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Episode 255B – Toy Fair 2019, EVERYTHING ELSE Edition

What, you thought it was over?! Buckle up for Part 2 of our massive ToyFair report, featuring Craig, Andy, Sal and Ken!

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But wait, there’s more!


170 – April 22nd: Pants, Magic, Pants!

Easter has come and gone which means the return of Kyle! He’s saved up a big acquisition for the show. And speaking of big, Craig is loving his new Fans Toys dinobots. And it wouldn’t be a Repacked episode without Marvel Legends. Luckily Greg is on top of it in Aquisitions and News. Toys Ahoy!




Chogokin Toy Story Combine- Woody Robo Sheriff Star


Fans Toys Grinder (MP Scale Grimlock)

Fans Toys Scoria (MP Scale Slag)


Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock BAF wave



New 2017 Marvel Legends 6″ Guardians Of The Galaxy Mantis Build-A-Figure Wave Images


Star Wars 3 3/4 Returns! Eventually!

Bandai DX Macross VF-31F Armor Parts


New Preview for Labyrinth Jareth: The Goblin King Figure by McFarlane

Takara-Tomy Legends EX Black Convoy Revealed

Takara Legends LG-46 Char (Kup) New Official Pictures – New colors

MP3 Edition