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Re-Animated Special Edition: Thunderbirds are Go Season 2!


The Classic series by Gerry Anderson is Back for a second Season! Or a 3rd and 4th season in America.

Look it’s back, ok?

Mike Nixon joins Craig once more as we look into season 2 (Or whatever) of the new Thunderbirds are Go! Spoiilers ahoy for the series, but I CANNOT reccomend it enough for fans of good cartoons and kids action adventure. Give this a listen, but most of all WATCH THIS SHOW! Season 3 (Or something) has just started airing in some places, and i urge everyone to take a look!

Re-Animated Special Edition: Thunderbirds are Go!


Edit: if you have trouble with the audio, please re-download the file. The original was the wrong edit, and doesn’t have all the audio. The issue has been corrected


The Classic series by Gerry Anderson is Back! The Minds behind WETA Workshop have relaunched the classics Thunderbirds series, and Craig sits down with his old pal Michael Nixon (Of the Tokusatsu Network and Drunk Hawkman) to discuss this truly wonderful series. Spoilers Ahoy for the series, but this is a THOROUGH look folks, going back to the classic series, the creators, some of how the show is made and then the plots and characters themselves. So dig in like a mole and get ready for our look at International Rescue!