Episode 229, July 22nd – SDCC2018 – While the Monkey watches

SDCC!!! And the return of Andy!

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Hasbro ML Black Panther/Vintage collection reveals 10:35

Hasbro Marvel Legends Deadpool with Vespa 15:35

Hasbro Marvel Legend https://marvelousnews.com/23-23523s

Hasbro Marvel Legends 2

Mattel Aquaman 1:01:34

Mattel DC 1:04:20

DCC Reveals (Mainly for Animated stuff) 1:20

Hasbro Star Wars Black 1:35:22



SH Figuarts Ant Man and Wasp 1:49:06

SDCC 2018 Gallery – Hot Toys Star Wars 1:58:32

NECA God of War 2-Pack 2:03:53
NECA Golden Girls 2:05:03

NECA Karate Kid 2:08:42

LEGO Voltron, Harry Potter, 007 2:27:38

Dark Horse/1000Toys HELLBOY 2:33:44

Mattel Jurassic World Malcolm 2:39:08

Hasbro Transformers WFC 2:46:10

Hasbro Transformers SS 3:05:58

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