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ReWatched Ep 008: Ghostbusters 2016

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its 2016 and we have a new Ghostbusters. Launched under a cloud of controversy (Sort of?) the new movie is here and it’s time to talk about it. Craig sits down with IRL friends Jordan and Clare to discuss the biggest remake of 2016!

Dishing on Delta Episode 8


In this limited series, Craig  and Gwyn Campbell from Macross Speakerpod will sit down each week, sometimes with other people, to discuss the new series Macross Delta, Airing Sunday Nights in Japan at 10:30pm.  Episodes are not comprehensive synopsis of Episodes, and will contain spoilers.  Enjoy!

This week; Gwyn and Craig are joined by Adrian to talk about a new episode! Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage are captured by the Aerial Knights while Messer and the rest of Walküre make a last-ditch effort to rescue them. During the escape Freya comes into her own, and we learn a startling truth about Messer!