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6 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hey guys!

    Really enjoyed the last show, and I laugh out loud at Nikki’s ad! Seriously, what does this guy do for a living? He’s good at doing voices, accents, and he sings too! Could I suggest in future episode maybe Nik can do an ad using Japanese accents!

    Anyway, I notice a lot of you guys are really into transformers, and I was wondering, what drives you to continue collecting this franchise. Is it the cartoon, the toy itself, Im pretty sure it’s not those awful Michael Bay films!

    Lastly, I was wondering if you could consider inviting guests into the podcast. Would really like to hear discussions of other toyline aside from Kamen Rider, Legos, Macross, Transformers, and all the others that you always talk about.

    Thanks again for the many hours of entertainment you guys provide! This is one podcast I always look forward to listening!

  2. I don’t know how much this matters but I would just like to say:

    You guys are pretty cool and it is pretty sad not all of you guys are always assembled.
    But, I am happy the show is still going on despite the minor problems like, sicknesses, scheduling and other stuff I can’t seem name.

    All I really want to say is that I enjoy the conversations you guys have with each other over toys I love and toys that may not be my cup of tea but are very interesting.

    Also, if Albie is reading this you are space’s Ace ( I am not sure if that is an obvious ultra-reference or me just being stupid….please don’t be harsh)

    1. Thanks man, nice of you to say 🙂 I’ll pass this on to Albie.

      Yeah it’d be great to have all of us. the situation is this:
      Me (Craig) – I plan to be on more often than not. Sickness is usually what does me in.
      Albie – i think is back in Episode 83 or 84. he is on Holidays 🙂
      Sami – has a lot of Uni work, and not a lot of access to skype regularly. She is on when she an be. 🙂
      Sam – is back for at least this week’s show (82)
      Kyle – Should be on regularly
      Stu – Is on as often as he can be, which lately has been most of the time.
      Paul – Paul’s job is taking most of his time now. While he will appear when he can, he probably won’t be a regular host for awhile.
      Nikki – Sadly, Nikki won;t be back from Korriban for several years. BEST case is 2017, but it may be longer. Sorry man 🙁

  3. Hey guys!

    I’m located in Canada and for the past few months our exchange rate has been terrible and everything I import into the country cost so much because of the strong US dollar. I was wondering, has the exchange rate also affected you in your toy collecting? If so, did you have to cut back on the stuff you import into the country. thanks!

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