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Episode 247 – D O O O G E

A little bit of various good stuff for reviews, and a whole lotta Figma goodness from WonHobby Gallery 2018 Autumn! (How DO you pronounce DOGE, by the way?)

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But wait, there’s more!

Episode 212 – February 18th: It’s Toyfair time!


Big Topics

Hasbro acquires the license to Power Rangers starting in 2019

Haslab and Jabba’s sail barge







Mezco http://www.toyark.com/mezco-toy-fair-2018-a-179197/#post746105



Diamond Select Pacific Rim 2



Diamond Select Real Ghostbusters and Mr. Stay Puft


Playmates Voltron


Beast Kingdom Justice League



DC Collectibles http://www.toyark.com/dc-collectibles-toy-fair-2018-a-179200/#post746114

Mattel DC



Mattel Jurassic World http://jurassicoutpost.com/hands-first-mattel-jurassic-world-fallen-kingdom-toys/


Video – Smaller Rex: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfRCDtplueh/?taken-by=jurassic_world2018

Mega Construx


Star Wars

Official images

Return of the Vintage Collection

Solo movie toys

Marvel Legends (Link is just general Marvel stuff, almost all of it is Legends)



Episode 210 – February 5th: Single Entendre

In this week’s show we talk about the leakiest boat on the Toy Seas at the moment; Marvel Legends! Kyle talks about a fella that ain’t half the man he used to be, Craig gushes about a Transformers Movie toy (Nikki, somewhere, screams in agony and dispair), and Ken talks up some Clever Girls. In the news Ken almost breaks down in tears over the return of an ancient Super Robot.

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But wait, there’s more!

Episode 207 – January 11th: Prime Time

It’s a Transformers heavy episode as  Andy, Ben, and Greg dig into Transformers Power of the Prime Leader Class Optimus Prime, reprolabels, unreleased G2 Hound, and even some non-Transformers stuff!

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– Leader Class Optimus Prime (PotP)

24:50 – Ben- Transformers Generation 2 Hound
33:33 – Ben Transformers The Last Knight Dragonstorm
39:38 – Andy Repro labels
43:45 – Andy Oldboy CTTS repainted heads
50:20 – Andy Marvel Legends Vintage Series Iron Man
54:41 – NEWS – Andy – Mattel Premium Multiverse Figures Incoming
1:03:28 – Andy – Takara’s Power of the Primes Toys Confirmed as Identical to Hasbro’s
1:10:00 – Greg – Mezco One:12 Collective Marvel Iron Man
1:12:57 – Greg – Transformers Power of the Primes Legends Class Wave 2 in Hand Images
1:16:54 – Greg – NECA Alien vs Predator Arcade Game Dutch and Linn Kurosawa figures revealed
1:19:05 – Ben – “Legends” G2 Megatron with Savage Noble
1:23:09 – Ben – Movie Masterpiece Ironhide

But wait, there’s more!

Episode 204 – December 21st: Everyone is a Valued Customer

Andy, Sal, Greg and Craig cover a wide gamut of reviews and news this week, from GI Joe Collectors Club subscription Service to Power of the Primes Voyagers, FansToys Koot, Saint Seiya, and motorcycles with sidecars!

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6:17 – Greg – GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 6 Cross Hair, Captain Skip, and Hardtop
19:20 – Sal Power of the Primes Voyager Class
49:24 – Interlude of news – Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Black Panther 6-Inch Hero Panther Figure
1:01:57 – Andy – Fantoys Koot
1:07:06 – Andy – Transformers Legends LG52 Targetmaster Misfire
1:11:37 – Craig – Bandai Saint Myth – Chameleon Jun
1:25:14 – Craig – Bandai Saint Myth Saggita Ptolemy
1:31:55 – Craig – SH Figuarts Kikaider
1:36:46 – Craig – SH Figuarts Side Machine

1:41:44 – Craig – SHF Machine Builder
1:44:22 – Craig – SHF Kamen Rider Cross Z
1:48:54 – Andy – Star Wars: The Last Jedi – General Leia by Hot Toys
1:59:29 – Andy – Ringer podcast about the Star Wars lean years
2:02:13 – Andy – New 1/12 Scale DC Entertainment Figures by Soap Studio
2:08:27 – Greg – Transformers Power of the Primes Wave 2 revealed
2:17:54 – Greg – DC Collectibles cancellations

But wait, there’s more!