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Episode 224, June 11th – We all dream of not being bikes

Real world has gotten in the way a bit, so some of the news on the episode is woefully out of date…but Sal’s reviews of the new DC Essentials is worth the listen!

But wait, there’s more!

Episode 208 – January 24th: Lookin’ Up Hexa-Thingy

The two man crew of Craig and Ken talk a towering ton of transforming toys, plus some Kamen Rider, Hexa Gear, Marvel Legends, SH Figuarts Street Fighter, and more!

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But wait, there’s more!

201 – December 4th 2017: Tamashi Nations/Tokyo Toy Show!

Craig, Ken and special guest Pen bring you news from Japan: Tamashii Nations and Tokyo Comicon! Robots! Heroes! Karate Bug-Men! ALL the toys we’ll waste ALL our money on! Enjoy!

email the show at repackedpodcast@octanetoys.com

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But wait, there’s more!


195 – October 15th, 2017: “They can just F#&king Walk!”


KFC Transistor, HiFi, Fader (And Rover, no pics)

ML SDCC Thor Set

ML Human Torch

DX9 Richthofen (MP scale PowerGlide)

Badcube Huff (Re-issue) (MP scale Huffer)

SHF Rideshooter (Kamen Rider Ryuki)

Greg and Ken

Mastermind Creations R-28 Tyrantron


1/12 TomyTec Little Armory KRISS Vector SMG


Hey there, repacked friends! I have a question for you gentlemen. I was wondering if you fellows have ever picked up a one off figure, for one purpose but ended up collecting the line for unintentional reasons? For example I picked up the ritsu k-on figma for the cool drum set and using the body for a member of fourzes rider club, but I ended up loving the figure and collecting the set of girls. And then love live figma. Neither of which I’ve seen.

And I want to say welcome aboard to the newest member, Ken.


TakaraTomy March 2018 Photos! Legends LG64 Seaspray & Lione, Targetmasters LG65 Twintwist & LG66 Topspin, Darth Vader!

LG-EX Grand Maximus Presale Starts Now – With More Pictures!

LG-EX Greatshot Preorder And Stock Photos For Exclusive Sixshot Retool


Funko Disney Afternoon Action Figures – Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Rescue Rangers and More

Figma Overwatch Genji up for pre-order


Schedule / Shipping Status for Beasts of the Mesozoic Kickstarter (People who want to jump in on this can still go here: https://beasts-of-the-mesozoic-raptor-series-action-figure.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders but do it Before Oct 16, Dec 22)

PLUM Model Pla-Act 08 Fang King



188 – September 1st: The Man Thing Hair looks different to this



Titans Return Overlord

Star Wars Black series Grand Admiral Thrawn


SHF Ultraman Manga Ultraman Special Ver.

SHF Ultraman Manga ACE

SHF Ultraman Manga Bemular


Toys The Time Forgot book


Titans Return Perceptor



Lego UCS Millenium Falcon


Marvel Legends Sasquatch Revealed

Tamashii release info and prices


Playmates Classic Voltron 16” Combiner


NJCC Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian Hacks Fantasy Wave 3 and 4 revealed

Part 1

Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops!

Star Wars Spoiler Zone

Tamashii Nations Reveals SH Figuarts for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Black Series figures revealed