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Re-Animated Special Edition: Thunderbirds are Go Season 2!


The Classic series by Gerry Anderson is Back for a second Season! Or a 3rd and 4th season in America.

Look it’s back, ok?

Mike Nixon joins Craig once more as we look into season 2 (Or whatever) of the new Thunderbirds are Go! Spoiilers ahoy for the series, but I CANNOT reccomend it enough for fans of good cartoons and kids action adventure. Give this a listen, but most of all WATCH THIS SHOW! Season 3 (Or something) has just started airing in some places, and i urge everyone to take a look!

Re-Animated Episode 24: Wolf Children

The Re-Animated team returns again for another semi-regular recording all about anime! Craig, Celia, and Matt start with a review of the anime film, Wolf Children ! We follow it up with a review on the new series we have been watching these last few weeks.

Also, next episode we’re reviewing the 2017 anime series Little Witch Academia so make sure to watch and send us your opinions about it!

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