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Episode 230, July 30 – WONFES 2018 – Japanizing BEAM


SDCC is over, but JAPAN IS NOT TO BE OUTDONE! Ken and Sal break out the multicoloured lazers for an expedition into Wonfes 2018!

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But wait, there’s more!

Ep 103 – 1st December 2015: Bundy

Welcome! It’s a short, sharp episode this week! Here’s Vince, Stu and Albie cracking up a storm (and then some epic skype issues on Albie’s end which you’ll have ZERO IDEA ABOUT by listening to the episode :D)

06LQCracked - Copy

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Chapter List
00:00:00.000 Intro – Ep 103
00:03:37.180 Acquisitions – Stu: Lego ANWB Breakdown Set
00:08:56.200 Acquisitions – Albie: Lego CITY Snow Plough
00:13:25.050 Acquisitions – Vince: Gundam Barbatos
00:17:04.130 Acquisitions – Vince: Takara Legends Brainstorm
00:20:55.150 Listener Questions – Ivanhobe
00:25:53.020 Listener Questions – Ivanhobe: Bonus Crack Question time!
00:31:48.210 Intermission
00:33:16.020 News – Stu
00:43:35.020 News – Albie: Renderform Tailgate’s hoverboard
00:46:00.060 News – Albie: TakaraTomy Mall Galvatronus image
00:47:59.210 News – Albie: 80s dream non-transforming Megatron
00:50:48.160 News – Albie: Dr Wu’s Only Human figures
00:54:39.060 News – Albie: Hot Toys Copper Chrome 1/6 Scale Stormtrooper Figure
00:57:29.040 News – Vince: figma Emiya Shirou 2.0
00:58:58.090 News – Vince: Megahouse Pokemon statues
01:01:03.100 Ending and Outro
01:02:38.020 Outtakes

Lego ANWB Breakdown Set

Lego CITY Snow Plough

HG 1:144 Gundam BarbaTOS
Takara Legends Brainstorm

from: Ivanhobe
date: Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 4:10 AM
subject: Atomic Questions

Hello there, Repack Centurions.

Listening to the story about how Albie’s Shapeways arrived to Australia only to take a slight detour to New Zealand, presumably to meet the Power Rangers, reminded me of something that happened to me once and that i would like to share with all of you, if only for your amusement.

I have this friend who owns a Toy store, two facts that might be related, and since we are buds he can usually help me get rare or hard to get toys at a good price, because friendship. So, a couple of years ago there was this figure that i really, really wanted, but since it was a limited Tamasshi Web exclusive my chances of getting it were pretty slim. For the record, while it is not too hard to get a Bandai Web Exclusive here in Mexico, due to customs and a bunch of other Dollar-related reasons doing so can be quite expensive, and sadly I have yet to figure out life’s infinite money cheat code. Even though I was aware of my chances, I went to my friend anyways and told him that if he could get this Figure I was definitely interested, though we both knew that it could end up being a bit pricey.

A week later i came back to his store to pick up another Figure, and my friend had the Best-est of news for me: by mere chance one of his providers had the figure I wanted, the last one on his stock in fact, and since my friend had ordered a big shipment of toys from him that very same week he actually added the figure to said shipment and even gave him a discount. So to recap, the rare, relatively expensive figure i wanted would arrive in the country by next week and I could get it at a really good price. Suffice to say that i was quite excited and there might have even been a little dance involved.

I came back a week later hoping for the best but apparently I offended the Elder Gods or something (again) because my friend had some bad news: the shipment of toys had indeed arrived in the country, but while it was in customs they detected Radiation on it and got sent back to Japan. These were some disappointing news for me, if not a little bizarre, but it was worst for my friend since there were a lot of toys on that shipment that had been ordered by his other clients. The shipment went back to Japan were it was examined and tested for Radiation again, and once the Japanese authorities made sure that the shipment had not been, in fact, fondled by Godzilla on his way through the Pacific, they sent it back and this time it made it through customs just fine.

Eventually I got my Figure, so I guess that’s happy ending, but from the time it was originally going to arrive to the country to when I finally got it, a whole month had passed. Looking at the bright side, at least I can now brag about how I own a figure that has crossed the Pacific three times.

Note: In case you wonder, this is the figure in question that is now hopefully free of Radiation: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/103820#tab/official/date/1/2

And speaking of crossing over (wait, what?)….
Let’s do a little mental exercise; first i want you to take the Toy that is closest to you right now. Got it? Okay, now i want you to close your eyes and imagine that one day you arrive to your room and BAM! your Toy has been murdered by an unknown killer!!

Now that you are on an unstoppable Quest for Revenge that may involve Steven Seagal, which Toy from your collection do you think committed the murder, and more importantly, why!?

Cursing the Heavens more often than he probably should, Ivanhobe, The Extraordinary Fanboy.

Acon Investments acquires Funko (Spencers)
Activision acquires King (Call of Crush, Candy Duty, World of Candy Crush?)
Lego State of the Union
Dino Riders trademark

Renderform’s Futureboard
Quick Mention: Unite Warriors Galvatronus
80s dream non-transforming Megatron
Dr Wu Only Human images
WHAT IS THIS?! Hot Toys Chromed Copper Stormtrooper

figma Emiya Shirou 2.0
Megahouse G.E.M. Pokemon series:
Ash – sg021.jpg
Misty – sg022.jpg