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186 – August 12th: Become a Sith & Mess with Cats



Alter 1/60 ARX-7 Arbalest (Full Metal Panic!)

GOTG2 Gamora and Nebula  Mantis  Starlord


Marvel Legends A-Force Set


DNA Upgrade Kit for CW Devastator

Fans Toys Spindrift (MP style Seaspray)

BadCube Brawny (MP Style Brawn)

Fans Toys Phoenix (MP Style Jetfire)



More Robot Spirits Jaegers confirmed.

LEGO Voltron approved for release

SHF Skullboiler

SHF Spider-Man and Iron Man


Toxic Crusaders Collectibles Coming by Super 7

Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships XL Edition Details


TakaraTomy Masterpiece MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rodimus Official Images

Takara Tomy Legends LG-58 Clonebots set, LG-59 Blitzwing and LG-60 Overlord

AFi: #Mattel’s #DCMultiverse Wave Updates!

Star Wars: A New Hope – Grand Moff Tarkin Figure by Hot Toys


Perfect Effect Transmetal 2 Megatron



170 – April 22nd: Pants, Magic, Pants!

Easter has come and gone which means the return of Kyle! He’s saved up a big acquisition for the show. And speaking of big, Craig is loving his new Fans Toys dinobots. And it wouldn’t be a Repacked episode without Marvel Legends. Luckily Greg is on top of it in Aquisitions and News. Toys Ahoy!




Chogokin Toy Story Combine- Woody Robo Sheriff Star


Fans Toys Grinder (MP Scale Grimlock)

Fans Toys Scoria (MP Scale Slag)


Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock BAF wave



New 2017 Marvel Legends 6″ Guardians Of The Galaxy Mantis Build-A-Figure Wave Images


Star Wars 3 3/4 Returns! Eventually!

Bandai DX Macross VF-31F Armor Parts


New Preview for Labyrinth Jareth: The Goblin King Figure by McFarlane

Takara-Tomy Legends EX Black Convoy Revealed

Takara Legends LG-46 Char (Kup) New Official Pictures – New colors

MP3 Edition

Repacked Special: TFCon Recap!

Before Repacked hits the big 150, Sal Craig and Andy sat down to talk about the reveals of the 3rd party panel at TFCon Chicago. They covered only the new reveals since the last TFCon so please use the slides from TFW2005 with the show notes to navigate and judge for yourself!

TFCon 3rd party slides via TFW2005

  • Maketoys

    • Thunder Manus (Powermaster Optimus) Slides 543-544
    • Striker Noir (Black Convoy) Slides 545-546
  • Mastermind Creations

    • Demonicus Prominion (Nemesis Nova Prime) Slides 473-476
    • Tyranatronus (IDW style Megatron) Slides 503-504
    • Ocular Max Stealth Sphinx (TFCon Chicago 2016 exclusive MP style cloaking Mirage) Slide 506
    • Ocular Max Roadcrane (TFCon Chicago 2016 exclusive MP style Hauler) Slide 507
    • Ocular Max Saltus (MP style Springer) Slides 525-529
  • Fans Toys

    • Apache (MP style Springer) Slides 250-252
    • Spindrift (MP style Seaspray) Slides 273-278
    • Koot (MP style Kup) Slides 279-284
    • Terminus Giganticus (MP Omega Supreme) Slides 285-296
  • Iron Factory

    • Legends scale “Sixshot” Slides 229-240
  • DX9

    • War In Pocket Bumper (Legends scale Slag), Quaker (Legends scale Sludge), Usurper (Legends scale Starscream), Biuebolt & Skyshaker (Legends scale Thundercracker and Skywarp), Rashcollider (Legends scale Ramjet), Noisybragger (Legends scale Thrust), Gallower (Legends scale Dirge), “Swoop” (no name yet), “Grimlock” (no name yet) Slides 132-148
    • Hanzo (MP style Sixshot) Slides 128-129
  • Fans Hobby

    • Flypro (Grotusque) Slides 64-71