Meet the Crew

Meet the Intrepid crew of the former Toy Show:The Fwooshcast.

From humble beginnings only starting off with our host Craig and lovable sidekick Sam,  we were quickly joined by Stuart.  Adding in Nicky shortly after to give people a much needed laugh with his self-styled ‘Comedy.’ But when Lacrox had to leave to battle demons in another dimension, it was up to  Paul, Our Japanese Guru and Albie our excitable fan-made-co-host to fill the void.  And fill they did! Then Albie dragged his girlfriend  Sami into the mix, because one Sam is never enough. Quickly realizing that the rest of the guys were more fun to talk to than he was, Sami joined the crew as a semi regular host.  With a change in Paul’s life schedule Craig dragged in Kyle, kicking and screaming and the team was complete!

And now, 3 years later we have set off on a new journey. Our 5 year (or so) Mission: To Explore strange, new action figures. To seek out new toys and new Collections.  To Boldly pay what no man has Paid before! 


REPACKED – Regarding Every Packaged and Collectible Keepsake Everybody Deserves

After 20 years of the internets all the cool websites where taken so this is what is left over……. Toys Ahoy!!!!