Sal “Ultrazilla” Cipriano


Class Affiliation – Repacked

Birth Year – The year of Terror of Mechagodzilla!

Occupation – Comic Book Letterer

Toy Lines Currently Collecting – I pick and choose what I like from S.H. Monsterarts (almost a completist here minus a repaint or two), Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Transformers (Official/3P/KO), Super Robot Chogokin, Marvel Legends, Various DC Comics lines, Black Series, Figuarts, NECA, and various others.

Favorite Toy – None? Too Many? My favorite changes so often it would be a disservice to answer this. (see next answer!)

What drives you to collect – To make myself happy more than anything, but to understand what made me happy yesterday may not today and adapt. I’ve come to realize toy collecting needs to be a fluid endeavor for me to stay both happy and interested. That’s why I enjoy sampling new lines all the time.