than alternate hands but when a figure is this well made I can’t really complain.  I was surprised how much I just like to play with and pose this figure.  Even when I eventually put him on display I made sure he was near the front of the shelf so I could easily grab him and play with him some more.
Most Surprising Toy or Line – S.H. Figuarts First Order Stormtrooper – The original trilogy Stormtrooper was pretty lame with his oddly sculpted head and poor range of motion I didn’t have terribly high hopes for the First Order version but it turns out this figure is pretty great.  The articulation is well done and he can be very expressive.  A few small nitpicks hold it back slightly such as a lack of a gripping hand to properly support the blaster but overall this is a fantastic figure and turned out better than expected.
Most Disappointing toy – S.H. Figuarts Darth Vader – This should have been a great figure but a weirdly sculpted head, hands that don’t hold the lightsaber convincingly, and the fact that he is roughly the same size as the Luke Skywalker from the same line mean this guy goes to the back of the shelf.  Get the Bandai model kit instead.
Most Disappointing Line – Playmates TMNT – Poor articulation on non turtle figures and a noticeable lack of paint apps really hold this line back from being real fun.​
Most anticipated 2016 – Revoltech/Vulcanlog- Venom Snake – Metal Gear Solid V was my favorite game of 2015 and having the figure of the protagonist, Venom Snake, will be the icing on the cake.  Revoltech’s previous Metal Gear figures turned out very well and this new release looks to keep up the trend.

Best Action figure – MOTUC Snake Armor He-man, cool looking He-man from 200x with a great sculpt that was also packaged with a cool looking King Hiss
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Devastator
Best Toyline – MOTUC, just love that line and it’s characters
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – I don’t think I bought anything old
Best Toy (2015 only)  – MOTUC Talon Fighter with Point Dread, giant vehicle that comes with a mini playset that can attach to castle Grayskull
Most Surprising Toy or Line – Neca Michael Reeves Superman because that along with Adam West Batman and Heath Ledger Joker came out of nowhere and was/were unexpected
Most Disappointing toy – the Teela that came with the MOTUC Talon Fighter and Point Dread looks horrible
Most Disappointing Line – I don’t really have a good answer but I guess I can say GI Joe and their lack of product
Most anticipated 2016 – MOTUC 2.0 Filmation subscription. You got Filmation versions of He-man, Skeletor, Evil Seed, etc=

Best Action figure – S.H.Figuarts Darth Vader – Good detail, good articulation and fun to play with.
Best Mecha/Vehicle – Transformers Platinum Trypticon  – G1 Trypticon nuff said.
Best Toy line – Transformers Combiners Wars – This was my most anticipated for 2015 and although the line had a few issues i still enjoyed the line.
Best Toy (Not from 2015) – Star Wars Micro Machines Action Fleet Series Alpha X-Wing – I had the normal version of the X-wing when I was little so i was excited to see this at a toy show so I picked it up and it is still to play with.
Best Toy (2015 only) – Transformers Unite 04 Devastator – Not only are the individual Constructicons great in both robot and vehicle modes but Devastator is also great with its design and detail.  
Most Surprising Toy or Line – Transformers Platinum series – After nothing coming from the encore line since 2013 after Fortress Maximus it was surprising to see G1 reissues back and in the US market.
Most Disappointing toy – Transformers Platinum Triple Changers (Astrotrain and Blitzwing) – The disappointing part of this set was the colours used as this was the only set from this line that didn’t use the original G1 colours. Bought this only because i didn’t have a G1 Blitzwing and it was on sale.
Most Disappointing Line – Transformers Combiner Wars (Hasbro) – While a good line the release of different characters in the teams (Alpha Bravo, Off Road etc) and the release of the characters Quickslinger/Slingshot and Brake-Neck/Wildrider as exclusives was disappointing for another wise good line.
Most anticipated 2016 – Transformers Titans Return – I’m looking forward to this line with at least one thing from each class that I’m keen to get.