Episode 252 – RESCUE! Collection DX!


Ben, Andy and Ken discuss the importance of a major internet toy archive, plus Optimus leaks and the Best Damn Places to get an Ultra Magnus.

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CollectionDX Fundraiser (04:41)


Fansproject Volar  (9:51)

Planet X Neptune (14:42)

Planet X Quirinus (15:57)

Planet X Summanus (18:47)


Marvel Legends MCU Ronan (24:57)

Marvel Legends A.I.M Scientist and Soldier 2-Pack (28:40)


Transformers “Siege” Ultra Magnus (32:13)

Transformers “Vintage G1” Optimus Prime (49:14)

First In-Hand Image Of War For Cybertron: Siege Leader Class Optimus Prime (1:06:13)

Possible New Image Of War For Cybertron: Siege Leader Class Optimus Prime (Inner Robot) (1:15:10)

Marvel Legends Celebrates MARVEL’s 80th Anniversary with an EXTRAVAGANZA! (1:21:15)


MAFEX Comic Wolverine (1:22:03)

Perfect Effect PE-DX09B Psychro Knight (Cryotek) (1:24:04)
Square Enix Bring Arts Cloud Strife Another Form (Kingdom Hearts) – Square Enix Store Exclusive! (1:26:12)

Iron Factory Tyrant (Megatron) (1:27:40)


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